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5 New Animated Series from Netfilx

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Those of us feeling nostalgic about the era of Saturday morning cartoons can now rejoice again. Netflix is producing six new animated series, including five new kids’ shows and one adults’ TV series. Here is a short overview of what we might expect.

1. Skylanders Academy

This new animated series is based on a video game and follows a team of heroes with elemental powers who protect the world from evil. The talent involved in the show is impressive. It is headed by Eric Rogers of Futurama fame and already employed Ashley Tisdale and Susan Sarandon as voice actors. 13 episodes of the first season will be released this fall.

2. Llama Llama

If you are interested in the concept of this new Netflix gem, you can go to a store and pick up the brilliant books by Anna Dewdney right now. Without a doubt, the adventures and life lessons of little Llama will appeal to young children. Rob Minkoff, who worked on Lion King and was honored with an Oscar, leads the team of creators, which also includes Ruben Aquino.

3. Spirit Riding Free

Based on the 2002 Dream Works film Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, this release will probably be the most visually stunning out of all new kids’ shows. The familiar character of Spirit will be joined by Lucky, a young girl with indomitable courage. Fans of the show, both old and new, can enjoy it in 2017 anywhere from the US to the Nordics.

4. Spy Kids: Mission Critical

Spy Kids was a strange franchise, but its appeal to kids could not be underestimated. And although the stars of the original films are all grown up, their characters now take a new animated form. Carmen and Juni will study in a secret spy school, battle evil intelligence agencies, and have fun. It will take a while to see the light of day, though, as the release is scheduled for 2018.

5. Hilda

Hilda is less of a kids’ and more of a young adults’ TV series. Inspired by a successful graphic novel, it will focus on a young girl experiencing a strange, magnificent fantasy world. So far, only one season was ordered, and it’s up to future fans to see that it continues. Await these shows and check out Netflix for more great entertainment right now!