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60 Best Ideas on nursing research paper topics

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60 Nursing Research Paper Topics

Students at medical universities should work even more than other students. They deal with human health and have to write their pieces of research on complicated issues. However, there is a separate group of medical staff – nurses. Usually, they get their degree at colleges or universities. Besides, often, they should combine their study and work. Nurses come first to your help, even before a doctor. They recommend how to cope with different types of injuries, illnesses, and give you the correct medical instruction and support you when you feel bad. Therefore, they should also do both – practice a lot and write some papers to pass their exams. However, according to the latest pieces of research, most nurses face a lot of problems because of boring nursing essay topics. Usually, it looks like you come to your professor, get the nursing paper topic, and start to write it. Of course, you can choose your nursing research topic. However, many students face problems since they do not know how to select a nursing essay topic correctly. Therefore, we have collected and sorted out the most interesting latest nursing topics. Besides, as we have mentioned, we realize clearly that nurses mostly work and study at the same time. In this case, if you feel the lack of the time, strength, inspiration, and academic skills for writing papers even after reading this list of nursing essay topics – feel free to contact It is a writing service of professional and passionate writers who can write on different issues, including nursing topics.

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Below you will find approximately 60 latest nursing paper topics sorted into thematic groups. We highly encourage you to read them and choose one that fits you best.

The first block of nursing paper topics is related to the relationships between doctors and nurses.

    1. What is the difference between nurse and doctor treatment?
    2. Work relationship peculiarities between a doctor and a nurse: how it should be and how it is now.
    3. Residencies for nurses: the necessity or whim?
    4. The equality between a nurse and a doctor: myth or reality?
    5. Who can prescribe antibiotics: nurse vs. doctor?

The next and the most massive block of nursing essay topics is dedicated to nurses’ working process and organization.

    1. Health problems caused by working as a nurse.
    2. Irregular working hours for nurses: legal or illegal?
    3. Contemporary issues in nursing practice.
    4. The question of safety is a home and a traveling nurse.
    5. Pharmacological management of rheumatoid arthritis and nursing implications.
    6. The correlation between the increased number of working hours and nursing services.
    7. Work-life balance when you are a nurse.
    8. Day and night shifts: nurse services peculiarities.
    9. The issue of euthanasia and involving nurses.
    10. Pros and cons of the placebo method.
    11. First-aid: how to work with stressed and scared patients.
    12. Cosmetic surgery: probability and statistics.
    13. Time management and best nursing practices.
    14. Pharmacological management of cystic fibrosis and its associated nursing implications.
    15. Nurses’ roles in preventing the spread of illnesses.
    16. Characteristics of simulation mannequins.
    17. The future of nursing: leading change, advancing health.
    18. The issue of medical ethics: dealing with the terminal diagnosis.
    19. Nurse communities in different organizations.
    20. Pharmacological effects of anti-coagulant medications in the management of ischemic stroke and nursing implications.
    21. Spain as a country for nurses: issues to improve or change.
    22. The functions of emergency room nursing.
    23. Perception and getting rid of errors in nurse services.
    24. What does it mean to be a leader in medicine?
    25. Pros and cons of euthanasia.
    26. Laughter is the best medicine: the power of a smiling face.
    27. The correlation between the language barriers and the quality of nurse services.
    28. Nurses perception of patient workload on nursing effectiveness

The third group of nursing paper topics considers stereotypes and discrimination since it deals with the issues of nursing related stereotypes and prejudice.

    1. Society stereotypes about nursing.
    2. The issue of the perception of a nurse as the sex object: for and against.
    3. Discrimination in nursing: how to cope with it?
    4. A gap year: challenges and benefits.
    5. Nurse education and government support.
    6. Ethical violations and misconduct in nursing
    7. Social health stereotypes and nurses as Mythbusters.

The fourth part of nursing research paper topics is broad and connected with nursing education.

    1. Two years of internship in prosperous countries to finish your study: pros and cons?
    2. Computerization of the nurse services.
    3. Teaching process and the role of YouTube in dealing with global health issues: critical points.
    4. Job options for graduated nurses.
    5. Professional Development of Nurses
    6. New technologies and their role in the nurse education system.
    7. Personalized experience in studying medicine: tips and tricks.

The fifth block of nursing essay topics could be connected with some peculiarities of nurse services and nurse rights.

  1. Nurse working peculiarities in pediatrics.
  2. Management and nurse services.
  3. The perinatal nurse services in a case of high and low maternal and infant mortality.
  4. Nurse services for aged persons suffering from mental diseases.
  5. How to deal with chronic patient diseases when you are a nurse.
  6. Emotional treatment or how to calm your patient.
  7. Peculiarities of working with dementia, mental diseases, and panic attacks.
  8. Palliative care: the role of a nurse and a patient’s family.
  9. The appearance of nurses: the issue of overweight and human rights.
  10. Abusive patients, privacy policy, and nurses’ rights.
  11. The difference between regular and pediatric nursing.
  12. Smoking and nursing services.
  13. Dealing with particular issues: autistic spectrum disorder in children and venous thromboembolism.

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Follow this simple classification of nursing research paper topics and choose the most suitable one for you! Remember, that you can also order your nursing paper via with help of our nursing paper writing service. Good luck!

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