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Comparative Essay

Writing a comparative essay sounds like a challenging and, at times, even disgusting idea. You may feel repulsion every time you are required to perform a comparative analysis. However, if you do not know how to write a compare and contrast essay, remember one important thing – just do what you do every day. Compare and contrast two different things, ideas, facts, or phenomena. You do not need to do anything else to produce an outstanding comparative essay. Comparative essay writing is particularly popular among college students. Tutors use this type of writing to check and evaluate your writing skills. This is why you need to know how to deal with this kind of comparative essay task.

You can follow many different pathways in structuring your comparative essay. You can also look at numerous compare and contrast essay examples to see how other writers coped with the same task. For instance, you may first discuss the similarities between the two things you are describing. Alternatively, you may want to discuss the similarities and differences related to a single aspect of the two phenomena. Just remember that your task in writing a good comparative essay is to make sure that your reader understands your point. Put yourself into your reader’s shoes and use the structure that best fits your readers’ expectations. Use simple language and provide detailed explanations. This is how you will manage to produce an outstanding piece of work.

If you have difficulties writing a good comparative essay, look at any compare and contrast essay example. You will see that it always begins with an introduction. The introductory passage is used to develop your argument, present some background information on your topic and justify the importance of your argument. For example, if you are comparing and contrasting two nursing theories, provide reasons why making such comparisons is important. Then, develop a debatable thesis statement, which explains how the two theories are similar and different. Do not hesitate to be more detailed in your explanations. Prove to your reader that it is worth reading your paper. Try to persuade your reader that your comparative essay provides some valuable insight into theories, questions, or problems that are relevant to your reader. Justify the importance of your topic. Suggest its implications for the nursing discipline. Your compare contrast essay should become a gateway to developing new knowledge about familiar things.

Now think about the best compare and contrast essay topics. Also, develop a perfect thesis statement for your work. In terms of the topic, it should be broad enough to cover the two phenomena, topics, theories, or issues you are comparing. Your thesis statement will serve as a layout for your work. It will help you structure your comparative essay more logically and effectively. Now choose the best way to organize your discussion. It can either be a step-by-step analysis or a point-by-point comparison. Your task is to present the results of your comparison in ways that are convenient for your reader. In everything you do, think about your audience. Try to guess what your reader would like to see in your comparative paper and follow your inner voice. Do not forget that, like in any other essay, you must substantiate your points with enough evidence from a variety of sources. Use the citation style required for your work to cite and reference your sources. Prove to your reader that your point is valid. Persuade your reader that you have enough evidence to support your thesis. Make sure that you do not present too many points in a single paragraph. It should be a paragraph-per-point structure. That is, focus on one aspect of your discussion, and develop a new paragraph as you switch to the next point of your analysis. Now it is time for you to include a conclusion for your compare and contrast essay. This is where the key points of your essay need to be summarized. In addition, you can include recommendations for the future analysis. You can also describe the impacts your essay will have on the development of the discipline.