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Well-Written Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography presents a list of sources such as journals, books, periodicals, etc. used for writing a particular academic paper. Each source is followed by a short description. It usually consists of one paragraph and gives exact details about every reference. The aim of such work is to show readers that the quoted sources contain relevant material about the examined subject.

When you have to produce such academic work as a dissertation or thesis, you should prepare the annotated bibliography first. It gives a good explanation of using certain documents by a student in order to develop the strategies proposed in his/her paper.

If you want to know how to write an annotated bibliography properly, you should remember the following essential items:

  • A reference page is an important element of a particular thesis or dissertation.
  • It has to provide correct information about the used publications concisely. You should double check whether all data are accurate, as it is very important to present readers with quality content.
  • You have to pay close attention to the details of each source to avoid questions about how to make an annotated bibliography superior. It means that the author’s name and publication date have to be indicated correctly. By the way, you should understand that each book that you use has to contain relevant information about the topic.
  • The paper has to be written in formal language. It is not allowed to use colloquial words, jargons, shortenings, etc. You should try hard to avoid making errors in your work. Mind the grammar! Make sure that you put all the punctuation marks in the right place. Choose the words drawing your attention to the stylistic shades of meaning. Form grammatically correct sentences.
  • You have to fully adhere to the selected reference style.

Writing Process

  • It is not enough to know an annotated bibliography definition in order to prepare a great paper. It is also required to possess remarkable skills, i.e. research, analytical, writing, and others. It is necessary to know how to formulate the key idea and analyze the supporting items.
  • Scrutinize the gathered material for a few times. Try to choose information that covers the topic in the best way.
  • Put the selected sources in an alphabetical order. Remember that you have to cite everything in accordance with a specific writing style. The most wide-spread styles are MLA, Chicago, or APA.
  • You have to write a short paragraph about each reference, i.e. annotation. It should present the main idea of each source (book, article, etc.). Additionally, it is crucial to make a thorough evaluation of the author’s personality. By the way, you should also compare works with one another. The last step is to explain how each publication contributes to your project.

This useful guide will help you find the answer to the question “What is an annotated bibliography?”

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