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Writing Academic Coursework

Coursework is one of the tools professors can use to determine the extent of student’s comprehension of the completed course. Applicants to degrees or diploma programs are required to write one. It’s frequently calculated as a part of the grade one earned. There are different types of coursework designs with some having parts similar to laboratory work, some resembling the surveying process and experimental work, and other comprise of academic research in science subjects, where courseworks are used for testing progress instead of regular exams.

Stages of Performing Quality Coursework

  1. Thoughtfully pick a subject and formulate the main aims. Take time to fully grasp the ideas and the demands of the work, and understand its field of study. Remember not to go to extremes in terms of choosing research topic– try to pick one that is not too corny (this clearly doesn’t make a lot of sense) and not overly complicated and innovative (to assure availability of resources and subject’s feasibility). Try avoiding ambiguous statements and do your best to lay out the argumentation in a clear manner.
  2. Keep in contact with your supervisor, and ensure that he/she is updated about the progress at any point in time. Ask for an advice or an outside perspective on the topic you have picked, as well as kindly request possible improvement tips regarding the academic coursework. This way you might get an idea of how bright your topic is, and some ideas on how to kick start the project and deal with the possible difficulties that might arise.
  3. After deciding on the subject and requirements, come up with a plan and a structure of the work to be carried out. The assignments and requirements set by colleges and universities might differ substantially, so find out all the details as soon as possible and prior to the planning process. It is worth mentioning that the plan shouldn’t be a final one, allowing you to change and modify it, rather it will act as a yardstick and a reference point for starting the research.
  4. Determine the research methods you want to employ. They may range from experiments, surveys and observations to comparisons, analyses and conventional research methods, depending on the underlying subject of the project. Again, make sure you are on the same page with the supervising professor in terms of appropriate techniques.
  5. Study the possible places where you can look for the information and materials essential for the coursework writing. Most of the time this requires thorough research and use of special equipment. Make notes and drafts of your findings. Based on the investigation, correct and streamline your structure plan, if necessary. Keep in mind that the notes should be short and easy to read.
  6. Building on the structure plan and research outcomes, compose the outline of the work, which will help you understand the coursework definition properly. In short, an outline is a detailed form of a structure plan. Attempt to write the first draft at this point of time.
  7. Continue working on the draft until you form a final version out of it. Arrange consultation with the supervisor as frequently as needed.
  8. Prior to paper submission, double-check for possible errors and commit yourself to a thorough editing procedure. Verify the validity of the data used, as well as its credibility and relevance.

Choosing the Topic

Subject selection comprises a large chunk of any coursework, so it is vital to choose wisely and thoughtfully. There are a number of ways to ensure its effectiveness, including consultations with the professor, brainstorming, mind-mapping and etc.

It is recommended to use a top down approach. First of all, decide on the field of work. Then narrow it down and choose romanticism, realism or any other school. An example could be choosing Beat literature and its famous representative – Jack Kerouac. Afterwards, determine the specific novel you will write about, say “On the Road”. Next, scrutinize the details of the novel and analyze its characters, ideas and issues. After that the possible topic to choose would be – “The Personality of Dean Moriarty as an Incarnation of Freedom Personified by Jack Kerouac.” Last but not least, always choose a subject that you are keen to learn about or have a genuine interest in. Only provided this, you can carry out a bright and quality coursework.

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