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Writing an Essay Conclusion

Unlike many writers believe, an essay conclusion is not a formality of the writing process. Its significance is highly underestimated and, thus, authors do not pay enough attention to this vital part of any paper. In fact, a decent conclusion is not less important than a carefully crafted introduction, as its functions to summarize the key messages of the work and inspire the reader to explore the underlying subject further. Conclusion’s main goal is to sum up the major points, arguments and theories that were used in the essay’s body. All this creates a need to devote substantial time and attention to writing a concluding part of any essay.

Writing Steps

  • Go through essay’s content, rehearsing main ideas and the thesis statement of your work. Then, you might want to rehash the major points of the essay along with the thesis statement, and compile everything in your conclusion. This way you avoid repetitions in your text. Make sure, however, that you do not omit or modify their meaning in the process.
  • Try to fully understand the usefulness of the information for the  target audience, and try to outline it in a form of several sentences.
  • Essay conclusions have to be concise and to the point. Keep in mind that final sentence in the concluding paragraph is no less critical to your work than introduction’s thesis statement.
  • The ending of the essay needs to cover all chief points and issues raised, the thesis statement, as well as prove information’s relevance to the reader. Be sure to eliminate all possible mistakes or spelling problems after you have finished your essay conclusion.

Suggestions and Tips

  • In simple words, a properly written conclusion tells the reader why all of this research was done, the relevance of all analyses performed, and how the material can be used or influences reader’s everyday life. Unofficially, one might say that the conclusion is an exact opposite of the introduction, taking the reader back to the beginning and linking all the uncertainties.
  • Normally a college essay conclusion takes up to one paragraph, given that the essay has 5 paragraphs in total. In papers that contain more than 2500 words, it is reasonable to expect a conclusion’s length to be twice as the regular one, so as to be able to cover all the necessary points.

A writer can employ many great options to finish the paper. One might call for the further action and advices of the next possible steps with respect to the information given. Alternatively, good essays might raise rhetorical questions, making the conclusion more personal and referring back to the topic and reader’s comprehension. Choose for yourself the one that suits best, but whichever it might be, make sure that the final accord and message is send throughout your concluding paragraph, aiming to provide the reader with a feeling of closure

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