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Writing an Essay Introduction

It is not a secret that, no matter if it is in an article or an academic work, the introduction plays an extremely important role. The natural question here is “Why is the essay introduction so significant?” Well, it widely manifested that the first impression makes the biggest difference, be it a meeting with a new person or a piece of art. The main objective of the introductory paragraph is to be catchy and wake audience’s interest to continue reading the paper. In most cases, it introduces the reader to the topic, presents author’s thesis statement, and gives additional background information which might be essential. All this makes the knowledge of how to write an essay introduction a necessary and desirable skill for any writer.

Writing Steps

Firstly, one has to determine how deep and broad the introduction will be. It might start in a very brief form and present the thesis statement at the end, thereby narrowing itself down. Alternatively, one might decide to dive right in from the beginning. Secondly, the author should think about the key points and areas he/she wants to describe in the essay and lay them out in the following sentences of the essay introduction. Next step involves designing and formulation of the thesis statement. As a primary element of any written piece, thesis statement needs to be logical, concise and clear. It is recommended to examine all the pieces written so as not to omit any important parts or vital background information needed for reader’s comprehension.

Key Suggestions and Advice

As previously mentioned, the introduction should grab reader’s attention. Rather than creating new attention grabbing instruments, one should consider using suitable existent ones. Many various essay introduction examples are designed to accomplish this important task. They include intriguing situations, bewildering or nonsense statements, wholly new perspectives and stories with regards to controversies, and many more. All in all, interesting and intriguing opening sentences show the best way how to start an essay introduction. As of the the middle part, it is imperative to be absolutely confident about its content, since these 3 to 4 sentences make up the most informative piece of the introduction. One could try to compose the introduction paragraph only after the whole work is written, so as to be sure that it is appropriate and concise enough.

Lastly, when talking about the thesis statement, it’s worth keeping in mind that the core idea is wrapped around this single statement. Thesis statement is usually written at the very end of the introduction. For the most part it takes not more that one or two sentences to fully formulate the statement, but remember to devote a significant portion of time and attention to it, because no introduction can be viable without a decent one. The reader simply will not be able to comprehend clearly the main message and purpose of your paper.

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