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AbeBooks Company Case Study

AbeBooks Company Case Study


AbeBooks Company is one of the world leading book providers to customers across the globe. The paper highlights the values, motivation methods, teamwork application and creativity which account for the company’s success. The case has provided an overview of the overall organization in the company at a glance.

AbeBooks Company Values

Open minded

This refers to the ability to think and make decisions based on available opportunities within the existing environment (Joel, 2009). AbeBooks Company is one of the world famous companies providing education services to many scholars across the globe. Its workforce comprises open-minded personnel focused on their duties and boosting the growth of the company. Antonio is facing challenges of maintaining the current staff with high turnover of the employees.
Ambitious (hard-working, aspiring)

The arrival of Antonio, an ambitious and hardworking person, boosted the overall performance of the firm. Abe Books needed creative and knowledgeable individuals in its course of practice. This value is well manifested in Antonio’s tendency to recruit most suitable employees for the online marketer position in his firm in order to spearhead the online marketing process. The position requires the employee to carry out solid numerical analyses in the IT environment.

Team work

For any corporate success, teamwork plays a key role in uniting the company’s employees at all levels. The AbeBooks management has to introduce strategies ensuring that the employees are on good terms with the top management. With the aid of Antonio, all the personnel have the mandate of functioning as a unit for the success of the company.


This is another key value that enhances maximum production in the company. The top management should put in place measures that ensure equality in provision of services to its loyal clients across the globe (Plunkett, 2009).


Motivation is a process that starts with a physiological or psychological need that activates behavior or a drive moving towards a company goal. It is an employer’s expectation for the employee to show increased and qualitative productivity. To achieve this behavior of the employee is very important. The behavior of the employees is influenced by the environment in which they operate. Finally, an employee’s behavior will be the function of that employee’s innate drives or needs as well as the opportunities he or she has to satisfy those drives or needs in the company. The company’s operation is based on the motivation theory by Maslow’s and his hierarchy of needs. Its operates on the assumption that the employees are motivated by the host of universal needs in the society. Antonio and Christine are working closely with the employees in the process of propelling the company to global success. Antonio is working on the best course of action on the workforce reductions before meeting the HR director and the company marketing director.

The incorporation of Christine in the company had been another crucial decision of the management, as it boosted the overall growth. Antonio and the HR director had a challenge while making her a job offer and deciding on the salary for her. Safety needs in the AbeBooks include security, dependency, stability, protection, absence of fear and anxiety, and a need for structure, law, and order in the entire organization. The HR have put in place measures that insure the satisfaction of the employees. The scarcity of resources in the company at the early stage was a threat to retaining its employees. This led to an increase in the attrition rate for the personnel who were going to other companies. Antonio and the HR have worked hard on curbing the shortage, which, in turn, led to the retention of Christine after some bargaining.

Self-esteem is a virtue that all employees need to pursue. The commitment of Antonio and Christine to the company’s activities is enforced by their great effort and self-esteem that they have dedicated. Esteem needs include self-esteem, the desire for self-respect, and the respect from others. When focused externally, the human needs also include the desire for prestige, fame, status, glory, reputation, dominance, attention, recognition, importance, and appreciation. The primary need in Maslow’s pyramid is that of self-actualization, i.e., the need for self-realization, continuous self-development, and the process of opening oneself up to the full. Antonio initiated an effort to count in those needs pertaining to his company employees.

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AbeBooks Company Team work

Building on a well-developed theory of joint and shared plans, the steam teamwork model was operationalized as a set of domain independent rules that describe how teams should work together (Joel, 2009). This domain independent teamwork model has been effectively applied to a variety of spheres. Successful use of the same teamwork model in  diverse domains provides compelling evidence that it is the principles of teamwork, rather than exploitation of other phenomena that underlie success of the teamwork-based approaches. The team is observing a cohesive, mutually supportive teamwork that has high standards of performance in their departments and a superior problem solving ability. Antonio proves to be a strong, competent, and confident expert in his field. He is well equipped with proper knowledge and skills that he has applied in the company for its success while setting goals and plans. Antonio and Christine have set an example of a true teamwork by working together towards a common goal in the company. Their act of sharing responsibility at different levels shows the mode of team work that should be emulated by other employees. Through teamwork, they have been able to diversify skills and their personality in the company.


Patience plays a key role in the creative process of any company. Antonio and his personnel require patience in all their dealings and activities for effective and efficient response to the customers’ concerns (Schepp, Debra, and Richardson, 2009). It enables one to have a clear insight and develop the existing ideas that are beneficial to the company. This is further enhanced by brainstorming which enables one to build more on the existing and new ideas. Through this, one is able to come up with the best decision. Application of this will lure Christine in joining the company due to her level of creativity.

Focus within the management is another key factor that determines the overall performance of the company. Focus enhances creativity as one has a total control over his/her mind. Thus, it is desirable to allow employees an opportunity of having total control over their mind in the process of focusing on business ideas in the company. Provision of such opportunity will enable Christine to feel comfortable while working in the environment.

In most organizations, experience is normally a leading factor in its activity. Experience is generally attained after long working hours. The firm has acquired the personnel who have experience in the field of study (Plunkett, 2009). Antonio has brought in his experience to serve the company which has reaped rewards over time. Such initiative will prompt Christine to come and join him in the process of making the company better. Experience is a continuous term gained throughout one life while performing similar duties in the field of study. Creativity is viewed as a long-time life opportunity that people acquire as a reward in their course of work. Through joining the company, Christine will come along brilliant ideas that will boost the company.


In conclusion, the success of any business relies on many factors that are put together in order to attain the set goals and objectives. Success in a company calls for a collective responsibility by all the personnel at all levels. Customer satisfaction is the key factor on the global market as each company strives for possible means of setting up a pool of loyal clients across the globe. Antonio and Christine, since their incorporation, have done their best by ensuring the company has a stable base and potential customers who read and borrow their books on daily basis. They have established it into a 24-hour working company, thus making it favorable to all of its customers to enjoy their services at any time.

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