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Abortion Should be Legal

Abortion Should be Legal

Every day, the media run a story of a child, or a woman for that matter, who has been raped either by people known to them or by strangers. Thus, legalizing abortion will solve cases of unwanted pregnancies arising from such cases and complications during pregnancies. Some of these cases lead to transmission of STIs and pregnancy. When a pregnancy occurs due to rape, the victim is not to blame, the perpetrator is. Moreover, most of the victims are not ready for these pregnancies. Thus, abortion becomes the best alternative to get rid of the pregnancies. The Bible and the Catholic Church are against abortion, but the reason should prevail. The victims did ask for their predicament (Sachdev, 2005). They are victims of circumstances, victims of sex pests.

Sometimes, complications arise during pregnancy, and the doctor decides to save the life of the mother. Of course, this means that the fetus dies, but that would be better than to lose both lives of the mother and of the unborn (Gruber, Levine, Staiger & National Bureau of Health Research, 2007). In this case, abortion is justified. Such complications have been on the rise in the recent past, some have led to avoidable deaths. Religion and beliefs are to blame. Recently, a case did the rounds in social media, and one that generated a significant debate. The woman in question was a staunch Jehovah Witness follower. She was suffering from a rare pregnancy condition. Her life as well as the life of her unborn was in danger.

The doctor recommended terminating the pregnancy in order to save the life of the mother. However, she refused to abort due to the citing phrases from the Bible, and the teachings of the church. She died. If she had agreed to listen to the doctor’s advice, she would have lived. It is not in the interest of doctors to interfere with people’ religious beliefs, but their right to life remains paramount (Katsh & Rose, 2010). In the case of a pregnant mother and her unborn, where complications in pregnancy may lead to loss of lives of both, it is better to save the life of the mother, through abortion. “It is better to spill water from a pot than to break the pot; a sound pot can always carry more water.”

When a victim gets pregnant due to rape, the pregnancy is not intentional. Some of these people want to continue their professional careers. Furthermore, they are often not ready for the pregnancy. Thus, abortion becomes the right solution for these unwanted pregnancies. It gives them an opportunity to continue with the pursuit of their ambitions to the topmost levels without limitations whatsoever. Moreover, legalized abortion has proven efficient and accurate. If it is made legal, it gives people the guts to find professional health practitioners and performs safe termination of unwanted pregnancies. This consequently reduces the incidences of death due to abortion complication. It is quite vivid that many young women across the globe are subject to premature deaths due to unprofessional attempts to conduct abortions. They fear being victims of illegal practices, and opt to do it secretly with the help of unprofessional personnel. This results in many premature deaths. However, the legalization of the practice would do much in encouraging professional performances of abortion, a factor that would undoubtedly reduce multiple health complications, such as the destruction of the uterus, which may lead to lifelong barrenness, and even death in adverse conditions that comes along with unprofessional abortions.

Furthermore, the cases of abortion in the society are on a constant increase, regardless of the position of the laws of the land put in place. If anything, research from reliable organizations, such as the World Health Organization over the recent past has provided that cases of abortion do increase if the practice is maintained illegal (Sachdev, 2005). This has subsequently led to increased rates of death among young women. It makes them more vulnerable to death or sterility since many young women, who conceive children they are not yet ready to take care of, would always want to have abortions mindless of its legal status. There are so many reasons that lead them into such decisions as performing abortions, such as fear of the wrath of their parents, embarrassment from their peers such as schoolmates, and fear of lifetime responsibilities of motherhood.

Therefore, it follows automatically that criminalization or legalization of abortion in the society does not affect many cases of the practice. It is for a reason that in nations where abortion is a criminal offense, young women still find ways to terminate their unwanted pregnancies. Usually, they seek help from the unlicensed black alley abortions, which is conducted unprofessionally. Logics demand that instead of letting women subject themselves to potentially dangerous situations in attempts to do away with their unborn children in fear of breaking the law, they should do it from controlled environments where there is a last chance going through the counseling process on the verge to empower them mentally and psychologically for their situations by professionals. At times, this may change their mind concerning the act, and even if it does not then they are guaranteed of safe termination of the pregnancies, which subjects them to lesser vulnerabilities of abortion-related complications.

In addition, it is arguably preferable for the society to have unwanted pregnancies terminated for having children brought up in poor environments where they are extremely neglected. Moreover, children brought up in such environments usually have many challenges during their lives including lack of basic needs, such as food, medication, clothes, and schooling, and this not only affects their personal lives, but also affects the entire society. They find themselves in activities, for example, crimes, and engaged in illegal and unacceptable businesses, such as drug trafficking and prostitution in order to have their needs taken care of. Furthermore, the process of delivering and raising a child properly is quite labor and time consuming. Hence, it is a matter of enormous concern that women should be left to have children at times when they are completely ready to take good care of them to maturity. They should be prepared psychologically, financially, and have enough time and skill to protect and guide their children against all sorts of humiliation that may trigger them into feelings of being unappreciated and neglected, which eventually makes engage in evil activities like drug addiction, crimes, and other shameful situations such as lifelong dependence on government aids. This increases unnecessary burdens to the society.

Criminalization of abortion as well subjects women exaggerated penalties for brief mistakes they make, often during their childhood lives. The fact that people make mistakes, especially when young, does not necessarily mean that they deserve to be put into lifelong traps. It is for a reason that the zeal to have sex at teenage ages is fierce in the society today, yet that simple slip-up is bound to take away the entire life plans of women and subject them into lifelong traps of abject poverty, and life without freedom. It often gets most of them out of schools, makes a complete turnaround in all their plans, financial situations, and authority over their lives, and of course snatches away from them at very tender ages. It is surely very unfair to penalize someone for life just because of such brief mistakes. Abortion should be legal in order to give women total control of their lives. They should be taken through counseling processes, and be allowed to terminate the unwanted pregnancies in a professional manner so that they can keep their ambitions and plans burning until they pursue their destinies. They actually deserve a chance to correct their mistakes without being necessarily subjected to extreme punishments.

Apparently, many women who give birth to children they are not ready to take care of give them. Nonetheless, this turns out be emotionally damaging. The opponents of legal abortion argue that conducting an abortion results to extreme guilt and lifelong emotional damages; however, giving up one’s child for a lifetime adoption is equally disturbing and has similar emotional damage just as conducting an abortion. In as much as giving up a child for a potential adoption could appear since the best option for a young girl who is too immature or poor to raise a child, it comes along with a weird feeling of having abandoned one’s child for the rest of their lives. It is indisputable that some women suffer psychological damage from conducting an abortion at some point in their lives, yet the damage that results from donating a live child for lifelong adoption is far much worse (Katsh & Rose, 2010).

The process of carrying and delivering a child is normally painful and hazardous for the mother. It also comes along with several complications, such as extreme gains of weight, back pains, morning sickness, constipation, and edema. After delivery, there are as well a number of challenges that mothers encounter, among them are postpartum depression and psychosis, stretch marks, varicose veins, and several more. Furthermore, during delivery, women are bound to develop complications, such as profuse and continuous bleeding, which may consequently lead to death. All these conditions require to be handled with extreme care. As a result, only women who are mature enough, and are willing to subject themselves into all these risks should be left to give birth. Whomever that is not ready to face these challenges due to whichever reasons should also have their opinions and feelings respected. They should be allowed choose to whether to terminate the pregnancy before it gets to these advanced stages or keep their babies in the latter, and hope for the best during and after pregnancy. They should be put in situations where once they conceive they have no choice other than facing the risk of extreme complications, which may lead to death, during and after delivery.

In conclusion, abortion has several disadvantages, such as going against the religious teachings, lifelong guilt to those who do it, and occurrence of premature deaths (often when done by nonprofessionals) that come along with it. However, the advantages of legalizing abortion outweigh their disadvantages. It gives women an opportunity to fulfill their plans including educational ambitions and many more activities that lead to happy and comfortable live. It also gives them the freedom to control their bodies, and decide what should be done with them and what time. This enables them to carry children at their convenience, and at times they are fully prepared to take good care them until they mature.

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