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adopting animals from shelters


Advantages of Adopting Animals from Shelters

Shelter Animal is the best place for adopting any kind of animal. There are various animals in these centers and this makes them the most reliable place to get an animal. You have made a decision to welcome a new pet in your homestead? Shelters have all shapes and sizes of adorable mutts, all-American cats, purebreds, puppies adolescent and seniors. Chances of getting a wonderful companion who suits your lifestyle, family and home are just perfect. The has been many myths and misconceptions about adopting animals from shelter which include: you really do not know what you are getting in terms of behavior of the animal, thinking that the pets are in shelters as they did not make good pets, animals being given up due to allergies, owner having own problems, allergies and lack of capital for their upkeep. Despite these myths, there are many good reasons why we should adopt animals from shelters other than buying them (Freedman, 2009, p.72).

Another significant impact of the practice is reduction in animals’ overpopulation crisis in the shelter homes. The adoption of animals from shelter animal is very essential as it reduces the population of animals in the shelters. Once you adopt a pet from the shelter you become a part of solving the crisis. You create a free cage space which then accommodates a desperate animal as there are fewer homes for all animals born every year in fact 8 to 12 millions dogs, cats and puppies and kittens are euthanized because there are simply not enough homes for them (Knape & Hamilton, 2013, p.61).

Another advantage of adopting form the shelter animal is that you save a life of an animal. Animals in the shelter animals may have various problems and this may lead to the death of some animal that require special attention. -All animals in the shelter are in need of a second opportunity as they have been given up or lost by them owners. They are victims of divorce, a move that did not include them, illnesses, and death or were displaced by new babies. They are all unwanted and helpless hence you are offering them a new life in a loving homestead (Love, 2011, p.87).

In addition, Shelter pets are a real bargain compared to other markets of the animals. As we all know adopting is much cheaper compares to purchasing the pets from the breeders. Moreover animals from the shelter are already spayed or neutered and immunized hence the shelter’s fees are a bargain (Smeak, 2008, p.22).

You aid stop cruelty in mass breeding facilities. All over the country, thousands of commercial pet –breeding facilities and backyard breeders usually produce millions of animals to be sold in pet stores and through media commonly known as puppy and kitten mills. These repeatedly impregnated female dogs and they could spend their entire life in the cages lonely. This environment exposed them to unhealthy conditions as they could litter and litter the cages with no clean ups. Adopting those animals means you do not support such cruel practices (Freedman, 2009, p.73).

Influence of Animal Shelters on Society

The shelter animals give people an opportunity to particpate in charitable activities. When you adopt a shelter animal you lead to support of valuable charity and society institution. It true that in every society an animal shelter is required. Once you adopt a pet from the shelter other people most probably your friends would also want to get such pet. Shelters improve the society by making it a rule that all animals available adoptions have been spayed reducing the chances of unwanted animals all over the world (Knape & Hamilton, 2013, p.65).

Animals from sheter animalls get good animal care. When you adopt a pet from shelter you are assured of an animal that has received good care. There are professional staffs in the shelter that always check of the safety and good handling of the animals. They ensure vaccination upon arrival of the animal and go through behavior screening process. They have recruited several vet nary officers that visit the shelter weekly to assist with health care issues and concerns. Moreover, Adult animals are perfect! So when you get your pets from the shelter you take the advantage of adopting the mature and adult ones. Adult pets are already housetrained and some can even be used to help in house chores like dogs been to shops and such. This spares you the puppy faze and kitten faze you would have done to the young pets. Hence you do not have to wait to see what you get (Love, 2011, p.89).

Adopting a pet makes you feel better. Pets in their own way put a smile in your face and a spring in your step. Animals give you unconditional loves together with psychological, emotional and physical benefits. Caring for a companion animal can provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment and even less the loneliness one may be suffering from and isolation of all age groups. Spending time with animals can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol level  therefore chances of getting sick are aren’t just best of friends they are also good medicine and can improve ones well being in many ways (Smeak, 2008, p.24).

Shelter animals also provide extra services to people who purchase animals from their centers. In addition, you get a lifetime resource with shelter employees and volunteers. People working in the shelter will be great resources to help you find information for your pet. They offer educational literature on all aspect of pet ownership and often provide ongoing advice, guidance and training suggestion. They are able to do this as they spend all days with the animals and so they must have pretty information concerning these animals (Diamond, 2007, p.56).

Another advantage of the shelter animals is that they offer variety of animals to choose from. Your pet your choice is the common phrase use to market the various animals in the centers. You choose what kind of a pet you would want to spend your life time with from the thousands of varieties there are in the shelter. There are specific breed and best mutts you would want. 9000 animals come through the doors each and every year so of course you will be spoilt of choices of pets (Freedman, 2009, p.78).

Most shelters are so familiar with the disposition of each animal. Many tend do behavior evaluations thus they are able to help the staff make optimal matching between the homesteads the pet is to be taken and the pet itself. Hence proper decision making about animal adoption is made (Knape & Hamilton, 2013, p.67).

Dogs, cats and “most pocket pets” are of good health and affectionate animals. Many have already lived with a human family and have the basic training, socialization and cooperative skills required to become part of the household compared to dogs in the factories that are not trained and you will have to start from zero the biting crawling especially if the young ones and to the adults you still have to train them on how to “sit’ and “stay” (Love, 2011, p.93).


Shelter Animal is the best place for adopting any animal. There are various places where people can adopt animal but the challenges that come with these animals are enormous. Until the pet overpopulation crisis has been resolved, adopting from a shelter remains the humane, ethical choice for millions of Americans.people should develop a culture of adopting from animal shelter to enhance development of animals (Smeak, 2008, p.27).

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