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Briargrove Case Study -Resource Risk

Briargrove Case Study -Resource Risk

Briargrove is a multinational corporation that strives to achieve a high level of competitiveness throughout the global market. The company needs to undertake different strategies and projects in order to improve the productivity and performance of its human resources and products. It is with this understanding that the company’s management tasked me with the responsibility of setting the foundation for the organization’s learning library. The aim of this library would be to help the employees of the organization all over the world get the necessary training on matters relating to their tasks and duties and thus achieve a high level of career development. Through this project, the company would set a learning platform for employees to learn from each other, get training from experts and undertake several online courses including computer-based training. The project system that is adopted would also be designed in a way that incorporates access to subscribed databases to ensure the goals of the project are met. All the necessary steps of implementing the project are almost being completed.

Through my leadership, we have already set the foundation for this project, and everything will be completed as soon as the project will be launched. However, there are some major problems that have been encountered. The system is accompanied by major failures to unknown software. Management personnel have installed different software on their computers desktops, and this has negatively impacted the new system. It makes it slow and unresponsive thus impossible for the system to work as we had planned. These problems and challenges impose a risk on the successful implementation and operation of the project as planned.

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Though the situation is complex, as a leader of this high-tech project, the organization expects me to come up with applicable solutions to manage the risk (Kendrick, 2009). Now that I have identified a problem that is about to risk the operation of the system as well as the funds invested. I will first stop the project implementation process in order to come up with the best solution on how to handle this situation. After the project stops, I will call a meeting with the entire implementation team so that we can discuss, brainstorm and come up with possible solutions for resolving the situation (Schwalbe, 2010). One option is to start the project from the beginning and, therefore, look for a better program or system whose performance will not be negatively affected by other unknown software. However, this is an expensive undertaking. Resolving of risks in any project should be done without so many costs (Rawi, 2014). Therefore, I would lead my team to identify exactly, the software that is interfering with the performance of this project. To do this, we will identify all the software that the management personnel have uploaded in their computers and laptops. We will first deactivate all of them and review the performance of our new project. Next we will activate one by one until identify the exact software that is impacting the performance of the new project. After this, we will identify its importance in the organization’s network system or to the management personnel and then decide the best way to improve the situation (Rawi, 2014).

To improve this situation, the project implementation team will need to identify measures and plans to resolve the risks and to prevent others from occurring in future (Kendrick, 2009). Therefore, the implementation team will first study the project. We will study what has been completed so far, what is remaining, what needs to be achieved with the project’s completion and other challenges and risks we might face in the process (Rawi, 2014). This will help the team to be ready in case another challenge occurs before the project is completed or after it is launched. The implementation team will identify ways to improve the system to make it stronger, faster and not easily interfered with other systems. In addition, we will develop the system that will be identified as impacting negatively on the performance of the new system to make it friendlier. These steps may take some time and extra costs, but it will deliver the desired results. We will approach the accounts department and justify the need for extra funds to resolve the problem (Rawi, 2014).

To prevent this risk or problem, the organization should have taken more time to study the project, resources, its requirements, risks and challenges likely to be encountered and solutions (Kendrick, 2009). The problem has occurred because as an organization we went straight to implement a project that was not well known by the management and the implementation team. Undertaking any project is a multi-faceted task. It is not only enough to list what an organization wants to do or achieve. It is important to study all the details and identify the costs, resources, benefits and challenges, risks involved (Kendrick, 2009). We encountered this problem in Briargrove because we focused more on the benefits that this project was going to bring to the organization and its human resources and forgot about the challenges and risks. Identifying any possibility of risks could have prevented the risk from occurring. Essential risk preventive measures involve classifying all the risks that surround a project before it is started (Schwalbe, 2010). After the risks are identified, the implementation team should propose strategies to prevent it from occurring. In addition, the team should also propose ways to mitigate the risks in case it occurs (Rawi, 2014).

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Before undertaking any project, one needs to look at other closely related projects or tasks that may work closely with the new project or that may improve or lower it performance (Kendrick, 2009). This helps to identify areas of weaknesses, opportunities, and risks. This is something that was not done while we were starting the project. The management as well as the management team was blinded by the fact that the company has implemented the multiple system and applications in the past and that they have worked well. We would have prevented the risk by looking at the existing projects and identifying if they would interfere with the new project. In addition, we would have studied and identified the existing systems, and software could be improved to incorporate the new system (Schwalbe, 2010). This would have helped to avoid having much software in the organization system that may end up interfering with the performance of each other (Schwalbe, 2010). The table below shows the basic steps in dealing with and identifying projects risks and mitigation strategies before the project begins.
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Document the speculated risks Create a log or a table identifying all the risks which may be encountered, their impact if they occurred, their risk level and who will be responsible for handling them
Prioritize the risks identified in the step above. Look at the risk level, the probability of occurring, and the financial implications if the risks occurred. This will help to identify the most important risks facing the project in order to focus on preventing/ managing them.
Plan/ come up with the response strategy There are different response strategies that the team can choose from, and they include the following;

• Accept

• Avoid

• Transfer

• Reduce

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