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Guns in America Argumentative Essay

Guns in America Argumentative Essay

I support the idea of carrying guns openly in the public. Guns are very crucial tools and have been used to enhance security apparatus by the government although they have also been used by criminals on malicious missions, (Walker, 2009). Statistics show that the more guns are controlled the more violence incidences are reported. It was reported in 2009 that 67% of homicides have been executed using guns.  This indicates that there is a negative correlation between ownership of guns and criminal activities, (Lott, 2010). There have been debates as to whether guns should be allowed in the USA in the recent past and enough reasons have been pointed out some supporting while others against allowing them to be owned. From the analysis and statistics the question remains whether to allow people to walk with guns openly in public or not.

Why guns should not be allowed

Citizens should never be allowed to openly carry around guns. If they are allowed to go every place with the guns like recreational venues, streets, parks and restaurants; the public will be intimidated and threatened of public unsafety and this is retrogressive as far as reinforcement of law is concerned. There will be increased risk of other people getting injuries or even death as a result of accident, (Kohn, 2004). In many public places there happen incidences of fights and commotion especially in sports and parties. The presence of guns in such scenes may significantly increase the risk of individuals involved in the acts. Back in 2011, carrying handguns openly was banned in response to the relative risks associated with the action. One home owner was reported to have shot an intruder causing death at his backyard. Such cases can be mitigated by controlling gun use.

It is evident that carrying guns openly is a possible invitation of chaos among the citizens as well as visitors of America, (Dizard, Muth & Andrews, 1999). Trustworthiness is one challenge for this provision of owning guns. There is no surety that the individuals carrying guns around will not take advantage over those that do not. This is quite intimidating, unsafe and a potential cause of danger considering the challenge of providing proper and fair administration, protecting the rest of the public who are not allowed or unable to afford the weapon. Oklahoma scenario is the best example of potential danger of openly carrying guns where a number of African-Americans died after shooting while thousands were rendered homeless. Several questions went unanswered as well as issues unresolved regarding the deaths and displacements.

Why guns have been allowed

The constitution is superior to debates and suggestions brought up by individuals or organizations however sensible they may appear. Technically open carrying of guns is regal as far as the constitution is concerned. Claiming that citizens only carry guns openly after paying a given sum of money is like suggesting that the press is required to fulfil specific rules and pay for the freedom of speech. American citizens argue that every individual has the right to defend them meaning carrying the firearm openly will only but be an act of defense which the very constitution advocates for, (Carter, 2012). If an unarmed person attacks you when you are unarmed yourself, you can easily be overpowered but for the case the assailant is armed while you are not, he/she will definitely be advantaged and through regulation the government guarantees that you are an easy target. The second amendment which was adopted by United States provided for the protection of individuals to keep guns, (Chemerinsky, 2009). With this argument it is obvious that any person has the right to openly carry a gun or any other arm.

Some citizens argue that carrying guns openly makes it easier for them to access it than when it is hidden or well-kept during emergency. They claim if the guns are allowed to be carried or owned they should also be carried openly otherwise there is no point of allowing the same. Reaction from the public is relatively low if one carries the gun responsibly. If the one carrying the gun does not try to draw public attention, most people won’t notice. In case the weapon is seen, most people may amazingly be friendly being next to a person who is armed. The police are intelligent enough to detect suspicious culprits because most of them wear like masks to conceal identity. An example is the attempted robbery on Waffle House where citizens were carrying guns but the robbers were cornered by police after being noticed wearing masks.

Guns should be allowed to be carried openly in America because it is proved the more the guns the lesser the criminal incidences reported in the country. Before this is done there should be proper control structures laid down to regulate the same. It is important to realize that allowing the open carrying of guns has its own disadvantages and the government should try as much as possible to mitigate the risks through serious research on the risks. It is recommendable to carry out public awareness education concerning carrying the firearms around. There is also great need to invest in ethical responsibility awareness to avoid citizens taking advantage of the weapons to cause unrealistic fears in the public while handling guns. The assailants should be warned that this is not an opportunity to use the firearms to terrorize and rob from citizens. The government should be careful on who they allow to carry and who not to be allowed the guns in not just in public but also own. Those who have any criminal records should never be allowed to possess guns however qualified they can be considering the requirements stipulated.

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