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Gym Descriptive Essay

Gym Descriptive Essay

Nowadays people go to many lively public places for different reasons. The gym is one of these places. People go to the gym to keep themselves fit. Going to the gym regularly gives people the opportunity to have a perfect body. Working out is good for both physical and emotional health. If a person has a strong and healthy body, he/she feels satisfied and happy. People who lack of physical activity suffer from depression more often than people who go to the gym regularly. Gym plays an important role in people’s lives, thus it must be carefully selected to be perfect for each person.

People’s expectations of a gym

People are different, so they have different expectations of a gym. However, every person would like to go to the gym that has a wide range of available equipment.  This equipment must be new, and professional. It must also be completely safe for every visitor. Not everyone knows how to work out correctly on their own in the gym, visitors of the gym need to have someone whom they can ask for advice and consult. Thus gym needs to have an educated staff that can answer all the visitor’s questions, and help them work out in the best way, especially for them. There are a lot of gyms in our city; however, everyone must find a perfect gym for himself. Besides good equipment, there are a lot of important factors in choosing a perfect gym, such as location. The gym must be situated close enough to one’s house.

Gym must also be affordable to a person. The price of the membership depends on the quality of equipment, location, staff, and other factors. Everyone must choose what is best for them. Besides working out, gyms also offer group aerobics classes, swimming lessons, yoga classes, etc. Some gyms even offer rock climbing, boxing, basketball, dance-based workouts, and volleyball. Nowadays gyms can be designed so stylishly, that one might even forget that he is in the gym, and not in a nightclub or some fancy restaurant. Owners of the gym select the best personal trainers for the expensive gyms and even held private parties for people who purchased membership in their gym. Modern expensive gyms can provide their members with all sorts of comfort, such as spa services, music selection, and free beauty products.

Fitness Gym is where I go to work out. It is the best gym of all for me. The equipment is new and well organized to help you train most effectively. The gym is very clean. The design of the interior is stylish and unique. The gym has its logo, the big letters ‘F’ and ‘G’, printed on one of the walls. I know that this place is perfect for me to work out in.

Pros and Cons of Going Gym

Pros Cons
1. Improves physical health and fitness 1. Requires time and commitment
2. Helps with weight management 2. Can be expensive with gym memberships and equipment
3. Boosts mental health and mood 3. Can be intimidating for beginners
4. Offers opportunities to socialize and network 4. Risk of injury with improper use of equipment or lack of proper guidance
5. Increases self-discipline and motivation 5. Can be crowded and uncomfortable during peak hours


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Usually, people go to the gym to keep fit and have a body they can be proud of. People go to the gym to escape their everyday problems and be at peace with their bodies. They release stress while they work out. However, some people just come to show their bodies and listen to compliments from other people. It is very important to go to the gym only for yourself, to become healthy and strong, to have a healthy mind in a healthy body, and not to just show your body to other people, no matter how beautiful it looks.

To sum up, there are different lively public places, where people go to achieve their goals. The gym is one of these places. People go to the gym regularly to keep fit and have a healthy body. To work out in the best way, everyone must choose a perfect gym for themselves. Nowadays, gyms offer a wide range of services, that help people to achieve the best results.

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