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Is a 'Horse Race' the Best Way to Pick CEOs?

Is a ‘Horse Race’ the Best Way to Pick CEOs?


The processes of leadership and management in a business are always related. The two aspects in the organization are quite essential as they lead to wide increase in profits. A business always trains the employees so that they increase their productivity. The role of a business is to manage these resources in the best way such that the management’s efforts are seen. The efforts of each individual in the organization can lead to improved service delivery. The choice of leadership in the business environment is quite essential. Leadership helps to coordinate the staff while management helps in management of the human labor. The actual analysis is created by the link in international processes. There are all efforts to create an organization with strong leaders in the long run. The efforts are increased so that the leaders can create a better touch with the staff. This is a democratic way (Harry, 1942).

Process of appointment

The process of appointing the right Chief Executive Officer requires involvement of many executives. This will lead to the options that are involved in the process of individual personnel selection. The active officers in an organization require individuals to participate in order to appoint the best candidates. This is the most essential element that must be considered. This way the management tries to help the organization create a better working environment. The CEOs require a better team to enhance the global interactions. The management has already led to a better tactic.

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The choice of these CEOs is quite essential as it leads to a better management style. The business in the overall efforts has led to an increase in management tips. These leaders are useful to create an organization with stronger and better tactics. The best approach is to increase the management tips in the best way possible (Peterson, 2009). The success of management is actually determined by the productivity that is created in the long run. The management must actually determine the best approaches that will be beneficial in the long run. Therefore, the management must be evaluated so that the involved managers are beneficial for the detailed analysis.

Horse race is a technique that is used to pick COEs. The question of whether this is the best technique of picking CEOs is raised. This is quite essential in the long run as there are efforts of increasing the productivity in the organization. These efforts are actually measured and evaluated to be clear and objective. The choice of CEOs is measured to have no inaccurate results. Selected CEOs are expected to coordinate the staff so that there is a harmony of all resources. The staff is also analyzed so that the management can manage the resources in order to acquire utility in the organization (Peterson, 2009).

 Advantages of horse race

Horse race is a technique that is best analyzed on its merits and demerits as a way of appointing the top officials. This technique is easy to apply as it provides the results of CEOs with top qualities. The best attitude here is created so that there are no disputes in the long chain of management (Peterson, 2009). The best attitude is hence relevant since there are many developments that are required in the organization. These rules of appointing the CEOs are beneficial since they are able to evaluate each officer. This is useful since people are allowed to participate in the management. The best way to deal with this is to relate the management with the staff so that the staff can become more productive in the organization. The organization is actually measured and the results are analyzed before coming with the final list.

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Horse Race, as a technique of appointing CEOs, can lead to some tough decision making times. The best approach need to be considered since this approach is not successful in case there are external and internal candidates. The actual process is to establish the best leader who will succeed and become the next leader. However, this is not easy as there are efforts to relate to the management in the long run. The management must be very keen when determining those who will take over.

The internal and external candidates are evaluated so that we can see who has the right qualities. These leaders are also encouraged to have a better approach that will attain the management reports. The best approach is hence evaluated so that there is a detailed analysis of how the management should be coordinated (Peterson, 2009). The tactics needs more concern as they are more successful in the long run. The best way to choose these leaders is evaluated so that there is a detailed analysis of the actual team. The selected leaders are subjected to the policies in the organization so that there are better leaders. The best approach in this way is undertaken by adopting the Horse Race technique. This is useful as the ratio of women and men in the organization.

Basic criteria in the evaluation in Horse race

Leaders can be selected upon the best attitudes that must be related to different styles of leadership. The leaders are hence evaluated using other methods. This is actually the best approach that can be used as the external candidates are not exposed to many risks as other parties. The possibility of addressing the officers in matters that are best known in the whole organization is easy.

The process of leadership and management requires a lot of parties to intervene. This helps the process of appointing the CEOs to be fair as much as possible. The best analysis is therefore analyzed such that there is more access in the long run. The selected CEOs are trained on how they will coordinate other staff. This coordination is actually determined so that there is a unity in the organization. This is likely to motivate each member of the society in the long run. This is the best way that will help improve the way each individual is intended to develop. The decisions made at each level are essential as there is a link in the management level. The best way to deal with these is to relate the officers in the organization (Harry, 1942).

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Process of leadership

The process of leadership helps to increase the level of management skills such that they have better tactics. This creates a better association of all leaders that must be determined as per success of all people. The business must be incorporated to have many areas of professionalism. The area is easy to handle as many people rely on CEOs for various management tips. The degree of competition can be improved in case the best CEOs are appointed (Peterson, 2009). The tips of selecting them should be known to the top leaders so that they perform at their level best. The actual analysis is essential as leaders will be able to apply these tips within the whole organization. The best way to deal with this range of issues is by creating an organization with more tips on how to manage the available resources. The developments are hence created to have positive rules that require administration in the long run. The business ideas are hence created so that the individuals are linked to accelerate the rate of growth.

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The business expects to relate all its users in the various levels as there are many efforts that can be motivated. The best way to deal with the selection of employees is creating a better evaluation team that will foresee management efforts in the long run. The tactics in management are actually developed so that there is a better way of dealing with the management. The Horse Race technique can be known to lead to a reduction in the overall process of businesses issues. The best approach is used so that the selection is free and fair from any biasness. The employees are encouraged to increase the production that will relate to a better way of relating to the issues in the business (Harder, 2007). The approaches are hence developed to increase the level of maximum utility in the long run. The process requires all the parties to have a better attitude in management of resources.

This is essential in the long run as there are many tips that can create an appropriate evaluation team. This is important as there are many cases where there is a wide range of services that are essential in management of resources. The process of actual detailed structures is hence developed in the long run. Though the process is tricky and tiresome, there are some cases where the candidates may not face the simulation process in the business. The approach is however related to every development that can lead to developments in many instances. The cases of development are hence required to develop most cases in business progress. The technique may not give desired results but can improve the actual detailed report of the business.

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Other techniques

There are many techniques that can be used to pick CEOs to overcome the shortcomings of the Horse Race technique. These approaches can be measured so that the business is able to acquire more progress in the long run. Business ideas need to be evaluated and hence create an understanding (France, 2005). The legal policies are considered hence can be measured to see that the organization can easily attain the best staff. This is useful in the long run as most parties are considered during evaluation.

The best approach is analyzed so that the business is easy to check the business idea link. The business is hence developed as there are many tactics of solving problems related to employees. The best attainment is development of every issue in each staff. The management is advised to allow them relate the attitude of every organization. The employees are advised to create a relationship with every association (Harry, 1942). The link is developed such that the people are advised to interact with each other. The best attitude is hence developed so that those who involved are related in one way or another. The best approach is measured in such a way that the people involved attain the best way in relation department. The people who work for various issues are hence determined in such a way that they work in harmony. The process is essential as much people are developed to increase productivity (France, 2005).


The Horse Race technique has some limitations as some officers picked may not be productive in the long run. The business in this case requires high quality officers to initiate the long run effects. The management is allowed to allow people in the long run. The actual analysis of the organization must be analyzed so that people are attracted within the organization (Barnard, 1989).