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Ode/Poem to Brunelleschi's Dome for the Cathedral of Florence

Ode/Poem to Brunelleschi’s Dome for the Cathedral of Florence

The flower of Renaissance blossoms wide

By Brunelleschi’s mind and heart was shaped in great,

Florence’s image, glory, sense and pride,

It blossoms still and will be in the late.

Late generations will feel its connection

To past and present days in victory

Of classic shape from gothic in migration,

When architecture changed in centuries.

These were keystones, arches, and faltering windows

That shaped consistency in engineering mind,

The dome covered this cathedral like a pillow,

It’s made from stone, wood and iron.

The shape is classical, but gothic is interior,

The dome is well adjusted to the flow

Of time that passes by in haste and sorrow,

The church stands still in city terra

The Pantheon is based on colonnades,

The coffered stone based, they stand still strong,

They will support construction for too long,

The outer space is painted in light shades,

Of white and terracotta basic colors,

That are predominant in dome’s light and grace,

Cathedral has vast allocated space,

It shines in sun as light and power.

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It represents the sense of domination

Of free will and the benefits of sacred,

It highlights and embraces in attraction

Florence’s sense of classic flower wild.

The dome is great and beauty lasts forever,

Respect should be to engineering mind

That struggled well in creative endeavors

So that create the valuable result.

The glory be to later generations

That will respect and value Brunelleschi

In dome will pray to joy and for salvation,

So that from pass of time the dome rescue.