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Private Clinic Interview

Private Clinic

Financial Position Questions: 

1. Tell me your name, your title, and describe your role within the facility.

My name is Meredith Brooks. I am the financial director of a private children’s clinic. My responsibilities include the distribution of the budget as well as its control. In addition, I replace the director in our clinic, so I address the most important questions and problems.

2. How many people are involved in the financial process, and can you briefly explain the roles of each person involved? 

In summary, there are three people that are involved in the financial process. First of all, it`s me – the financial director. I manage all the finances that come to our clinic and accordingly distribute them to departments. Secondly, it is a manager who monitors the waste of money and the divisions where this money is funded. Lastly, we have a financier who manages all salaries in our clinic.

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3. How do you formulate your budget for your facility or department on a monthly and annual basis?

All financial waste is based on the necessary needs of the clinic and each employee in it. There are basic costs that are included in our monthly plan payment of renting premises, salaries, utilities. There are also unforeseen wastes such as repairs to certain devices or furniture.

4. What is important for me to know about starting up a business and month to month operational finances?

First of all, you need to plan your costs correctly. I would recommend to make a clear business plan with goals, objectives, costs and loss. Proper planning is just the beginning. I also recommend consulting with people who also have their own business and possess a vast experience in dealing with this issue.

5. If I have a start-up loan amount of up to $500,000, how would you best utilize this?

Well, everything depends on the interests and future goals. I think that it is necessary to invest money in the development of a certain sphere related to producing a high-quality and useful product. For example, it can be the development of technical equipment for clinics or apps for smartphones.

6. In your opinion, for the employer the priority is the cost of medical services or quality of service?

Our experience proves that a business is ready to buy quality medical services at a reasonable cost. Currently, the value of working time has increased, so the employer is not ready to distract staff from the professional examination for a long time. Previously, an employee went to a local clinic for a day or two for a professional examination, and if hundreds of people worked in the company, the process generally would have lasted for several weeks. Now, it can all be arranged differently.

7. What is the key function of finance in your clinic?

The key function is the financing of money in the result. To distribute money in such a way that it will be with high quality for the client, convenient for the doctor and effective for the clinic.

8. If I start health care business I need to proceed from the needs of the population or personal interest?

I would say that there should be a golden mean. The clinic should be relevant to the needs of the population and would have demand inside. If a person opens a clinic only to earn money, then the expected result may not be achieved. It is vital to understand this sphere and specific of work.

Administrative or Managerial Questions:

1. Tell me your name, your title, and describe your role with the facility.

Good afternoon! My name is Charles Quentin. I am a medical manager in a private clinic. In the clinic, I ensure the joint and effective work of all staff: doctors, administrators, nurses, etc.

2. Can you explain to me the managerial operations of your healthcare facility?

The task of the manager is to facilitate the work of the clinic and its staff. In addition, nowadays, it is not enough to be a good specialist, you need to present yourself correctly. So, if we are talking about a clinic, then we also need to develop a business that is included in the scope of activities of the manager, and not the doctor.

3. What are some of the biggest decisions you make on a daily basis?

Each of my decisions is very important, as it affects the clinic structure and its efficiency. It is important to control the provision of quality medical services on a daily basis. We need to listen to the staff and customers in order to form and maintain our successful position in the industry for a long time.

4. What do you do to advertise or market your facility for growth within your community?

The best advertisement is customer health and our work. Every day, we receive positive feedback and it motivates us to continue work hard, help people to solve their health problems. Our clients recommend us to their friends and relatives, so quality of the work is the best advertisement for us.

5. What is important for me to know from an administrative or managerial perspective of starting up and growing a healthcare business?

Well, I can give you some advice: focus on customer’s needs; select the clinic staff accurately; rely on financial opportunities and costs; if problems arise, solve them immediately and accept help if offered.

6. What do you think should be a good manager in a private clinic?

A good manager in a private clinic is not necessarily a person with medical education. It is a comprehensively developed person with an active lifestyle, quite creative, willing to make decisions, responsible, with good organizational skills. He is directly responsible for the interaction between the doctor and the patient. Both the specialist and the client are important for him.

7. What is one of the most important problems in the clinic that you need to deal with?

There are certainly enough problems, but one is the most important: doctors often change clinics in search of a better place, so one of my tasks is to structure the work of a medical institution so that it could bring substantial profit to all employees.

8. How to properly distribute my work, to find time for everything and not to face professional burnout?

First of all, it is concentration and balance. I make a daily work plan and follow it step-by-step. For me, daily problems are a push for self-development and growth, it makes me stronger, and it is necessary for working in my field. If I notice at least one sign of professional burnout, I consult a psychologist and try to solve this problem immediately.

If to summarize all the above, I made a conclusion for myself that the most important aspects in work are diligence and the desire to improve oneself in a professional manner. Skills and knowledge are leading in any activity. The two interviews do not contradict each other at all, because each of these people performs their work with diligence and dedication and it is their similarity: high-quality work, which is aimed at meeting the needs of the staff and clients in their clinics. In addition, it was very useful for me to hear Meredith’s advice about starting a business and the story of Charles about his opinion of a good manager, this gave me the opportunity to take a fresh look at myself and my capabilities in the future.