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Should the USA Impose Democracy Abroad?

Should the USA Impose Democracy Abroad?


Imagine a government where people have no say but just to follow blindly the authority of some elected few, rules and laws being made without the consideration of what the public thinks or wants. Turmoil and confusion are what would characterize such a government. It would only be a matter of time before oppositions sprout among the people to rebel such a government. Human beings have always had the unique want of freedom to do what they want without any restrictions. This is what gave rise to democracy, where people want a government that they have a say in either directly or indirectly through representatives in the government.

Even though democracy may be viewed as the best option for everyone who has been able to implement it, it is still not the best choice for every human being on the face of the planet. There are governments that have managed to be successful in governing their citizens by using other means of regulating other than democracy. Human beings are diverse and different in nature. One ideology may work for some group of people and may not work for others. Every human being should have the right to choose the kind of government they will obey. Unfortunately, some countries in the world have adopted ways of governing that are oppressive to their citizens and greatly undermine human rights. It is the responsibility of exceptional nations like the U.S. to intervene and help such countries.

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The United States of America is the superpower of the world and is seen as the pacesetter in terms of development and governing. Their citizens enjoy freedom in many dimensions. They practice democracy and advocate for it in the whole world. They have gone to the extent of imposing it on other nations that they deem politically unstable. Democracy is good in itself, and the U.S. should take it upon itself to impose it abroad to other countries, by doing so they can help salvage many nations from political turmoil that significantly undermine human rights and hinder their development.

Circumstances that Democracy Should Be Imposed

It is a worthy and widespread goal of the U.S. to spread democracy, and it is though very essential to differentiate the aim from the means used to attain it. An enormous dissimilarity exists between assertive promotion and a more temperate support of democratization. The U.S. has done great things to help nations that were at war once to solve their issues and adopt a democratic government that caters for the rights of all their citizens. The U.S. has successfully implemented democracy programs in as many as 80 countries at one time in all the continents of the world, and only two of these countries have been at war with the U.S. This clearly shows that they always have a good motive while doing it.

Bernard Crick, in his book, Democracy: A Very Short Introduction, says that freedom is promiscuous as everyone can interpret it in their way. Even tyrants have been seen saying that their government is democratic depending on how they define it. Good government should be democratic both in an institution and social sense. It should include every aspect ranging from individual liberties, economic progress, human rights and social justice. It should be more than the equality of political rights. This is the kind of democracy that a nation like the U.S. is trying to impose abroad to other countries so as to promote peace and unity among people. It was the dream of American forefathers that what they had could one day become universal to the world. By imposing democracy abroad, the American government is trying to fulfill the dream of its forefathers.

There are countries in the world, especially Africa, where the people are ruled by tyrants who greatly oppress them. The people have no say in the government at all. The rules are made for the benefit of the few persons in the government who only represent their own interests’ and not the interests of the population. Such tyranny gives birth to militia groups among the people who seek to undermine the government. This, in turn, creates civil and tribal wars among the people of the country, and the innocent citizens are the ones who greatly suffer. Such practices had gone on for long among many politically unstable countries, and most of them are underdeveloped. Many times, the world watched while people butchered one another in the politically unstable countries. A good example is the Rwanda genocide where about two million people died because of tribal wars where political leaders were promoting the lie that some people are superior to the others because of their tribes. In such a country as Africa, it would be very beneficial if a nation like the U.S. with its power could intervene and impose democracy so as to save the people from such wars in future.

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Americans always have the assumption that democracy is a right thing and spreading it to every nation in the world would be greatly beneficial. Many other countries who do not believe in democracy always take the virtues of democracy for granted, and they do not enumerate or consider them. Democracy is good as most of the new democracies that have been formed shown tremendous developments politically, socially and economically. Examples of such countries include South Sudan, Tunisia and Uganda among others. With these countries becoming successful and showing significant improvement in their relationship with the developed nations, a country like the U.S. finds more reason to continue advocating for democracy abroad.

The Arabic countries are the nations in the world that withhold human rights to their citizens, especially women. In countries like Saudi Arabia, a woman is not even supposed to drive a car, go to school or even vote. This hard fact has made it very difficult for such countries to develop economically, politically and socially. Consequently, this creates a great opportunity for the US to intervene and try advocating for democracy so that it manages to change the situation there. The governments that are present in such countries have significantly withheld the democratic rights of their people. The U.S. attempts to spread democracy because generally, people under democratic governments live better lives. Inhabitants of democracies enjoy political stability, individual liberty, high quality of life, freedom of speech and expression, freedom from governmental violence and are at very low risk of suffering a famine. All countries that undergo through all these difficulties provide the U.S. the opportunity to impose democracy on them so as to change their current difficult states.

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The U.S. also imposes democracy abroad so as to advance directly it national interests to other countries. All these are among the circumstances that prompt them to impose democracy abroad. They have managed to save countries from war, and this is very kind of them. They show the world that all humans are alike, and it should be the role of every human being to care for the well-being of their neighbor. According to my perspective, the U.S. is very right in trying to impose democracy abroad.

How They Can Administer Democracy

In underdeveloped countries, the education system is not well established, and such countries mostly rely on foreign aid to finance their activities. Through such an avenue, the U.S. can introduce an education system to such a country where the younger people can be taught the benefits of democracy and the importance of human rights. Since a state’s future depends on its younger generation as they would become the leaders of tomorrow, the younger people who have gone through the new education system would help in making their country democratic when they become the leaders.

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Third world countries are the countries that are mostly faced with political instability and poor governance. Poverty is one of their major problems. By capitalizing on this, the U.S. is able to administer democracy to such a country. They offer grants and loans to such countries in order to help them boost their economies and cater for their citizens. They, in turn, sign treaties and pacts to uphold democracy in those countries. Once a government tries to stray from what the treaty or agreement says, they are subjected to sanctions. Through such, the U.S. has been able to impose democracy abroad.

They can also help administer democracy in some countries that are politically unstable by deploying their military to those countries to help keep peace and order in cases where there is a war. The military also protects the American delegates who go to help restore order in countries that are in political turmoil.

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The U.S. has been at the forefront in raising their voice whenever there is any incident in the world that undermines human rights. It upholds and practices democracy fully both abroad and at home. Through this, it has helped in restoring peace in many countries in the world. Many countries in the world are democratic, and most of them are among the most developed. This shows that democracy is the best way forward for all countries. To end inhumanity in most countries in the world, other great nations should follow suite in imposing democracy on other countries. They should also do their business as the U.S. to uphold humanity in every way, because human beings are one regardless of their color, race or place of origin. By so doing, they can help make the world a better place to live.