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Spay or Neuter Pets Speech

Spay or Neuter Pets Speech


“You become responsible forever, for what you have tamed.” (Antoine de Saint-Exupery). Unfortunately, nowadays many of us have forgotten this brilliant quotation and treat animals like toys. It is wrong to ignore the fact that animals are the same living creatures as human beings: they can feel and understand everything; they consider us to be both masters and friends. One who showed kindness and love once gives this little creature hope to be loved forever.

Term “to be responsible” means something more than just to feed or to wash them. People should also take into consideration animal education, physical health, and reproduction control.

Moreover, the aspect of reproduction control should be paid special attention because this problem really goes global. Many of us have heard of spaying and neutering as a real way of controlling the animal overpopulation and preventing millions of them from suffering. Thus, right now let’s point out advantages and, perhaps, disadvantages of such a method in order to find out why some of us support it and others do not.

First Point

Therefore, first of all, let’s review how this method works. Spaying – is removing the ovaries and uterus of a female pet, and neutering means removing the testicles of the male dog or cat.

The aim is to control the reproduction processes because animals, unlike humans, obey their instincts when bringing offspring. So it happens often and regularly. Now let’s review some statistics. According to the website of Partnership for Animal Welfare, “Of the more than 30 million puppies and kittens born in the U.S. each year only one in 10 finds a permanent home. Moreover, less than 35% of shelter animals are adopted. Some 6 to 8 million adoptable dogs and cats were euthanized (humanely killed) last year (Tierney, 2012). It is likely high time to start making a difference.

Many of pet owners for many reasons still find this step a difficult one. Though, these are rather not reasons but myths. For example, some people think that spaying or neutering will affect pets’ weight, or change animal’s personality, or even make their male dog or cat “feel like less of a man.” Right now let’s dispel these myths and discover really positive sides of this procedure.

Second Point


  1. Spaying and neutering IS NOT expensive comparing to the expense of this procedure of caring for a pregnant and nursing mother;
  2. Spayed or neutered pets generally show less aggression with other animals or people; they are calmer and more affectionate;
  3. Sterilized pets do not tend to escape and roam, which can cause getting into fights with other animals or experiencing traumatic injuries, such as car accidents;
  4. Decreases the risk to get a number of serious diseases which can be life-threatening and expensive to treat (uterine, mammary (breast) or testicular cancer) (Henry, 2011).
  5. Spayed females shed less fur and do not have estrus, so your carpets as well as furnishing will not be spoiled;
  6. Cats and dogs after these procedures show less aggressiveness: they less fight and bite;
  7. Spaying and neutering does not transform the personality of pets and does not promote obesity;
  8. Mates focus more on the master and train well. In addition, their behavior becomes better;
  9. In accordance with the Partnership for Animal Welfare official website, “between 6 and 8 million pets enter animal shelters each year, at least half – 3 to 4 million – are euthanized. You can help to prevent millions of lives from death” (Tierney, 2012).
  10. You will not harm your pets with special medicines to dull their desire.

Third Point


  1. Sterilization like any operation requires general anesthesia; hence, some risk of complications, for example, allergic reaction, is possible. You should consult your vet;
  2. Inability to breed – this procedure is irreversible (Davis, n.d.).
  3. Sterilized pet requires attention after this procedure, so you should devote a day or two to take care of it while it recovers (Henry, 2011).


Keep in mind that resorting to the procedure of spaying or neutering people can solve a bushel of serious problems, like:

  • reducing the number of homeless animals and saving them from cold, suffering, and starvation;
  • protecting themselves and their children from aggressive homeless animals;
  • resolving the problem of overpopulation and saving millions of healthy pets from euthanasia;
  • resolving a raft of ethical inconveniences.

Therefore, let’s not forget the brilliant quotation by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Let’s take a real care of our dumb animals and realize the full responsibility for their health and well-being.

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