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Research Question

Does domestic terrorism have effects on government duration?


Terrorism jeopardizes the security of the country not only by threatening people’s lives, but also by influencing the government duration because political groups can change the nature of government, create new coalitions, and influence public opinion.



I. Terrorism – is one of the main threats to any country’s security in the modern globalized world.

A. Terrorism can destroy property and cause the death of many people.

B. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was established by the Federal Government to protect U.S. citizens (Choi & Piazza, 2016).

C. Meanwhile, various studies demonstrate that government can use the threat of terrorism pursuing individual political objectives aiming to prolong its regime. Hence, domestic terrorism impacts not only ordinary people, but politics as well.

Main Point One- Defining and Characterizing International and Domestic Terrorism

II. Definition of international and domestic terrorism – International terrorism comprises of violence acts that are conducted on the territories of several countries or involves citizens of different states. Organized attacks for achieving specific goal on the territory of one country that can influence the duration of government’s tenure refer to as domestic terrorism (Blankenship, 2018).

III. Major differences between the two types of terrorism – First, goals that are pursued by terrorists vary depending on the type of terrorism. Second, the interpretation of domestic terrorism has evolved over the last several decades in the USA. As a result, the perception of domestic terrorism is vaguer because it does not have explicit legal, accord, or academic definition. Finally, the government duration directly depends on its success in coping with domestic terrorism (Blankenship, 2018).

Main Point Two- Changing Nature of Government under the Threat of Domestic Terrorism

V. The consequences of domestic terrorism for the government – authorities can change their nature from being relevant to irrelevant and vice verse.

A. After the terrorist attack is conducted, this act becomes central in country’s security agenda. On the one hand, the existence of common challenge and hazard can be used for the consolidation of communities’ and overcoming existing disagreements (Coggins, 2015). On the other hand, terrorism directly impacts the formation and functioning of the government (Phillips, 2015).

Main Point Three- Coalitions Creation

VI. One of the most vivid actions that can be taken by the government to fight domestic terrorism is coalition creation.

A. If an inclusive coalition is formed by the government it can unite the community to fight against terrorism. If a non-inclusive coalition is formed, authorities can be under threat to lose their power because some social groups would not be satisfied with the official failing ability to ensure security. The formation of a steady coalition is the best possible option for the government to guarantee its survival (Durodie, 2016).

Main Point Four- Public

VIII. To remain in power the government pursues certain tactics targeting public to demonstrate its ability to control terrorism.

A. Authorities can introduce new rigorous regulations and laws to appeal to the electorate (Durodie, 2016). At the same time, these new regulations can actually increase the durability and power of the government while being extensive and intrusive to civil rights (Daxecker, 2017).

B. Authoritarian and democratic states, some social groups, political opponents, or official bodies can be unreasonably demonized, repressed, and victimized in the name of fighting against terrorism and ensuring the durability of power (Piazza, 2017).

C. For the better identification of terrorists DHS provides lists of foreign and domestic terrorist organizations (Combs, 2017).

D. Lacking prosecutorial power the federal government can influence and manipulate states to take some actions in the name of security that can imply altering the regime duration (Combs, 2017).


After conducting preliminary research it is possible to conclude that government can manipulate the threat of domestic terrorism to prolong its regime. In general, authorities can change its nature, use political instruments such as coalition creation, and influence the public. As a result, more grounded and broader research can provide more details and prove that government can use domestic terrorism to ensure its durability. Moreover, the provision of relevant example from the history of the U.S. counterterrorism efforts will demonstrate actions taken by official authorities to ensure its durability. Altogether, further research can prove that government can use terrorism not only to guarantee citizens’ security but also to remain in power.