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The Impact of LBGT in the Military since the Repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Policy

The Impact of LBGT in the Military since the Repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Policy


Transgender discrimination in the U.S. military has been a confounding issue virtually for the past two decades. Until the time of sexual revolution of the 1960s, the United States had never had a common non-derogatory word that meant non-heterosexuality. Currently, lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender (LBGT) are very pervasive words. They are used for the description of people with an irregular sexual orientation, which has disfigured their sexual lives. They have been referring to themselves as sexual minorities, and such a perception and mentality has led to heightened activism for their rights. The LBGT people usually experience discrimination in society, which has upheld the principle that sexual malpractices are abominable for a long time. The military personnel who are victims of this irregular orientation have been living in anticipation that one day the government will lift a ban that obliges them to conceal their sexual identities. Although President Clinton once advocated for equal rights for LBGT during his term, the process of implementation ignited massive protests from military officials, as well as from a section of the Congress. Conservatives were equally resentful and suspicious of the president following his move. However, a consensus was reached through a compromise that members of LBGT would continue serving in the military on condition that they did not disclose their true sexual identities and refrain from homosexual conducts as well. This declaration was known as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT). Due to a considerable impact of LBGT people in the military since their increasing number, the repeal of DADT should be followed by other regulations on the part of the government.

The Consequences of the LBGT Impact since the Repeal of DADT

Military officers who happened to be members of transgender groups were quite optimistic that President Clinton’s gesture would suffice to guarantee them their inalienable right and freedom to express their innate sexual feelings. However, the repeal mystified them tremendously. Following that, the United States has been witnessing a number of consequences. It will perhaps influence the Obama administration to rethink the formerly declared policy of DADT. First, there has been a widespread damage caused to the effectiveness of the military unit. It is observed that service members who have always been relied on to accomplish military tasks have since become docile due to the lack of morale (Kerrigan, 2012). This docility was obviously attributed to the declaration that LBGT people were to remain numb regarding their sexual orientation. According to transgender activists, the move was a serious contravention of human rights. As victims of this irregularity, they felt they should be recognized just in the same way as other disabled people. They therefore wanted to show their emotions freely without being subjected to any ridicule by the sexually straight community.

Besides, the policy perpetuated the disadvantage of the LBGT group of experiencing health consequences at a high cost (Human Rights Campaign, 2014). Had they succeeded to achieve the freedom they lobbied for, they would have automatically enjoyed the government subsidy for health products and services. Nonetheless, since the revocation of the right, health care institutions have not been recognizing members of LBGT when they handle cases related to their sexual statuses. For instance, transsexuals seeking surgical services to change their sex anatomy have actually been incurring exorbitant costs (Human Rights Campaign, 2014). The cost has also been exaggerated following a decline in health insurance schemes to cover expenses on treating ailments related to this orientation. The military officers of LBGT have therefore been obliged to foot medical bills on their own.

Apart from that, the military service has been experiencing difficulties in recruiting new members to the military. It has been occasioned by the fact that military members should conceal their sexual orientation. It has been cumbersome because those who out-rightly pronounce these statuses are immediately eliminated from the list of recruits. However, those who abide by the DADT policy also experience difficulties in dealing with groups, to which they have been selected. Because of sexual defects, they will still become marginalized with time. This condition has been affecting the general operations of the military to the extent that even military officials have become apprehensive about the fate of officers belonging to LBGT.

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Assessing the trend of events regarding the people of LBGT in the military service, there is a big threat of the long-term retention of members of the military force. A good number of victims is said to have relinquished their responsibilities and opted for other occupations. They deemed the action right since they would be free to relate with their loved ones without any restrictions. Moreover, this action puts the military service in great jeopardy of facing extinction. According to skeptics, the enacting of the DADT policy was a dangerous option to be adopted by the military service because it left the administration uninformed about the real facts and number of LBGT members in the military. Officials had never contemplated about the possibility that the number of LBGT could surpass the one of sexually straight officers. Continuous cases of mass discharges from the military have raised a lot of questions concerning the capacity of the military forces to retain its members for a long time. Similarly, society in general is anxious about the fate of officers who are quitting the military prematurely.

Additionally, the repeal of the DADT policy resulted to animosity between the members of LBGT and those who morally object to homosexuality. They applauded the Congress and military officials for rejecting the president’s proposals to give homosexuals their rights. Their frequent insults and ridicule triggered a rift among factions. It has also been occasionally reported that the members of LBGT have been under constant harassment by sexually straight individuals (Human Rights Campaign, 2014). It occurs at the places of work as well as outside. In fact, President Clinton raised concerns one time following the same. He said that though the law restricted military officers from publicizing their sexual orientation and homosexual practices, it failed to outline their protection from potential tormentors. It therefore transpired that the same law was biased against them and needed to be amended forthwith.

Furthermore, the controversy has posed a high possibility of costly living arrangements. It will be necessary as a mechanism to protect people’s privacy. Apparently, those who are sexually straight have often been popping their noses into the affairs of LBGT. This act has been perceived inappropriate considering the fact that everyone has the right to privacy. One funny thing is that LBGT members have never been concerned with the private affairs of people who are sexually straight. Apart from that, they have never faulted prostitutes and others who perpetuate sexual malpractices, such as masturbation, incest and bestiality, which are quite pervasive. In case their condition is outlawed, they reserve the right that all other sexual malpractices should be outlawed as a sign of fairness.

In spite of that, some campaigns have been instigated to enact special protection for homosexuals in the United States other than service men and women. Since the repeal of the policy DADT, members of LBGT who have insisted on remaining conspicuousness have become an endangered species. It is therefore anticipated that the government will commence the process of amending the Constitution to incorporate the elements of homosexual rights and privileges (Stanford, 2013). Such processes are likely to change events in the United States with regard to human rights, but with special focus on lesbians, bisexuals, gays and transgender people. It will also be forced to incorporate them into medical insurance schemes to subsidize their medical expenses in the same the way as the government does to other citizens (Stanford, 2013). In case this issue is overlooked, there is a high likelihood that fresh agitation may be triggered resulting into another revolution for human rights.

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The Reaction of LBGT in the Military to the DADT Policy

Service men and women opposing the DADT policy have been raising a series of issues concerning the benefits that homosexuals are entitled to courtesy of their partners. Just like other citizens, they have argued that denying homosexual service men and women access to taxpayer benefits is a serious misnomer (Center for American Progress, 2012). They are wholly supposed to enjoy these rights because there are no other provisions restricting beneficiaries on grounds of sexual orientation. Secondly, service men and women equally contribute to the national development through income taxes. They therefore should not be sidelined when it comes to reaping benefits of the same taxes. If this is not enacted, then these LBGT people should sue to petition against the authenticity of the law as regards to their condition (Center for American Progress, 2012). Finally, LBGT people have been raising innumerable concerns that the military law and regulations regarding sexual offenses should be adjusted. It has obliged the military staff to generate new regulations, which can suffice to make LBGT serve the nation and enjoy their marital relationships as well. At the moment, military laws have proven to be bias favoring service men and women who have a straight sexual orientation (Hollander, 2013). Contrary to this, the lifestyles and genetic makeups of many citizens of the United States have resulted to numerous cases of discrimination of LBGT. It will therefore be very fair if all members of the group are considered during the creation of amendments to the laws for them to enjoy their full rights as citizens of this country.

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Cases of lesbians, bisexuals, gays and transgender people have risen in the recent past. The military sector has been registered to have even higher numbers of such workers as revealed by statistics. It is a sign that LBGT is becoming a real problem of society, which should be handled with a high degree of sobriety. Attempts made by sitting presidents to seek a long-lasting solution to the issue have always been perceived with heightened criticisms from civil society and interested groups. However, the latter have never generated a solution that will be satisfactory both to LBGT people, as well as to those whose sexual orientation is straight. Laws should be amended to factor in the cases of victims of LBGT. They are also a significant section of society as well as taxpayers other than being civil servants. It will be very unfair if they are locked out from the list of beneficiaries of civil rights and privileges. The anticipation of the celebration of LGBT equality in June is a sign of heightened affinity for the freedom of these victims of discrimination. Activists of lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender are ostensibly working with the U.S. Department of Defense to produce a detailed report, which will be used to declare the “success” of President Obama’s highly valuable political program. It will be in line with the repeal of the mislabeled law “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT).

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