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Traditional Building vs. Innovational Building

Traditional Building vs. Innovational Building

Nowadays, architecture is one of the integral parts of human’s existence. It has deeply ingrained in the human mentality. More and more people become interested in architecture. Throughout the last decade, many famous designers have appeared. They demonstrated their skills and professionalism by creating unique pieces of art. The extreme development of technology has made an enormous effect on architecture. Consequently, the refusal of traditional architecture is the result of the influence of technology. That is why architecture has been divided into two types, namely traditional and innovational. Each type possesses certain features and peculiarities. The objective of the paper is to provide a profound analysis of each type of architecture and find differences as well as similarities between them.

Mount Vernon, located in Fairfax County, Virginia, is one of the traditional buildings that follow the principles of the Picturesque by making a natural environment. The concept of the Picturesque building is created with the help of establishing irregular features of a symmetrical plan. The design of Mount Vernon comprised of a central block linked to two pavilions with quadrant passes that partly encircled by front yard. The design of the building was created in the sixteenth century by Andrea Palladio, an Italian villa designer. The British breathed new life into this design in the eighteenth century, making use of it for creating British estates. The building was originally built by Washington’s father Augustine in 1735 (“Ten Facts about the Mansion”). Mount Vernon acquired its final shape in 1778 when the servants’ hall and kitchen were connected to the Mansion. Initially, the building was inherited by George Washington. Upon moving into the building, Washington made some changes, adding other structures and reorganizing the surrounding gardens. In fact, Washington wanted to rebuild Mount Vernon according to his preferences (“About Mount Vernon”). That is why he added wings to the ends and the double-height portico going along the façade. Additionally, the quadrant passes connecting the house were attached with two dependencies to make a Palladian façade of five parts (Picture 1).

There is no doubt that that the mentioned building portrays the exquisite aristocratic culture. On the one hand, it functions as a house. On the other hand, it represents the masterpiece of architecture. One should mention that this building is an ideal place to live in. There are some reasons for this. Firstly, it is located in a picturesque landscape. Secondly, it has an enormous space to live in. Thirdly, it has a perfect building structure that enables its inhabitants to feel comfortable and cozy. One should admit that the designer wanted to combine simplicity and exquisite. At first sight, Mount Vernon is looked at as an outstanding piece of art. Then the viewer realizes that this is something more than just art. It is the combination of beauty and convenience.

Creating the building, the designer wanted to preserve the feeling of home coziness and comfort as well. Functioning as a house, Mount Vernon had many owners each of them made a considerable contribution to its development (“About Mount Vernon”). Both the building and the designer were under the influence of the British government. The government was astonished by the beauty of the house. Consequently, it wanted to use Mount Vernon as a perfect example of traditional architecture. George Washington was one of the owners of Mount Vernon. He made some reconstructions in order to make the building the perfect place to live in. George Washington was interested in hosting the mentioned house. There are some reasons for it. Firstly, the building was located in the area with perfect and picturesque landscape. Secondly, it was an ideal place to live in and breed cattle as well. Thirdly, due to the structure of the house, many rooms were conveniently joined. One more important fact about Mount Vernon is that because of it huge shapes, there were rooms not only for owners but for servants as well. One may admit that Mount Vernon is considered the perfect example of traditional architecture.

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Nowadays, the contemporary world is influenced by an enormous influence of technology. All spheres of human life, namely education, health care, engineering, medicine, and art are affected. Consequently, architecture is not an exception. The main peculiarity of innovation is simplicity. Nevertheless, simplicity can be portrayed with the help of weird shapes and forms. The vivid example of such simplicity can be the house designed by the innovative designer Frank Lloyd Wright. Wright’s manner of designing is characterized by complete refusal of strict forms and shapes. He definitely tries to break the traditional buildings standards. The first building that was designed by Wright is Robert P. Paker House (Picture 2). This masterpiece of architecture is listed as an important property of the American government. In fact, Robert P. Parker House is one of the three buildings located in Oak Park. The house is known as Frank Lloyd Wright’s’ Bootleg House (“Robert P. Parker House”). The design of the house can belongs to innovative type of architecture. The building has irregular roof structure with high pitches. The Robert P. Parker House follows the tradition of geometric simplification. On the one hand, the house seems tiny enough for living. On the other hand, it is spacious inside. The remarkable feature of the house is its huge windows. The walls are divided in half with the help of windows. Furthermore, the fireplace is set in the centre of the house in order to supply two rooms, namely parlor and the dining room, with heating.

The Robert P. Parker House can be treated as the first attempt to refuse the traditional model of architecture. It innovation is shown through the usage of sharp details. One may admit that the building looks differently. It represents a modern hectic pace of life. The building functions as a house. It is designed for family usage. The location of the fireplace proves the fact that it is a family house. Being located in the center of the building, fireplace helps to save money since it can heat the entire place. Moreover, the designer took into account the fact that the building would be used by the family, so he designed big windows. Wright wanted to make rooms brighter and more convenient to live in. Furthermore, he wanted to enhance the benefits of the surrounding landscape. Oak Park is a perfect place for living. It reminds about childhood and home coziness. That is why the designer tries to make the connection between nature and house with the help of big windows. Another important fact that should be mentioned, which is the owner of the house. The initial owner was Robert P. Parker, so he invested a lot of money in building such a remarkable piece of art.

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Comparing two buildings, namely Mount Vernon and the Robert P. Parker House, one may admit that both designers have done a great job. They created two completely different types of houses, making them the considerable type of art. One may admit that the distinctions can be seen immediately. The first building is more complex while the second one is simple. The sizes of the houses differ completely. Mount Vernon is a huge aristocratic building, while the Robert P. Parker House is a small house for a city life. Speaking about shapes, Mount Vernon is more complex with traditional geometric proportions. The Robert P. Parker building has strict pitches and lack of geometric standards. Both buildings function as the house for living in.

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Despite some considerable differences between the mentioned buildings, there are some similarities as well. The first one is connected with the location. The first and the second buildings are located in the marvelous places, which makes them exceptional. The second similarity is the fact that both houses belong to a contributing property of America. The last resemblance is that both houses are perfect places for bringing up children and indulging the life. One should notice an important issue, which is the architecture value of the buildings. While designing the building the designers tried to appeal to viewers. In other words, they wanted their building to provoke certain feelings. This objective was completely achieved. Mount Vernon as well as the Robert P. Parker House remind individuals about the importance of family. The building emphasizes that the main purpose of the life has to be a family. That is why the ideal place to live in can be the mentioned buildings. One may state that architecture is not only about construction of buildings but it is also about feeling.

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To sum up, architecture is a dynamic notion. It is influenced by many factors, namely social, cultural, and political ones. Being under the influence of various factors, architecture continues developing. It adopts new ideas and techniques for creating new types of buildings. Analyzing the examples of traditional and innovational architecture one may admit that both samples are wonderful. Each of the building represents not only the designer’s idea but also a way of humans’ life during certain period of time. Although, Mount Vernon and the Robert P. Parker House have many resemblances they still remain the masterpieces of architecture. Accordingly, Andrea Palladio and Frank Lloyd Wright are great designers who managed to design the building appealing to individual’s preferences and tastes. The mentioned examples can be analyzed with the help of human eye as well as heart.