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Types of Writers Classification Essay

Types of Writers Classification Essay

It is considered that there are two types of writers. . Firstly, we have people who write for fun. They include poets and short story authors. Indeed, most of them write, because they have observed something in the society, they are in pain or they are very happy and grateful expressing their emotions.  Secondly, we have people who write to earn for living. A good example is journalists and authors, most of which have spent many years in college studying. They are, therefore, professionals who have to meet some sets of requirements in their careers. Nowadays, many writers do not really make a career out of writing, but those who do make a living by selling their written works (Mason 17).

In this paper, I am going to scrutinize, explain and give examples of different types of writings in different categories. I will start by explaining who authors are. I will then state the different types of authors and the works they present.

Literary Writers

Every written work will always have a source that makes a composition. As authors are referred to different groups and categories, the same way we have different areas of writings. Different types of writers can be grouped into two: non-fiction writers, who write about real life occurrences, that is, history, autobiography, and biographies or a documentary about a true-life occurrence and fiction writers, who write about fantasies and imaginations. Fiction writers can base their examples in real life happenings and they may even appear to be real. Consider the sinking of the Titanic or the civil wars that are happening in many places many authors have written about those events involving the readers emotionally. A good example of non-fiction authors can be medical doctors who write medical books or scientists who write to give more information about a particular animal or geographical situation. This kind of work entails a lot of research and commitment. Besides, these projects consume a lot of time (Volgler 134). Nonetheless, we have authors who do both non-fiction books and fiction books.

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Non professional writers

Writing poetry is the speciality of a poet. A poem can be very literal or metaphorical. Meaning, a poet can write about something out of a particular event in a straightforward manner or in a way, where he uses symbolisms and abstract meanings. Poets usually write without regard for form or grammar. Poets have long existed in history in all languages that portray the cultures of the certain historical periods. There are various styles that poets employ depending on the course of literary time. When one writes a poem, he does not intend to sell it for profit, but uses it to express his thoughts, artistic abilities, and emotions. Only in those cases when publishers buy poems or when poets are paid for their poems to be read publicly, they can get remunerations from their work.  Poets are usually classified according to the time: renaissance, classic, modern, among others; by the styles: sonnets, lyrics, odes, and many more, or by types: romantic, narrative, etc.

A playwright is a person who writes plays and dramas that are intended for stage presentation. The spelling of “wright” instead of “write” is an old English term, which means to build. Thus, playwrights are builders of words. They are writers who specialize in writing full-length plays (made up of acts and scenes) and are about different topics. Some of these types of writers write pen short plays, which usually run for an hour. A one-act play runs for less than an hour. These types of plays are usually shown during festivals and play contests. Present day playwrights are a combination of different styles besides making use of modern plots. They need to be in competition with audience share who like watching movies and television. Since the invention of computers, more people have accepted the new technology in the expense of plays. Thus, the popularity of plays has dwindled in the last few decades (Weber 99). Nevertheless, we have playwrights who continue to write dramas and plays for stage performances where some are adaptations from famous novels and movies.

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Professional Writers

Newspapers and news stations (radio and television) employ journalists, who are paid to write news for public consumption. Journalists can be categorized into particular fields of specialization, such as politics, business, foreign affairs, sports, entertainment, among others. It is their duty to look for facts and then write stories about them without including their personal opinions. Journalists make sure that their stories would interest readers or an audience without sacrificing their integrity as professional writers. This means that journalists make sure that they only write about facts or be at risk of being sued for libel or slander. Journalists are expected to write only the truth, but also must be good storytellers, when talking about factual issues. Their articles grab the interest of the audience and hold them until they have read the entire report. Most newspapers today have their Internet website counterparts, where journalists also write news reports. To become a journalist, one has to have finished a relevant degree like Journalism or Communications. Some journalists are freelancers who are paid by the articles they write while some are full time employees of newspapers or television stations.

Advertising Writers
Companies and businesses use advertising writers to help sell their products and services. These types of writers write materials to promote, advertise, and inform the public through commercials: print, radio, television, and Internet, mailers, flyers, and billboards. Successful advertising writers are creative, energetic, and have a sense of humour. Although a degree in advertising or communications would be helpful for those who aspire to work as advertising writers, relevant experience and interest are sometimes enough to survive in this kind of profession (Mills 51).  The advertising world is highly competitive, but there are many opportunities for writers who want to hone their skills and learn more about this career.

One competitive profession in arts is scriptwriting. Writers in this genre work for movie productions and television programs. Film companies and television networks employ scriptwriters to write for their regular programs, while some are in a freelance basis. Some scriptwriters use to write other forms before becoming one. Scriptwriting is a specialized field and it may take years for some writers to sell one script before their work is acknowledged. Some scriptwriters may be lucky and their works are made into films giving them a big financial and professional break. Some scriptwriters are tasked to write about a given story and they are paid according to their finished products.

These writers write words for songs. They usually work in collaboration with musicians who provide the melody. A lyric writing is actually a type of poetry with many sub-genres. Lyricists must not only be adept at putting words to music, but also be creative in matching the words into the existing melody. There are lyricists who also write the melody of the same musical piece. This profession pays off when the mixed output of melody and words are bought by the listening public.

Technical Writers
These professionals are paid to design and create manuals of operations, engineering and scientific documents. Examples of technical writers’ outputs are online help, user guides, white paper, and brochures of machines, systems manuals, and design specifications. Technical writers are expected to be very good with technical terms and jargons of the topic they are tasked to write about.

In conclusion, we should acknowledge the fact that we have different types of authors and they all engage in different kinds of wrings. These are fiction authors who write novels, poems and non-fiction authors who write about facts, that is, bibliography, autobiography, and information on facts. We also have professional authors who deal with technical writings, lyrics, scripts, advertisement writings, journalism, and non-professional authors who write poems and playwrights.

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