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How to Be a Better Friend

True friendship is a priceless gift, which should be valued, as not everyone is lucky enough to know what being a good friend means. If you understand that friendship requires certain efforts, you have a chance to find a true friend.

So, what is friendship?
Friendship is always about mutual understanding, support, and respect. If you have ever had a friend you lost for some reason, you know how painful it is to no longer have a person to rely on in difficult situations or simply have a coffee with and tell a joke. In particular, lost friendship is a problem for people who do not make friends easily. Thus, if you do not want to feel broken-hearted, you should look through the list of the best relationship advice.
  • Stay Yourself.┬áIf you tend to treat your friends carelessly, ignoring personal feelings, this will lead your friendship to a dead end. Best friends are not necessarily people with identical views. True friends share their thoughts, feelings, emotions and understand each other even if they disagree about something.
  • Learn to Forgive.┬áWe are all humans and we all make mistakes. Therefore, being a good friend means that you should forgive if your friend unintentionally hurts your feelings. Likewise, remember to apologize if you upset your friend.
  • Accept Help and Offer It.┬áReciprocity is the key: always be there to help your friend, and do not ignore his/her attempts to give you a hand.
  • Devote Time to Your Friends.┬áDo not say that you are too busy with your family, job or education, and you have no time to see your friends. There should not be excuses if you want to save your friendship.
  • Keep Your Lips Sealed.┬áRespect your friendÔÇÖs secrets and keep them. If you are asked not to tell anyone, please, do not.
  • Know When to Let Go.┬áSometimes we have friends only for some period. Those are good friends, you trust and share your secrets with, but then something changes. For example, you move, find a new job or enter a university and you lose that connection. Just let go and keep the memories of the wonderful time you had together.
Being a good friend means that you should make some efforts to save the friendship. However, these attempts must be mutual; otherwise, you need to think if such a friendship is worth being rescued.

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