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5 Most Memorable Sandusky, Ohio Attractions

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When people think about a perfect weekend getaway, a small Ohio city is probably the last place to come to their minds. Still, it is full of wonderful attractions that are well worth a visit. Many local museums have unique exhibits that might surprise unsuspecting tourists. Here is a list of five curious places to visit in Sandusky.

  1. The Merry-Go-Round Museum

The building with its charming Roman columns is practically begging you to go in. It has once been a post office and is still included in the NRHP. If you have kids and are in need of vacation ideas, this place is perfect. It has a massive operational carousel inside, so children can take a ride; different pieces explain the history and craft of the merry-go-round creation. There is even a booth that shows people working on new things how to add to the exhibit.

  1. The Maritime Museum of Sandusky 

Lake Erie is a true gem and the Maritime Museum of Sandusky tells its history perfectly. The museum is also very accessible to young children. They can interact with exhibits and learn about shipbuilding and the Underground Railroad at the same time. Adults on their weekend getaway might appreciate fully restored Lyman boats located in an adjacent building.

  1. Milan Historical Museum 

This attraction is not located in Sandusky itself, but rather a short drive away. It’s a museum complex, so it has several interesting interconnected exhibits instead of just one. Galleries range from a doll exhibit to a fully furnished Victorian era home. The Glass Museum is also famous as one of the best in the country.

  1. Sawmill Creek Resort 

Now, if you are not a history buff and want some relaxing vacation ideas instead, drive straight to the Sawmill Creek Resort. It has everything you might be interested in: stores, wine tasting, restaurants, and even a golf course. The resort is especially proud of its private beach on Lake Erie, from which you can see Cedar point and other points of interest on a clear day.

So pack up your things, get your friends or family together and pay a visit to the charming city of Sandusky. With its history and nature, delicious food, interesting attractions and lovely, hospitable people, you will not be disappointed.