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5 Secrets of Being a Great Summer Camp Counselor

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Being a summer camp counselor is a job full of responsibilities, hard work, and pure fun. It’s hard to give universal tips for camp counselors because some of them choose to do it as a career, while other people only come for a season or two. Mostly, the second category consists of college students choosing to spend their summer break in a worthwhile way. Here are some tips on how to prepare for this exciting job.

Write down addresses

When you are stuck so far from any civilization, skyping is hardly an option. This is why adding a notebook with your friends’ and kin’s addresses to the packing list is not a bad idea. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still internet access, but a group on Facebook or a few quick tweets are just too impersonal. Letter writing is not a forgotten art yet, so take this opportunity to practice it.

Call the camp beforehand

A summer camp counselor should be self-reliant, but when you are just packing your things, it is smart to call them and ask as many questions as you’d like. It is especially important to do if you have any dietary restrictions or take medications regularly. Stay safe and save others trouble.

Join a counselors’ Facebook group

If you are going to spend a whole summer break with a group of people, you’d better get to know each other. It’s also a great way to continue keeping in touch when the camp is over. If the everyday group postings are annoying, just turn off the notifications!

Rent and bills should be paid on time

When you are making a packing list, don’t forget to create an additional one with all the financial responsibilities you have. Missing a payment or two is not catastrophic, but returning home and finding out you’re evicted is hardly fun. Make arrangements beforehand and let yourself relax.

Pack your bags carefully

Packing is very hard because you can never predict what you might need. Camps usually give a list of necessary items, so use that. Additionally, try to imagine yourself in several camp situations and go from there. I promise that when you return from whatever camp you’ve chosen, spiritually and physically you will be a different, improved person. Enjoy your time working with kids and remember to apply the following year!