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Book Review: Your Roadmap for Success by John C. Maxwell

Book Review: Your Roadmap for Success by John C. Maxwell

1. What Are 7 Signs of a Great Attitude?

To understand what to have a great attitude means, one has to take example from the positive people. They say that the glass is half full instead of half empty. However, there is an opinion that “positive people share seven qualities” that are described below (Maxwell 47).

Belief in self. When people believe in themselves, they stay focused on self-improvement and to see themselves in the more objective light. Also, it helps them to reach their potential.

Ability to see opportunity everywhere. The understanding that opportunities are not based on position or luck is very important. They exist where one can find them; opportunities are waiting to be found.

Willingness to see the best in others. There is an opinion that people who are not positive do not see the good in others. Nevertheless, if a person is treated in a bad way, the offender would also expect negative thing from that individual.

Focus on solution, not the problem. Positive people focus their attitude and time on looking for the solution of the challenges.

Persistence. Someone, when does not succeed in something, is trying himself or herself in the different concern. For a positive person, though, it is very important to keep going even if he or she faces the problems or some disappointment.

Responsibility for their lives. Every successful person understands that he or she is responsible for his or her own live. Realizing that nothing good would happen until one takes the full responsibility and steps forward is one of the most important characteristics of the positive people.

Desire to give. Giving to others has one of the most positive impacts on people. They say “the more people give, the better their attitude” (Maxwell 49).

2. Create Your Own Purpose Statement.

Writing a personal purpose statement is not the onetime event. Besides, it may grow according to the changes in values, dreams and convictions. Thus, there is no problem when one does not get the perfect statement from the first time, one may develop it in some time and make it better. As for my personal purpose statement, it might be something like the following: I wish to finish my education with the excellence and gain the great achievements in my further work; I want to make something important for humanity and through it inspire others to learn with the diligence and to develop themselves continually.

3. What Are the 10 Principles that Help You Develop into a Person Dedicated to Personal Growth?

Among the principles that help to develop into a person dedicated to the personal growth there are the following:

  • choose a life of growth and development;
  • start growing today;
  • be teachable;
  • focus on self-development, not self-fulfillment;
  • never stay satisfied with current accomplishments;
  • be a continual learner;
  • concentrate on the narrowed number of major themes;
  • develop a plan for growth;
  • pay the price: success takes efforts;
  • find a way to apply what is learnt.
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4. What Does Dr. Maxwell Recommend to Achieve Excellence?

Among the Dr. Maxwell’s recommendations for achieving excellence, there are such:

  • pay attention to the details;
  • seek continual improvement;
  • practice self-discipline;
  • maintain high personal standards.

5. Explain the 3 Choices You Have When You Find Yourself at a Crossroad. What Are the 2 Keys to Being Able to Make Good Trade-offs?

Among the choices that individuals have when they find themselves at a crossroad, there are the following: gain something, lose something, or trade something. The two first ways are quite obvious. They are common to early periods of human’s life and the decisions were made may be compared with the adding and subtracting in mathematics. However later, after the life becomes more complicated, it is obvious that one cannot gain something without sharing. That is why the most part of unsuccessful people are just standing at the crossroad and waiting for the situation when they may receive things without giving anything back.

For being able to make good exchanges there are two major keys. They are willingness to make sacrifices (without sacrifice there is no success, usually people have greater rewards when they pay first) and old-fashioned persistence (persistence is omnipotent, it is even more important than education or talent).

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6. What Are the 10 Qualities Dr. Maxwell Looks for in a Potential Leader?

There are the ten qualities that Dr. Maxwell looks for in a potential leader. In other words, here are the characteristics of “people I want to take with me as I follow my road map for success…” (Maxwell 134).

Make things happen. The people that make things happen are the ones that can find opportunities and prospects where others believe that none exist.

See and seize opportunities. Someone sees an opportunity when it has passed by and only the best people can see them coming. Therefore, it is very important “to take with you on a journey” (Maxwell 135) individuals who do not sit and wait for the opportunities.

Influence others. To accomplish your dream you may need the teamwork and some leaders that will inspire others. Without them everyone will go their own way. The real leader can persuade others to go with him or her.

Add value. It is very important to have people that add the value to other individuals. They expand the vision of others as well as have their strengths encouraged.

Attract other leaders. It is important to understand that there are two kinds of leaders. The first inspires the followers, and the second inspires other leaders. Obviously, it is more useful to take leaders who can bring additional leaders and followers.

Equip others. To inspire a person to go with someone is only the first step. The most important thing is to equip others, to bring them the meaning of going to success.

Provide inspiring ideas. The best way to reach the potential is to have people around that are constantly generating the good ideas.

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Possess uncommonly positive attitudes. While a person is going to his or her success, it is vital to understand that everyone who goes with them has to possess good attitude.

Live up to their commitments. The success is inevitable only when the members of the team all share the same level of commitment.

Have loyalty. Loyalty is the last and very important quality of the people you are on the same journey. When one takes a leader with himself or herself, they have to be sure that the leader is loyal. The lack of someone’s loyalty may ruin the plans and relations with others.

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