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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is the most unpredictable and influential TV series to date. During its existence, it has gained numerous awards. These are two Golden Globe in the categories Best Actor on TV and Best Drama Series. In addition, the series has won three of the categories in the competition Saturn: Best Actor in a television series, television plays the best, the best guest-starring role in the television show. In addition, the show won the Emmy award in four categories. It is only the main awards but there are a lot more others. Since 2008 to 2014, each time, this TV series had nominees and winners in a variety of competitions and festivals. The TV series was recognized as the best by many viewers and authoritative critics. The series entered The Guinness Book of Records in 2014 as the “series rated” after it earned 99 out of 100 points on the MetaCritic portal. This paper describes how this successful show spoke out so profoundly to society because of the rising drug culture.

Certainly, the characters are the main advantage of this show. They are described in detail, everything is thought out, such as the love of Mary to purple color, for example. Characters are not demigods or fantastic beauties with long legs and perfect skin, and that makes them real, not glossy (Saviss). The most interesting thing is that in Breaking Bad, there is no positive character who could be an example for others. Even the most lovable characters have their own disadvantages, not to mention negative characters. However, even they sometimes come unexpectedly noble.

The protagonist of the series is the ordinary chemistry teacher, whose life is nothing but misery and destruction. His first problem is his son, a paraplegic; the second problem is pregnant wife, and finally, he has lung cancer. Walt White was ready to give up, resigned to the fact that after his death, the family would have great bills. However, his former student appeared to change his life forever. Upon learning that his former student cooks meth, Walt realizes that his last chance to save the family is the cooperation with an old acquaintance. A constant lie became the protagonist’s lifestyle (“Breaking Bad”).

Throughout the season, the audience follows the life of a loser who evolves into a calculating, brilliant, and ruthless criminal. The audience is shown the man who has incredibly intellectual ability; during his life, he could not realize himself for many reasons. Then, one day this dormant volcano erupted: a high probability of early death awakened his resoluteness to do now or never; otherwise, he would die without knowing what the real life is. Walter justified himself by high moral values: it is all for the sake of the family, it is all for the good. However, getting a taste of power, feeling him inspired the fear in the eyes of others and knowing what is respect, Walter becomes a completely different person (Mazart).

The first season consists of seven episodes and serves as a reference point for the whole story. The second season shows the first real problems that the main characters face as well as their first steps on the path of drug trafficking. The next season suddenly gets a gloomier atmosphere and makes the main characters feel like a drug-royalty. The fourth season shows how the main character changes right before the audience’s eyes and what he becomes. The last season is radically different from the previous ones. After rising to a higher level, it seems to ask the audience to forget about the drug trade, in which Walter White is engaged during all seasons and see what it has made him.

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In addition to the good human psychology, the show perfectly refutes the myth of ‘easy money’. The TV series without any tedious and artificial moralism shows that one should be ready to bear responsibility for such a life with such a variety of earnings. It shows that no one is immune from the effects. Even if the character is a business genius with boundless intuition and accurate up to 100 steps forward, one day somebody will kill him and no one can predict or do anything. The TV series gives an exact knowledge that if one lets the winds there will be no way back (Goodman).

Breaking Bad is the fascinating and instructive story that tells how it is difficult to become part of the drug trade but it is even more difficult to survive in the world of drug lords or escape from it. Very boldly and openly, the TV show demonstrates how criminals can turn their affairs associated with the world of drugs with impunity. Certainly, they must go to the various tricks and risks in order to promote and protect their businesses from the authorities and ruthless competition. Gus’ people had a great lab near by the authorities and cooked methamphetamine in simply unimaginable amounts, but the police could not catch them and stop their illegal activities.

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Indeed, the series has spoken profoundly regarding drugs. The problem of drug abuse is very relevant in modern society. Despite the fact that most of the today’s youth prefers a healthy lifestyle, the problem has been rampant in society since the 1980s. The series shows all the most disgusting sides of the drug culture in order to instill an aversion to this audience. Yet, TV the series does not describe a life of crime as a fairy tale. There are no happy criminals with a bunch of money and absolute freedom of action. These people risk their lives and freedom for money every day. Often, they are caught in situations where it seems to be better to quit everything and live a normal life, but it is not easy to do.
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As a conclusion, it may be said that the show was so popular for a good reason. It is very vital, realistic, and truthful. All the characters are so simple that they remind people that every day can be found on the street. There is no ideal among them, but each person has something good. At the same time, the series reveals very deep acute social problems and their causes.

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