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Dubai World Trade Center Proposal Paper

Dubai World Trade Center

Proposal on Dubai Trade Center Strategy and Risks in Events


The purpose of the research is to explore the potential gaps in managing risks and events at the Dubai World Trade Center as well as provide the corresponding strategies and recommendations that can enhance the security and safety of visitors. Additionally, it is essential to explore the previous strategies and philosophies that can pave the road for further improvements. Finally, the proposal aims to introduce an innovative system of interaction and communication on the spot during the event.


The given proposal focuses on several stages. First of all, it is essential to explore the major strategies and frameworks that were used at the Dubai World Trade Center, including risk management, event management, business capacity, customer target audience, and the mission of the company. Second, the proposal highlights the potential gaps and drawbacks in management. Third, the research focuses on the potential improvements and recommendations that would contribute to the quality of service management.


The Dubai World Trade Center specializes in hosting corporate events, meeting, conferences, exhibitions, and seminars. The organizers are also involved in planning and developing teambuilding activities, starting with catering and ending with customized activities of any taste. A range of extensive services requires a higher level of hospitality and management to be able to sustain the presented customer segment. The managers strive to connect products, ideas, and people from all over the world at international meetings, trade fairs, consumer shows, and prime-level conferences (The Dubai World Trade Center, 2018). Additionally, the facility provides a wide arrow of services, including hospitality services, such as delivery of cuisine during exhibitions and conferences, organizing weddings and customized events, organizing advertising and branding, as well as serving that is accompanied by all the subsequent event management techniques. Apart from the service, the company values each client’s privacy and is committed to ensuring their security. The privacy statement is introduced by the organization to make sure that all the confidentiality principles have been presented.

Problem Statement

The Dubai World Trade Center is considered to be a large-scale facility that requires additional safety. However, apart from customer management, more efforts should be introduced in risk management that relates specifically to security systems, logistics, and facility monitoring.

Risk management in events, particularly in such large-scale facilities, requires a systemic and multidimensional approach that embraces many undercurrents, effective human resource management, distribution of resources, and facility arrangement. Before proceeding with the specifics of event management in the Dubai World Trade Center, it is essential to explore the major risk factors that can occur during event planning. As it has been assumed, the hospitality services and products during event management are composed of many elements. The Dubai World Trade Center provides numerous products and services, such as technical support, cleaning, catering, security, data management, utilities, banners, graphics, premium furniture, onsite accommodation, meeting rooms, parking, rigging, as well as flower arrangement. All these are obligatory conditions for exceptional presentation and planning of exhibition, conference, and meeting. However, event management should put the main emphasis on people, and this issue should be considered by the managers of the Dubai World Trade Center.

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Proposed Program: Communication and Sustainability

Sustainability and communication are among the leading factors that ensures a proper management of risks during events. According to Jones (2017), “we can curate experiences and interactions that get people to feel talk, experience and understand all the various aspects of environmentally and socially responsible existence that we might want to champion.” Communication and interaction can also provide a strong platform for negotiating conflicts and diminishing the gap of risks and enhancing security of the people. All conferences, meetings, and exhibitions imply a great number of people, which requires special attention to the monitoring system. It is evident that the current consumers are more focused on the quality of hospitality services, leisure, as well as recreation options and festivals. In order to ensure the highest level of satisfaction, it is essential to apply communication and engagement techniques that could be tailored to a specific event. For instance, while organizing a conference, it is essential to divide the space to allow every individual to watch and hear a speaker. While considering a specific festival or catering event, it is necessary to zone the space into smoking, non-smoking, vegetarian food, and eco-food. Such events can also provoke misunderstandings and conflicts. Therefore, there should be individuals and assistants who could always take control of the groups of people to make sure that there are no risks for frictions.

The gap in people’s management is not presented in the current strategies of the Dubai World Trade Center, but its flexibility and effectiveness could be strengthened with the help of the new communication and sustainability programs. Specifically, the approach implies the engagement of the participants of the event into the communication process to be able to reflect on their values, beliefs, as well as experiences (Jones, 2017). Additionally, the event project team should also work on excluding any risks related to cultural diversity, racism, or other undercurrents that lead to conflicts and confrontations.

The development of products and services could be enhanced through the enhancement of capability in the hospitality sphere. The catering services in the Dubai World Trade Center are of the highest quality. The major advantage of event management consists in the strategy to gain positive experiences from the clientele. As an example, the largest property show called Cityscape Global has attracted over 25,000 visitors during three days (Hospitality by Dubai World Trade Center, 2018). The event was accompanied with the drink and food catering with a high-profile positioning. The Dubai World Trade Center managers relied on trolley service, meeting rooms, as well as stand catering and cafes, but this event could be improved through the sustainable communication. For instance, it was possible to provide the visitors with audio-digital devices for them to inform persons about the upcoming events. The wireless system of communication could be enhanced through private applications downloaded to the mobile phone to make sure that all the visitors managed to witness all the exhibitions, performances, as well as conferences.

The above situation can be reconsidered from the viewpoint of technological support and innovation. Specifically, although the quality of catering and event management is in accordance with the highest standards, the Dubai World Trade Center should still improve some aspects of work. In the light of technological progress and innovation, the use of mobile networking and online communication during events could become an effective invention, which might enhance the level of event management, although the strategies accepted in the Dubai World Trade Center are on an appropriate level.

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Qualifications and Experience

The re-arrangement of the system of managing the clientele during the events requires additional training of the personnel as well as relevant experience and qualification. First of all, the Dubai World Trade Center should engage the technical engineers and IT specialists who can arrange and assist in establishing the wireless network that could be accessible to the visitors. Second, it is essential to inform the rest of the personnel of a need to handle these applications to monitor each of the visitors who have just registered for the event. In such a way, it would be possible to control the number of the attendants as well as identify the persons who do not have the permission and tickets to attend a conference or meeting. The integration of security experts in lighting, staging, special effects, audio hire, as well as labor suppliers is indispensable. All of the chosen members of the team should also go through communication training to make sure that they are aware of all cultural and political aspects of interaction at conferences and meetings of international importance.

Task Schedule

The proposed intervention should be split into several tasks. First of all, it is essential to reconsider the personnel and include some new positions, such as IT and data management, as well as video monitoring of the event. Apart from that, there should be an IT expert assistant to be present during the events and help the visitors with technical problems of registering on the spot. The second phase implies the communication training program that can improve the quality of the interaction between the personnel and visitors. Finally, the introduction of the new controlling systems to enhance the security of the management must be mastered by the project team and the event manager to effectively process data on the registered participants during the events.

As can be seen, the Dubai World Trade Center has employed state-of-the-art strategies and ideology while organizing events of different types and functions, but there is still much space for improvement. Apart from the proper management of resources, facility management, and catering services, the emphasis should also be placed on people, communication techniques, as well as technical training of the personnel. In other words, constant changes and advances in technology and innovation build a firm ground for greater quality of services and interaction with visitors.