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Inception Film Review Sample

Film Review Inception

There are few movies that hold one’s breathe and do not let it until the final sound. ‘Inception’ is among those. From the first seconds it catches your attention with the iron grip of the lion. It draws attention totally and you could not concentrate on any other thing of the world except for the movie you are watching.

Perhaps, it is due to the contemporary character of the movie. Or due to the sci-fi genre according to the rules of which the movie has been created. It dwells upon the tiny matters such as conscience, dreams and ideas. Similarly as experienced Cobb trusts young architect we have to rely upon the intentions of Nolan. Personally, much of the time I was completely disoriented and lost among the shifts of the plot. It takes few sentences to describe main story. However, the watching of this movie is about experiencing of the fights on the edge of the reality and dreams. During few seconds the viewer is provided with the possibility to decide for themselves where they would leave if they have choice – in the reality or in the internal world of the dreams where everything is created according the least wish of its creator. Indeed, it is an attractive opportunity which could not be simply waived.

In fact, ‘Inception’ logically continues to develop the themes depicted in the Nolan previous film ‘Memento’ which could well serve as the warm-up for ‘Inception’. ‘Memento’ tells the story about the man with short memory.  It is rather similar to ‘Inception’ since in both films there is a drift in experience and time. One could never guess where there is real time and when he drives in the dream. Cobb says that no one ever remembers the moment when the dream started. You are always right inside of it. The dreams may last hours and take only few minutes of reality. However, when we dream everything seems to be realistic.

The plot of the film is rather original, complex and coherent at the same time. The whole story is about Cobb who is actually a corporate raider whose function is to steal ideas from someone’s minds as people dream. However, one of the influential billionaire hires him to do just opposite thing namely to introduce the idea into the mind of his business competitor. It has not been carried out before since mind works in the way similar to the immune system. If certain alien thing occurs in the system then it is forced out by leukocytes. If the alien idea is in the mind then it is forced out as well. Cobb accepts the offer that comes from the rich man called Saito since as reward he would get the chance to return home to his beloved children and parents whom he has not seen for years.

Later on Cobb gathers a team which is needed for the carrying out of the operation. It consists of Arthur, Yusuf, chemist, Eames, deception master, and Ariadne a new architect who is supposed to create another reality. Cobb needs Ariadne since he could not create dream spaces himself due to the events happening in the past and having consequences now. Later on the story reveals that the imagination of Cobb consists of himself and his diseased wife who often intervenes in his operations within dreams and tries to cause harm or stop the process of retrieving the ideas from one’s mind.

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Cobb helps Ariadne to learn all the aspects of infiltration to the dreams, control of the dreams and the navigation through it. Nolan uses this hero to teach his viewers as well. At this stage we could experience the special effects of the movie which are best seen in the scene in Paris where the roofs of the buildings connect to each other and where the streets cross in vertical and horizontal planes.

The person whose mind must adopt the idea is Fisher. Since his mind has been trained to fight the attacks of invaders the infiltrations to Fishers dreams are accompanied with the gun fights with the projections of Fisher’s mind.

To some extent ‘Inception’ just like ‘Memento’ always focus viewer’s attention on the events that seem to happen now. The only thing which remains unclear is what we should regard as now and where now is. The scenes involve a lot of live matters like birth, death, heart as well as projections and multi-national organizations.

Nowadays movies market is full of the franchises, sequels, remakes etc. From this point of view, ‘Inception’ is quite different. The idea and the plot are completely original. In accompaniment with basics of actions and effective fighting scenes the whole movie seems to have more sense than other alike films.  Of course, there was a number of similar dedicated to the almost the same issues, for example ‘Dreamscape’ (dwells upon the man who is able to carry out manipulations with human dreams), and ‘The Matrix’ (the movie reflecting various fights between humanity and machines on the different levels of reality and unreality that have been already created by intelligent mind).

Perhaps, the movie does not let its viewer to forget about it because of the different realities, levels and finally dreams inside dreams. During the whole time of watching the movie viewers’ mind remains restless which in fact causes a little flow of stress and adrenaline into the blood making you a part of the scene begging to finish the dream and come back to reality or otherwise to stay there forever.

The actors who played the main roles are of the first class which always guarantees the success of the movie. For the second time Nolan chooses Di Caprio to question the issues of reality. The previous movie, ‘Shutter Island’ is a performance with extremely intensive and rapidly developing chaotic reality surrounding the mind of the main hero.

Nolan’s endeavors to free the movie of the CG effects and stunts in-camera or to minimize their use as much as possible also benefits to the creation of the comprehensive reality which seems more plausible for the viewers’ eyes.

The sound of the movie is original as well. It is among those things which lighten the diving and shifts through the realities. It was specifically designed by Hans Zimmer. Sounds seem to more or less electronic and filled with the mix of feelings among which are nostalgia, sadness, desperateness, matching the correspondent feelings and state of mind of the main hero – Cobb. From time to time the viewers hear the notes of the Édith Piaf‘s ‘Non, je ne regrette rien’ which means ‘I do not regret anything’. It is often used as a mark to distinguish the reality and dreams. At the same it seems to be an obtrusive idea living in Cobb’s mind and repeating all the time.

The ending of the movie is ambiguous and does not give the prompt answer what has happened to the main hero. We see him returning home to his children. He is completely relief and happy. However, behind the idyllic scene we can observe spinning top that does not stop and continues its spinning. Considering this, it could be interpreted in few ways. On the one hand, Cobb still remains in his dreams. However, dreams are indeed his and it is his reality. On the other hand, he finally does not care about the spinning of the spinning top. He had released his mind of the idea of guilty and constant grief. He does regret about anything that has occurred in his life and simply enjoys the time spent with his children and close relatives. After all, he deserves it.

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