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Givenchy Descriptive Essay

Givenchy Descriptive Essay


Givenchy is a French fashion brand that produces cosmetics, perfumes, accessories, and clothing. It means that all products of this brand can create a stylish and attractive look that is characteristic of French people and their culture. It is evident that Givenchy is not only a brand designed for making money, but also a way of the reflection of French values and cultural identity. This iconic brand manages to combine elegant haute couture, stylish designs, and the French image as an example of being the most fashionable in the world. Consequently, this research paper intends to prove that Givenchy is the unity of the iconic fashion brand and the French culture and civilization.

Givenchy as an Iconic Fashion Brand

Givenchy is a French fashion brand founded by designer Hubert de Givenchy in 1952. It means that it is already recognized and luxurious due to its expensiveness and orientation to haute couture. John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Julien McDonald, and Ozwald Boateng are followers of Hubert de Givenchy. Fashionable and successful department stores of Givenchy include Saks Fifth Avenue and Barneys New York in cities like Houston, Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Chestnut Hill, Boston, and San Francisco (Major, n.d.).

Modern and ladylike styles of Hubert de Givenchy attracted his clients. Moreover, raw materials used for the production of his items made them exclusive and unique. Consequently, the success of de Givenchy was immediate, and such models as Dorian Leigh, Ivy Nicholson, and Suzy Parker did not only reinforce it, but also became his muses (FMD, 2015). One can name Givenchy an iconic brand because its collections were chic and casual. The peculiarity of Hubert de Givenchy was that he was the first designer who had created a luxury ready-to-wear clothing line. In the fifties, Hubert de Givenchy had a creative union with Cristobal Balenciaga that led to the emergence of new and respective collections (Major, n.d.).

In the seventies, luxury fashion houses were rapidly expanding (Major, n.d.). One should say that as a fashion brand, Givenchy reflected the freedom of those times, introduced short dresses, and launched a fashion line for men. Hubert de Givenchy continued to develop fashion industry developing licenses for haute couture collections and designing embroidered coats. Moreover, he diversified activities of the House of Givenchy creating kimonos, upholstery, tableware, ties, jewels, and shoes. Having a gift for interior design and decoration, Hubert de Givenchy designed a car (Lincoln Continental Mark V) and the interior of Hilton Hotels worldwide. It means that this fashion designer is iconic and exemplary as his creativity and innovative ideas of decorations have been endless (FMD, 2015).

In the eighties and nineties, Givenchy as a fashion brand continued to be popular. One can say that it was a sparkling period of Givenchy since elegance was always fashionable (Roff, 2011). The peculiarity of the Givenchy brand was that it promoted diversity emphasizing its attention not only to a typical model that looked inaccessible, but also to everyday women. Mixing and matching garments became a revolutionary technique of that time differentiating the company from other fashion brands. Another notable achievement of Givenchy was the creation of the princess silhouette that made every woman particular. Hubert de Givenchy preferred simplicity (Roff, 2011). Consequently, his design was classical and elegant to remain stylish for years.

Not without reason, Givenchy is an expensive luxury brand because it is characterized by high quality, innovation, precision, elegance, creativity, and exclusivity. Moreover, this fashion brand is iconic because it is popular with many celebrities and brings its owner prestige, high status, and the sense of esteem. In modern times, Givenchy includes world-renowned collections of woman and man fashion. Since 1952, Givenchy has reinterpreted the codes of femininity, sophistication, and elegance (Roff, 2011). Consequently, it has the timeless world of fashion expressing the French identity that underlines aristocratic elegance and casual chic. One should say that Hubert de Givenchy has brought about changes in international fashion.

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The purpose of Givenchy fashion brand was to enhance feminine beauty cultivating boldness and elegance. Creativity and talent of the designer were seen in a color palette. He oriented towards beige, nude, black, and white enhanced with touches of bright prints and colors. Moreover, his silhouettes were structured and graphic. Givenchy’s romantic and sensual designs made his items unique and elite. The peculiarity of Hubert de Givenchy is that he was an ambitious visionary that managed to found his House when he was twenty-four years old (FMD, 2015). One can also name Hubert de Givenchy a predictor as his past collections were so casually chic and luxuriously democratic that they could be stylish presently.

Hubert de Givenchy is an iconic personality because he has founded the key elements of success in the fashion industry. New classicism, certain sensuality, and dark romanticism were his leading approaches that brought him renewed success. However, it is evident that Hubert de Givenchy has become a grand name because he is an artist. He did not look for richness and popularity, but creative ideas and innovative designs. New classicism, certain sensuality, and dark romanticism were in high demand because they conveyed value, sensitivity, and respect (Mohrt, 1998). Moreover, a strong bond of Hubert de Givenchy with numerous celebrities and artists inspired him to create innovate designs. It means that the designer’s universe was built under the influence of iconic and legendary personalities.

Connection between Givenchy and the French Culture and Civilization

The French culture is always associated with fashion, elegance, and charming femininity. Not without reason, Givenchy is not only an iconic brand, but also part of the French culture. France is supposed to be an arbiter of taste and style not only in Europe, but also over the world. One can refer Givenchy to the cultural life as its creator has developed the notion of ‘high fashion’, has broken the established fashion norms, and expanded French fashion. Givenchy deserves to be referred to the French culture since its elegance, creativity, charm, and iconic image are not only revealed with the help of clothes, shoes, and accessories, but design and interior (“The 18th Century back in Fashion,” 2011). Women of different countries want to look like French women. However, they cannot be such elegant, gracious, and naturalistic. Consequently, the French culture is sophisticated, elevated, and unrepeated as its fashion (Jones, 2009).

As to Hubert de Givenchy, he did not orient towards other cultures and borrow international traditions. On the contrary, he put the French culture and perception of beauty as a basement for his creative ideas. As a result, to be French means to be very elegant, stylish, and naturalistic. Givenchy has become part of the French culture because it incites not to be afraid of being sexy and beautiful. Accessories and clothes designed by Hubert de Givenchy are very simple (Mohrt, 1998). Consequently, they do not hide beauty, but on the contrary, underline it in a proper manner.

Another reason for regarding Givenchy as part of the French culture is that it teaches to wear what suits. Hubert de Givenchy did not insist on bright and eccentric colors. He believed that the quality texture, shades of colors and elegant design could work magic making a person unique and extraordinaire. Not without reason, Givenchy designed a variety of items that underlined the personality and cultural belonging of people. One should not be an expert in beauty and style to distinguish a French woman from an American or British one. Hubert de Givenchy has stated that French fashion is not screaming but silent. Consequently, he designed clothes, shoes, accessories, and perfumes to decorate silence (Major, n.d.).

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Hubert de Givenchy and his brand can be regarded as part of culture as they are not on the surface. All items were designed heart and soul. It means that every person has his/her uniqueness, and only proper accessories can help to reveal it. Moreover, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum will present works by Hubert de Givenchy. It means that he has been a legendary personality and a driving force of haute couture. Not only his prominent works but also his exceptional life should be presented in world museums. Another cultural contribution of Hubert de Givenchy was made to well-known films. For example, in Sabrina and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the characters remembered Givenchy’s clothes and perfumes as the most wonderful creations.

Hubert de Givenchy is a connoisseur of art since he has collected artworks and paintings. Consequently, they left their mark on his perception of fashion and design. The impact of painting is evident in his combinations of the innovative spirit of avant-garde art and the classic elegance of haute couture. Every clothes model was like an artwork. For example, one can say this about the Bettina blouse that was a result of his exceptionally innovative imagination. Another thing that makes Hubert de Givenchy a remarkable person is freedom in his activity. Delicate dresses from silk and lame, leather garments, and short dresses proved endless artistic possibilities of the designer.

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Givenchy reflects the French culture and civilization because it promotes diversity (in materials and design). His masterful use of black and white, elegance and simplicity expressed with the help of any material reinforce the thought that Hubert de Givenchy is the most ground-breaking and innovative designer. One can name Hubert de Givenchy a cultural phenomenon not because of his bright career, but because of his exciting life that demonstrates such his qualities as persistence, proper usage of talent, self-improvement, and self-development. As a result, Givenchy’s items can be analyzed according to canons of fashion and art that are based on innovation, creativity, and orientation to art movements.

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One should say that Givenchy is the unity of the iconic fashion brand and the French culture and civilization. It combines classicism and modernism and expresses elegance, creativity, and the uniqueness of personality. The Givenchy brand is chic and casual. It means that it can exist in any epoch and be suitable for any person, who prefers to be simple in clothes and accessories, but sophisticated in manners and behaviors. Givenchy is iconic because it promotes innovative and creative ideas even in modern times. Dark romanticism, sensuality, and new classicism are features that distinguish Givenchy from other fashion brands. Givenchy is the reflection of the French culture and civilization because it was created under the influence of painting, design, and innovations. The brand is the expression of new processes in the French fashion industry. Moreover, it underlines perfect taste, sophisticated look, and elegant femininity of French women. Givenchy promotes the naturalistic vision and perception. Consequently, one can regard its items as artworks and present them in museums as the best samples of the fashion industry.