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Legalizing Marijuana Sample Essay

Legalizing Marijuana

Although many people believe that marijuana should not be against the law because of its healing effects, the opponents of this idea assure that this drug may result in destructive consequences on human health. The given paper aims to prove that, despite numerous controversies and debates, marijuana legalization is a bad idea because of numerous convincing reasons. Moreover, much attention will be paid to the economic impacts of marijuana legalization.

Regardless of the fact that legalization of marijuana is the key topic of public discourse on the territory of the USA, many professionals in the sphere of health care assure that this drug has detrimental impacts on human health. Charles Stimson (2012), the author of the article Marijuana Should Not Be Legalized, claims that marijuana is recognized as extremely dangerous substance that should be banned on the official level under the state law (Stimson, 2012). Despite the attempts of pro-marijuana activists in California to vote for legalization of marijuana, marijuana is dangerous and addictive substance that threatens human health and well-being (Stimson, 2012). The author of the article emphasizes that regular consumption of this substance leads to very negative impacts on human health (Stimson, 2012). For instance, numerous research studies provide convincing evidence that continuous consumption of this dangerous substance negatively influences effective functioning of T-cells (Stimson, 2012). In other words, it deprives the lung’s immune system of the opportunity to cope with dangerous infectious diseases (Stimson, 2012). In addition, according to the estimations of Stimson, marijuana consumption negatively impacts short-term memory, intellectual abilities of humans, abilities to cope with complex tasks and activities (Stimson, 2012). Numerous released studies provide convincing evidence that marijuana drastically increases the risks of severe heart attacks, and increases the chances to be diagnosed with artificial euphoria as well as paranoia. Finally, the author estimates that this substance has numerous toxic elements that damage brain and respiratory system (Stimson, 2012).

Taking into account the results of statistics provided by the British Lung Foundation, smoking of approximately two or three marijuana joints is almost as damaging for a human organism as smoking approximately 20 tobacco cigarettes (Stimson, 2012). At the same time, marijuana is less safe and more addictive than smoking and alcohol. Although marijuana advocates claim that marijuana is a “soft’ drug that is not as dangerous as cocaine and heroin, it is proven that positive impacts of marijuana outweigh its disadvantages (Stimson, 2012). In fact, in comparison with alcoholic drinks, marijuana is extremely dangerous because moderate consumption of alcohol positively impacts the human health, do not cause addition, and, finally, reduce the risks of heart diseases, attacks, and, finally, diabetes (Stimson, 2012).

In addition, many researchers assure that legalization of marijuana will boost the development and prosperity of grey and black markets (Stimson, 2012). At present, illegal trafficking of marijuana is directly associated with numerous crimes, especially assaults and murders. Scientists predict that marijuana legalization on state level will considerably increase the demand for this dangerous substance and, consequently, increase the amounts of various drug-related criminal acts (Stimson, 2012). For example, statistical data proves that above sixty percent of arrestees in the USA, England, and, finally, Australia were marijuana-addicted individuals (Stimson, 2012). Therefore, the National Research Council provides data that long-term consumption of marijuana negatively influences nervous system and serious brain damages (Stimson, 2012).

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Mike Miliard who investigates the arguments in favor of abolition of marijuana claims that current marijuana law enforcement movements ambiguously influence the economy of the country (Millard, 2011). The author claims that prohibition of marijuana can benefit the U.S. governments on local, state, and, finally, federal levels (Millard, 2011). In general, experts assume that in case the U.S government does not promote the enforcement of marijuana laws, approximately $7 billion can be easily collected in revenue (Millard, 2011). In addition, Miliard is the proponent of the idea that marijuana fosters violence and aggression among consumers of this substance (Millard, 2011). Thus, the author concludes that reforms in favor of marijuana legalization make little sense because legalization of this dangerous substance will increase the amounts of consumers, threaten the economy of the country, and enliven criminal life in the USA (Millard, 2011).

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Proponents of legalizing marijuana claim that this drug offers numerous benefits to its consumers. Consumers of marijuana assure that government does not have the right to dictate people what they should do. In addition, it is believed that marijuana may be extensively used for numerous recreational and medical purposes (Millard, 2011). Because prohibition of this substance on official level does not stop people from purchasing and consuming marijuana, it is assumed that legalization of marijuana will decrease the popularity of black markets and crimes. Furthermore, proponents of marijuana legalization assure that collection of various taxes and fees directly associated with legalization of marijuana will benefit the economy of the country (Millard, 2011).

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Thus, having analyzed the advantages and drawbacks of marijuana legalization, it is possible to conclude that disadvantages of marijuana legalization outweigh its positive benefits. It is proven that marijuana results in negative consequences on human health and promotes addiction. Extremely easy availability of marijuana will increase the amounts of new users instead of recruiting current marijuana consumers. Finally, because these “soft” drugs, compared to alcoholic drinks, are addictive, they rob marijuana consumers of their free will as they eliminate the opportunity of addicted people to think and make decisions logically.