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MADCO is a dancers’ group in the United States. The name stands for the Modern American Dance Company. It is a well-established dance group that accommodate both boys and has a crew of 12 professional dancers that are well educated and with highest skills in the field of performing arts. It is a group of people with great competence on what they do and with extreme passion on how they perform. The group has won so many awards on their great performances. They hold their rehearsals and their activities at the Touhill Arts Centre. The discussion below is a reflection of the dancer group aimed developing a reflection paper of the dance group.

Dance crew overview

Apparently, the music group is also supportive to the society as it promotes an internship program for music students in America. More so, it has a versified approach to its activities as it demonstrates a high level of respect for people from different cultures uniting them as professional dancers (Pink, 2011).

Through the internship program, absorbing students from different dancing and music institutions, these students gain opportunities of advancing learning and since it acts as a laboratory to these students. Often, most of dancer crews are graduates from other universities and have are normally acknowledged with a degree in dance. More so, analysis of its crew reveal a large number of well-resourced personnel who have the passion on the work they do.

The dance group is dynamic in nature. Henceforth, with the great ideas from its members, the company gains the ability of exploring and as well expressing them during their practices. Implementation of these ideas in the dance group is dependent on experts who aid in combining and organizing them aiming at providing artistic opportunities to the dance crewmembers. It is through the artistic approach that the dance group markets itself.

Group management

The company’s management comprise of a board of directors and managing staff. Unlike other dancer groups, MADCO displays a high level of public engagement in its management as it allows volunteer people to the managing staff. The volunteer staff work in hand with the other staff members and play crucial roles of giving tickets at the entrance, guiding the audience to their seats during an event. In other words, they ushers during certain events (District Commissioners’ Conference, 2001).

On the other hand, as a quest of public engagement to the company’s operations, the volunteer staff members are as well granted opportunities of volunteering in any position depending on the performance or activity held (Pink, 2011). In total, the company allows 120 volunteer staff members who play the roles of maintaining maximum organization of the activities and as well performances. Together with other staff members, they receive special guests. As an allowance to the volunteer staff members, the company allows them to participate passively during the performance at no costs.

MADCO’s aims and objective

Similar to other companies in the global economy, the company’s activities rely on the set missions and goals. The sole mission of the dance company is to help in creating opportunities for the community in the quest of mobilizing people to embrace their culture. In addition, it propagates at encouraging university students and institution management to integrate these cultural performing arts in their school curriculum. With their quest, the company helps people in appreciating their arts.

Volunteer and staff benefits

In addition to the passive engagement during live performances, the company as well gives its staff members a 10 percent discount when they purchase the company’s books in the campus bookstore. More so, while on attendance to a performance, staff members enjoy facilities such as swimming pools, workout facilities and as well running track (The Paisano, 1994).

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Company aliases and sponsors

Income capital is an essential utility to an organization. Despite the specialty of the company in offering entertainment activities to the community, it as well requires sponsors to support its performances and maintain its crew.  The main sponsor appreciated by the company is Emerson. The sponsor company promotes smooth running of the dance group. It is through the sponsors’ expectations that fuels innovative ideas from the crewmembers. Sponsors also promote crew’s hard work. Together with the management, the sponsors monitor the progress of the company (District Commissioners’ Conference, 2001).

MADCO’s achievements

MADCO’s performers acts as a greatest inspiration to many students. The company’s partnership with schools enhances the student’s exposure to the dance group. Additionally, the MADCO’s books, which are inspirational art-related matters, motivate students in their quests for school hard work. On another perspective, the group has helped in capturing great talents and helped to develop talents of many students.

A great feature of these books are group activities, questions and as well study guides. Together with the teachers, they in nurturing talents and careers interests of students. Over the last decade, the company has been sponsoring students and performing at schools thereby motivating students.

On the other hand, through the company’s program in disability school, it is promoting advanced motivation to versified students. Thus enhancing the students’ self-esteem, and keeping their body fit thus encouraging positive relations with other society members.

In their performances in schools, the dance group teach students the fundamentals of dance, how they can explore to the rhythm of the dances. Concurrently, students gain advanced knowledge on the impacts of rhythm and creative movements with an aim of ensuring a maximum coordination during dance.

In addition to school tours and motivational performances conducted, the group on the other hand, visits different parts of the world. Their performance in big festivals, concerts and events has promoted creative dances in many parts. Particularly, the most outstanding event when they were named the best group.

The performances continue when the dance group enters the theatre until the audience take the seat and gearing the start of the performance. As the performance ends, the dance group invites the audience to the stage for more dances. With such an attitude, many people thus consider these performances as more of entertainment rather than event performances.

The MADCO Company occasionally offer some discount to the loyal fans on selected performances. They give discounts on the tickets. This helps in rising their performances’ attendants. Lastly, the discounted tickets are vitally essential to the public and students with versified talents as they grant them opportunities of showing their talents (The Paisano, 1994).

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They hold annual event in different places of the country. These helps the company meet with their royal fans from different regions. Through these events, the dance group gains opportunities of leaving a positive impact to their audiences and hence a positive rapport with the audiences.

These tours have had great positive impacts by influencing and popularizing the company’s mission and talents. With an aim of meeting their disabled fans, MADCO, they regularly organize visits to their homeland where they entertain them effectively (The Paisano, 1994).

The tours also helps them to get sponsors to continue supporting their company and give them sustainability as they try to reach the hearts of many. They have encouraged people to appreciate and embrace the act of performing arts and have given hopes to those that they thought that their dream of performing was invalid.

MADCO’s Plans

The group is aiming to ensure that the schools appreciate and integrate the performing arts to the school curriculum. The teachers also to be able to nurture the talents of the students and help them to become professionals. They are working closely with the schools and the department of music and dance in a quest of ensuring that the students get a good internship in MADCO. More so, the performers help the students to learn more when they come to the place.

In future, the company anticipates an active engagement in learning. That is, as the teachers, teach the students the theory part of the performing arts. MADCO will be engaging them in the practical part of them. These will encourage the students who are very passionate in the dancing and music to realize the talents young and work towards perfecting them.

In addition, the program for the people with disabilities has been put in place so that they will not feel sidelined. They will also be involved in the dance and the music. They are to be established their competitions to help them develop their they say disability is not inability, there those that are very talented in music and cannot walk, these is talent that needs to be taken care of.

Overall, it aims to unite the people from all of the country, preach peace to them and eliminate the cold war conflict in the country. It is a well-committed group with a dream to reach to greater heights and fulfil the demands of the sponsors.

In conclusion, it is vividly clear that MADCO has a great influence in artistic dance and society motivation. Through their programs, the company is gaining grounds of expanding its audience and as well its sponsors.

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