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National Football League Essay Sample

National Football League

The National Football League represents one of the primary specialized sports associations in the United States and has intensely ingrained itself into American civilization making it the most popular. The National Football League is also known as the most financially prosperous sports association in the entire world. According to Burke’s report, this year’s income of the National Football League will be augmented to more than nine billion US dollars (Lawrence & Weber, 2014). This paper seeks to describe and analyze the activity of the National Football League.

Specialized sporting leagues are an interesting sector of the commercial world since there is a distinctive amalgamation of high customer allegiance and low thresholds for anxiety. The teams then fall into four separate sub-conferences and the National Football Conference is divided into Northern Conference, Southern Conference, Eastern Conference, and Western Conference. The league presently comprises of thirty-two teams covering twenty three states.  Every single team can have a total of fifty three players forming their offense, defense and superior team players making it necessary to have rich owners.

The two fundamental aspects in the organization’s external environment that can influence its achievement include the player’s way of life and the supporters. The supporters are the ones who sustain this way of life. In case one strolls down in a particular street within the United States of America, somebody having some particular kind of National Football Team jersey will be realized. The game develops yearly as pitches are being constructed to accommodate approximately from seventy five to eighty thousand supporters. The larger the number of supporters, the more the National Football League will develop not because of the infrequent fans but due to the die-hard devotees. Merchandising has been a multibillion dollar business for the National Football League with communal incomes of the players and clubs. As stated by McKelvey and Spalding, latest headlines imitate the scale of the business venture that is producing over eight billion US dollars yearly because of the marketing of the National Football League brand and the power of its intellectual property privileges (Lawrence & Weber, 2014).

As introduced in the previous items, the three salient shareholders of the company include the commissioner, the players of the game, and the enthusiasts. Firstly, the commissioner docket of the National Football League has undergone eight transitions since its inauguration; this has correspondingly made up eight commissioners so far. Currently, Roger Stokoe Goodell is the Commissioner of the National Football League, suggested to succeed the superannuated Paul Tagliabue in 2007. This echelon is a very powerful one as the commissioner becomes the judge and the jury in terms of punishing everybody within the confederation, including the proprietors. Goodell fashioned a new National Football League’s Personal Conduct Policy that clasps everybody linked to the association to a very high standard on and off the stadium (Jozsa, 2014).

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Secondly, salient shareholders are the players of the game themselves since for one to be admitted to the National Football League, they must be elite sportsmen. Performers are appropriately met for the expenses of their entertainment and capabilities, and are becoming bigger, and more robust. All this is pronounced for the league, but it is also generating a lot more long-standing negative impacts on their health. The team players represent the league’s reasons for the triumph and achievement and ordinary players are part of ordinary leagues that are not as prosperous. In case the leading players opt to embargo the term, it happens as a consequence of contractual disagreements. As a result, the association is not very prosperous, and the supporters just realize something else for their showbiz.

Thirdly, the team supporters form the most crucial part of stakeholders. According to Quinn, a greater number of American citizens recognize themselves as National Football League devotees than in the other cases (Quinn, 2012). Supporters are the ones that offer approximately from eighty five to over one thousand US dollars to buy a pass ticket to a football match. The fame of the league has put the devotees at table, and the proprietors pay attention to what the devotees have requested for. In particular, stadiums are furnished with fan zones, WI-Fi, and real-time football prices on the basis of results.

The five means through which prominent shareholders can sway the organization’s financial productivity can be succinctly deduced from the above-mentioned reasons that make this league so prosperous. Firstly, in case players cannot work better, then the charter including the  National Football League is agonized. The incomes that are accrued from supporters, television indentures, and other support groups would all deteriorate in case players did not work at the maximum level.

Secondly, the team supporters have a greater influence on the national Football League, and in case they choose to not to attend the matches, the regression by the charters would be astrophysical. In case the supporters opted not to buy a jersey and back up the players, the National Football League would suffer significantly as a commercial sector. According to Leeds and Von Allmen, on every occasion team proprietors curtail the significance of proceeds they possibly will be informing the supporters what they desire to listen to since they are the source of income (Jozsa, 2014).

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Thirdly, shareholders can hold back pay and not pay for routine. In return, this would start out the entire chain of legal happenings, but there is a probability that could avert the achievement of the National Football League. Certain firms have not been run successfully throughout the year so as to ascertain a higher draft pick in the imminent draft. Performing this does affect the financial side during the year, and it affronts the supporters’ base enormously.

As a fourth point, the commissioner could opt to suspend players, shareholders, and coaches or fashion rules that put particular teams over the others. Through doing this, the commissioner could radically manipulate the background of the National Football League to support certain charters. Additionally, the stakeholders can influence a firm’s economic performance through the National Football League’s emblem. Because the National Football League is a non- profit firm, they could considerably manipulate the books to favor certain proprietors. Every latest year marks the time to share the proceeds between the organizations, but if they change the outcome, some of the more dominant teams may not receive their fair share.

One contentious business social obligation alarms that the National Football League undergoes the nurturing of the previous players who have formed the foundation of the league’s current achievements. The issue just around the corner is that previous players have a feeling that they do not get the appropriate medical, monetary, and emotive backing they need the moment they stop playing in the club. The National Football League formed the National Football Leagues Total Wellness Program so as to offer support to the present day and former relations of the National Football League dealing with economic, emotional and physical illnesses (Hadley, Poitras, Ruggiero, & Knowles, 2000).

As the leader of the most powerful shareholder assembly, I can form an alliance to help outline a plan to inspire the National Football League to implement improved medical observation of the players. The worst injury that makes players undergo severe health complications is chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Associates of the Alliance are part of the National Football League, major guarantors, and the topmost medical organizations in the entire world.

Secondly, some of the key details regarding the alliance’s confronting this matter include the upsetting frequency at which players have taken their own lives on sport’s injuries sustained. Additionally, this allows the alliance to have tangible data on the kinds of damage players are exposed to throughout the period. It also involves the capability to treat them all through the off season too. Several players deem it necessary if they tell the team doctors that they have some kind of head injury their occupations will be finished. With granted access to these players, the alliance will have data to be able to ascertain any inclined mental or physical ailments.

According to Lawrence and Weber (2014), archiving informational data from these players, optimistic capital from benefactors, and therapeutic experts allow the alliance to trail the concerns of management procedure appropriately. However, the alliance has acknowledged the matter of severe brain damage, and storing the information also allows the alliance to examine the issue deeply so as to create the alternatives presentable to the National Football League. As a consequence, this allows the alliance to take further actions different from those alternatives and finally ensure that the former players offer appropriate assessment of the outcomes of those examinations to the coalition.

The act of ensuing the management procedure  permits the alliance to nurture teamwork amid all parties involved in the National Football League. The alliance would submit this strategy to the National Football League in the following way. The commissioner would need to defend the interpretation of the general public that it does not care for former players. Also, the champions would not get engaged in costly proceedings, and the players would be receiving the paramount medical care in the world to stop them from experiencing the symptoms linked to chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

As a leader of the most powerful shareholder association, it is easy to identify three possible challenges that one may face in inspiring shareholders to form an alliance to assist in the realization of the association’s goals. More importantly, a sense of having the courage and knowledge to start the coalition movement forms the primary challenge. In addition, there would be no participation in the data collection practice among present and former players attributable to fear of vengeance. Lastly, the capacity of being in possession of the capital to initiate the confederation forms another level of challenge.

The important steps that I can take so as to overcome these challenges would be to communicate this matter to the players as the first alternative (Quinn, 2012). I will inform them that people get concerned about their welfare after participating in the game and that they do not solely fight in this battle. To triumph over the matter minus having adequate players owing to fear of revenge, I would emphasize that privacy is obeyed to the utmost standards permissible by law, and taking care of medical costs. As for the challenge with having adequate capital to initiate the association, I would suggest strong partnerships with some previously time-honored benefactors of the National Football League.

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In conclusion, the National Football League is a blue-chip firm that has accrued its finances from the players and supporters. The two fundamental aspects of the National Football League that can influence its financial achievement are the same players and supporters.  However, the way players behave inside and outside the field has a strong economic influence to the National Football League. There are three noticeable shareholders that have stimulated the achievements of the association, the leader in charge, players, and the supporters. As a result, the obligation of all the three parties holding unique positions contributes to the achievements of the league.

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