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Negative Impact of WEB on People’s Lives

Negative Impact of WEB on People’s Lives

The Internet is a global computer network that provides users with a great freedom. Actually, this sounds good, but is this true? The Internet was a network when 100,000 people used it. Now this is something more than just a network. The network has become a source of terroristic attacks and drug sales. The Internet is used by thousands of perverts and mentally disabled individuals. What is more, it is a source of various problems; it is a freedom that leads to degradation of human beings. Talking about a positive impact of the Internet that leads humanity to destruction is not reasonable and can be explained as losing a sense of reality.

Negative Internet Effects

One of the negative Internet effects on humans is addiction to it. Spending much time in the Internet, people create a virtual world out there. The thing is that most people started to prefer virtual reality to the real life and spend approximately fifteen hours a day there. Building a real relationship is much more complicated. Besides, the Internet does not consist of so many problems compared to the real life. Sooner or later, a person collides with a question – why do I spend so much time and efforts on the real relationship if it is much easier to manage it in the virtual reality? People prone to the Internet addiction have a critical understanding of their volitional quality. What is more, they lack satisfaction and faith in their own strength. Very often people avoid close interpersonal relationships and do not care about their inner life. Such people are unable to create an atmosphere of openness and intimacy in the interpersonal relationships. Actually, they do not feel confident and think that they are not worth any positive attitude. According to the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery,

Internet addiction results in personal, family, academic, financial, and occupational problems that are characteristic of other addictions.  Impairments of real life relationships are disrupted as a result of excessive use of the Internet.  Individuals suffering from Internet addiction spend more time in solitary seclusion, spend less time with real people in their lives, and are often viewed as socially awkward” (“What is Internet Addiction?” n.pag.).

Internet Addiction like Drugs

Psychological addiction to the Internet is compared to drugs. It is defined as an obsessive desire to connect the Internet and painful inability to promptly disconnect from it.

Working at the computer and surfing the Internet affect many functions of the human body. Namely, it has a bad influence on the higher nervous activity, endocrine, immune and reproductive systems, and the musculoskeletal system of a human being. Additionally, mental health of people is at risk. WEB is something that “pulls” and people cannot stand without the Internet. Gradually, WEB penetrates all levels of life, and many begin to act and think differently. People try to solve their personal or professional problems in other way. Here are the psychological symptoms resulted from using the Internet for a long time:

  • Good feeling or euphoria at the computer.
  • Inability to stop.
  • Increasing of the amount of time spent at the computer.
  • Neglecting family and friends.
  • Feelings of emptiness, depression, irritation while doing anything that is not related with WEB.
  • Lying to employers and family members.
  • Problems at work or studying.

Dangerous signals are the following:

  • An obsessive desire to check e-mail constantly.
  • Increasing of time spent online.
  • Increasing of the amount of money spent online.

Over time, a condition-dependence increases and turns into mania. Feeling euphoric at the computer, people cultivate imbalance, negligence, isolation, loss of any conventional values, loss of internal benchmarks and awful attitude towards their loved ones in themselves. Moreover, people become so addicted to chatting that they check their mail too often and are low-spirited if it is empty. According to Libby Copeland, Scientists have studied loneliness and found it may be bad for you, something about stress and blood pressure. If that’s true, then modernity is bad for you, because there’s something quintessentially modern about the way we experience loneliness: living alone, orbiting each other in bars, nursing cold coffee in cafes, checking our voice mail and finding it empty (Copeland n.pag.).

Internet and Books

It is no secret that reading helps a person to broaden his/her outlook. However, this is only a small part of literature’s impact on people. Unfortunately, not all teenagers read books in their spare time, believing that books can be easily replaced by the Internet. In addition to the aesthetic pleasure, that is one of the key factors of reading books, there are many other positive factors that encourage people to read. One can find answers to various questions, solutions to any problems associated not only with romantic relationships, as it may seem at first glance, but also to global problems such as choosing the right way of living. Nowadays, most of the young people prefer the Internet to reading books. Using the Internet as a source of literature has many disadvantages, namely inconvenience of reading and considerable damage to vision. Books also contain more useful information for students. According to Judith Levine, “Many of my students — undergraduate media and communications majors at a New York university — have access to the endless information bubbling through cyberspace, and it is not empowering” (Levine n.pag.).

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The negative effect of the Internet on people is quite obvious but there is no easy way out of this problem. The idea of simple getting rid of it is too utopian and will not ever work out. Today, the Internet became an integral part of everybody’s life and most people cannot do without it because too much depends on this network. It is up to everybody to realize that the issue is not about the Internet, but about people’s attitude to it. If people do not take this problem under control, humanity will run into psychological collapse.

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