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Nikola Tesla Electric Car

Nikola Tesla Electric Car

The development of electricity as an energy source for humanity, passed with great contradictions. Electric cars as vehicles were popular in the 19-20 centuries and almost until 1912. They worked on a direct current, the battery required recharging every night and travel range was limited to about 100 miles with the speed 15 to 20 miles per hour. This essay is about the great inventor and his invention that shook the world.

Thomas Edison was the first person who started to sell electricity generators with at least some commercial value. His research and inventive talent allowed developing of the DC system. The ships, the streets and household appliances were equipped with this system.

At that time, Edison hired the man who showed the world his scientific talent. He has developed new approaches to electricity. This man was an immigrant from Serbia, Nikola Tesla. Its development overshadowed even the idea of the Edison. While Edison was a great experimenter, Tesla was a great theoretician.

Tesla preferred to calculate mathematically the possibility of a process rather than to take instruments and experiment repeatedly. The U.S. Patent Office has 1,200 patents registered in the name of Nikola Tesla. So, one day, after a heated debate, he left Edison’s laboratory in West Orange, New Jersey. Tesla, angered by Edison in the 1900s, sold his new patents for $ 15 million to George Westinghouse. Tesla became independent and continued his researches in a New York laboratory on 5th Avenue.

Working independently, Tesla created the first alternator. He is responsible for all the benefits that we enjoy today because of AC electric power. One of the most incredible of Tesla’s inventions became electric car without an external source of electricity.

Tesla demonstrated events that were far beyond human understanding. With support of Pierce-Arrow and General Electric in 1931, Tesla took off a gasoline engine from a new car firm Pierce-Arrow and replaced it with an AC electric motor. “This measured a little more than 3 feet long, and a little more than 2 feet in diameter. From it trailed two very thick cables, which connected with the dashboard. In addition, there was an ordinary 12-volt storage battery. The motor was rated at 80 horsepower. Maximum rotor speed was stated to be 30 turns per second. A 6-foot antenna rod was fitted into the rear section of the car.”

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He bought 12 electronic tubes, a little of wires, a handful of assorted resistors at a local radio shop  and collected all this stuff into a box with a pair of sticking out rods. Strengthening the box from behind by the driver’s seat, he pushed the rods and said, “Now we have the energy.”

He pressed the pedal and the car went! This vehicle, driven by AC motor, had characteristics better than any car with an internal combustion engine at that time. On the test of this vehicle one week was spent. Several newspapers in Buffalo informed of this test. Some believe that Tesla used the energy of the magnetic field of the Earth, tuning into resonance with the vibrations of a “heartbeat” of the Earth – about 7.5 hertz. Tesla drove his electric car for a week, no batteries or accumulators were on the machine: it did not need to be recharged.

However, it did seem that Tesla has some doubts about the wireless power to vehicles, as seen in a radio interview in November 1922 News:

“Question: Will not wireless transmission of energy result in time in the moving of practically all means of transportation with electrical energy from central power stations?

MR. TESLA: No, I do not expect that such will be the case, for the transportation systems now used present certain important practical advantages, which cannot be disregarded.”

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When he was asked, “Where does the energy come from?” Tesla always replied, “It is from the ether around all of us.” People talked that Tesla was mad and in alliance with sinister powers of the universe. This angered Tesla and he removed a mysterious box from the vehicle. Than he returned to his New York laboratory. His secret was gone with him. Scientist have learned how to create the conditions for the resonance of electromagnetic waves that penetrate our planet, and the waves which are emitted by the motor. For this purpose, he collected a high frequency generator tube. With its help, invisible electromagnetic energy of ether was applied to the electrodes of the motor. Thus, the electric car of Tesla drew energy from the bottomless source.

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In conclusion, it should be mentioned, people respected and feared Nikola Tesla at the same time. Some even called him a black magician, because he allowed himself to drive one week on electric car without any battery and no visible source of energy. During his life, he made ​​about 1,000 different inventions and discoveries, received nearly 800 patents in various technical fields. Nikola Tesla was an ingenious inventor and scientist who moved ahead of his time.