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Quality Management System in Abu Dhabi Media

Quality Management System in Abu Dhabi Media

A successful company must have an efficient and effective quality management system. Quality management system is a combination of processes and procedures that the company uses to manage its programs to achieve quality objectives and policies. The company needs to evaluate customers’ needs and should be able to provide high-quality services. To improve service organisations it is needed to eliminate errors in their operations and provide the highest quality as required by customers. Quality management system institutes a vision that guides employees’ performance. It also sets standards for workers, and, therefore, it can be used to evaluate their performance. Quality management system motivates works within an organisation. It aids in fighting resistance to change in management and directs corporate culture. Abu Dhabi Media Company is among the fastest growing organisation in the media industry. It operates in publishing, digital, and broadcasting. It serves commercial purposes of the United Arabs Emirates public service and Arab world as a whole. Abu Dhabi Media Company is government-owned corporation that started in 2007. It aims at educating, entertaining and informing the local community. It has established a station for newspaper as AI Ittihad, television radio stations, and magazines. This paper analyses Abu Dhabi Media Company Quality Management System by examining quality planning, processes, and performance.

Quality Planning

The organisation integrates quality planning by employing experts in management. Their management plan comprises board members and executive members. The organisation structure has three main branches, and each branch specialises in different business. These branches are publishing, digitalization and broadcasting. Specialisation and division of labour helps them to plan on how to improve the quality in the different sections. Managers and workers in specialised units are in a better position to devise innovative ideas than when planning is done without specialisation. Apparently, this helps the company to devise quality products and services.

Abu Dhabi Media plans to partners with Etisalat. In fact, this partnership aims at establishing the ties between the two organisations. Etisalat is a leading telecommunication in the UEA. The partnership will enhance customers’ access to eLife programs. The programs have a wide array of content, including cultural programs, talk shows, series and documentaries. The telecommunication company offers communication services to Abu Dhabi Media (ADM) that is integrated with various platforms such as smartphones, tablets, and television. The partnership helps to improve the quality of products offered by ADM. Talking about Etisalat, it creates quality programs that are integrated with ADM systems. ADM Company strives to provide quality services by selecting various devices. The plan ensures that customers can access information from anywhere at any time. Furthermore, the company develops plans to ensure that high-quality programs are developed by creating them using the latest technologies.

ADM’s strategic plan involves the use of next generation optical fibre technology that enables customers to use a combination of high-quality internet, quality voice and a high definition television in one element. Etisalat Telecommunication Company launched a multi-screen system that enables customers to watch TV on laptops and tablets. Its partnership with ADM helps to improve the quality of services that they provide. ADM strategic plan complies with protection of consumer regulations that ensures that customers are highly respected and no personal information is revealed without the consent of the customer. In this organisation, customers’ interests come first, and programs are designed according to consumers’ demands and preferences. The company’s plans include restoring and protecting the company’s history. In fact, this is achieved by receiving documentaries, videos, and files that carry the history of company’s programs. As a result, this provides an opportunity for customers who like history to have access to these materials through digital archiving technology. The technology ensures that documents are conserved in the best possible way.


There has been mass improvement in ADM operations through the use of digital media delivery techniques. The company has improved visibility in the financial phase of the business. Performance measurements obtained from adpoint data analysis shows that the company benefits highly from the publishing segment. Adpoint analysis makes it easier for managers to make a clear decision. The analysis shows that visibility of the commercial environment is the main contributor to the success of the company. The company installed the adpoints in two phases (phase 1 and phase 2). The adpoints were installed to enable the company to assess its performance. The system also allows customers to give their review and suggestions on how to improve the system. Taking consumers suggestions into consideration, it is possible for the company to be at a better position to understand its customers’ needs and make their products meet customers’ needs.

Benefits of using adpoint analysis system for assessment have been achieved through broadcasting, publishing and online services. Company’s metrics show that its business processes have improved. ADM management has utilized the adpoint technology to determine sales in particular years. For example, in 2010, ADM had an increment in net sales as compared to 2009. Managers use such information to understand which areas require improvement.

ADM uses diverse technologies that can serve a wide range of needs. ADM uses both internal and external audit for its performance every year. It has employed auditors that examine company’s financial position and overall performance. From the information obtained, the company can make changes for better performance. The organisation also provides potential customers and other shareholders an opportunity to access reviews. It takes into account any piece of advice both within and outside the organisation.



ADM management comprises a set of board direct and executive management. The chairman of the executive management is H.E. Mohamed Ebraheem Al Mahmood who administers the management team. The company also has seasoned executives who have the required qualifications to help the company improve its performance. Its managers are skilled and highly experienced. It has a pool of resources that it uses to hire only skilled employees who can contribute innovative ideas to the management of the organisation. The organisational structure of the company ensures that employees respect each other, and everyone obeys rules. The type of structure that the company adopts determines the easiness and the hardness of the flow of operations. In ADM, the authorities have the responsibility to direct a certain group of the workforce. The determination and roles in the power management ensure a better flow of orders and information from the superiors to the juniors. If the company does not have a clear structure, any manager or supervisor can direct any employees, regardless of the line of work. Lack of a defined structure of the organisation can trigger great confusion. In a typical organisation, there are fixed levels of management.

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To maintain efficiency and effectiveness, ADM uses strategic management with regard to which the executive management integrates the external environment with the organisation. In fact, it is done by evaluating strengths and weaknesses and searching for available opportunities and threats. As a result, the organisation can find solutions to counter challenges. Additionally, the company uses a decentralized form of management so that the problem-solving skills are of paramount importance and decisions do not have to come from the top manager. The middle management staff can also make a decision, depending on the complexity of the problem. The decentralized structure makes communication easier and saves time. Executive managers, middle managers, subordinate staff, and customers have a close relation. Workers can identify and solve problems on time.

Continuous Improvement

To ensure that quality is maintained, the company continually examines its management systems through quarterly and yearly evaluations. It conducts research in areas of interest and uses the results to improve the quality.


Human Resource Management

In and around the company, people have different talents and knowledge that if used and implemented well, can bring many benefits to the organisation. People are crucial to the success of any business. More importantly, customers should be well catered and it is crucial to ensure that they get quality services. Moreover, employees should be well-trained to provide best services in the organisation. In order to ensure that quality is maintained at all levels, human resource management makes sure that it employs highly competent workers. It also provides trainings to workers. The quality management system in this organisation is responsible for making sure companies’ goals and objectives are achieved at high level of integrity and with great quality. Furthermore, it oversees the work of the personnel managers and other managers in the organisation.

The organisation also ensures that employees are well motivated. Motivation inspires employees to work hard in their area of specialization. Thus, ADM motivates workers through recognition, promotion, pay rise and paid vacations. Once the employees are motivated, they ensure that quality measures are observed at all times.


ADM Company believes in quality delivery of services to its employees. Customers come first; therefore, the organisation spends a lot of money on research and development to devise products and services that fit customers’ needs. The company believes in highly trained and qualified employees, and, therefore, it has invested a lot in training for its workers. ADM has shown a big change in cultural development through the use of diverse languages in its publication. The national newspaper has set new standards publishing quality newspapers in English language. Its editorial wide coverage has nrought various awards to the company since April 2008.

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Culture is of paramount importance in any organisation. To be successful in its local environment, every business must embrace the culture of people in that community. The culture of an organisation makes it different from others and its services distinguishable from those of competitors. ADM uses both local and international languages in broadcasting. In this case, to improve the quality in corporate culture, the organisation embraces it by running broadcasting stations in Arabic as well as publishing media materials in the local language. Culture shapes the company’s public image and the way other stakeholders value it. From social, environmental, and economic sides, culture devises the way the company treats customers and makes them attain an unbeatable market share. Unlike the modes of governance and the production processes, culture is not easily changed. In fact, it is like the written rules on a rock in the organisation. The variables of the organisation culture are discussed below.

Change Management

To manage change effectively, a manager should ensure that the management and subordinate employees agree with the change. The manager should start by convincing the executives in the business. Thus, if the executive members agree with the change, they will convince other employees of the importance of the new change. It is vital for the organisation to share information. Information sharing helps the company stimulate employees to share their experiences and the clients’ comments on the product. An innovation team can obtain important information to improve systems of the organisation.


ADM Company also believes in quality communication system. Company’s stakeholders that include employees, shareholders, suppliers, management, and customers, among others have a vast knowledge of the company’s products and services and know how well they undergo improvements to make them better. The flow of information among these groups of stakeholders and their cooperation make the products perfect and increase the sales of the company. ADM quality management system ensures that there is smooth communication within the organisation. Information sharing enhances growth in the organisation. For example, a person in the IT department may have a solution to a problem that is affecting employees in the marketing department. The company that shares information can provide quality products and services. However, due to lack of good communication and means of sharing the knowledge, the problem is left unsolved which leads to huge losses. ADM Company uses a lot of funds to ensure that all channels of communication are working and employees have a platform to give their views and suggestions.


ADM encourages the generation of ideas and innovations. In April 2013, the company launched a digital archiving system that is used to store historical records of the company. The innovative program aims at protecting company’s historical documents such as documentation and sound files. The archiving technology is continually improving by an innovative team of the company in collaboration with international archiving firms.

ADM leads digital media in UAE region that is achieved through innovation. Digitalization of media has aided in assisting Arabic content distribution in the region. ADM has created an operation model that ensures that the company can meet the demands of the gradually evolving media sector.


Learning is a continuous process, and all organisations should be able to devise new ideas all the time. ADM learns from its employees, customers and competitor. It uses ideas learnt to solve existing problems and to improve the quality of their services. A good communication system in the organisation makes it easy to learn and share new ideas. Training is conducted for both new and existing employees.

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In ADM, quality management system is implemented by communicating with staff before any change is done. The organisation engages both the senior and the junior staff, and it allows them to form their opinion. It is easier to implement a new change because all of the employees feel that they are part of the decision. If a problem is detected in the quality of management, it is discussed in all levels of management, and when a solution is obtained, it is then implemented. By deciding to involve every employee in solving the problem of change, the management gives room for amendments so as to incorporate new recommendations in the strategy.

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Quality management system is an important aspect in any organisation. It institutes a vision that guides employees’ performance. It also sets standards for workers that can be used to evaluate their performance. Quality management system motivates workers within the organisation. ADM quality management system ensures that quality services are achieved through tight control of operations and setting the required standards. The organisation employs highly skilled and qualified professionals to ensure that high quality is maintained in personnel manage. The company also encourages innovation and idea creation which has led to great improvements in the digital media. The organisation embraces culture that creates a good relationship between the company and the external environment. Evaluation and proper training are important tools in maintaining quality in organisations. The management uses both internal and external auditors to measure its performance. ADM quality management system ensures that there is smooth communication within the organisation. Information sharing enhances growth in the organisation.