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The Hunger Games And The Lottery

The Hunger Games And The Lottery

In times to come, the remnants hailing from North America are ruled by malicious government referred to as capital. This country is segregated into twelve districts where by every district is supposed to offer an annual tributes. In this case a teenage boy or a girl. These tributes will then be asked to battle out until there remains only one tribute alive. This tribute is then allowed to take the crown and live. The story highlights a charming character known as Katniss who beats all the odds to emerge the winner ( Jackson).

This is a story about a lottery. In each year all children within the entire twelve districts which constitute Panem come together. The children could get into it for more than one time and at times share for more food. This is because food is hardly found in such poor districts.  Tributes of a girl and a boy are picked and are directed to the Capital. Here the two are part of a television game.  The aim of this game is to eliminate the entire lot of children to be crowned the winner and get the chance to be the only one alive. The story is developed in the post-apocalyptical country Panem. This represent the region that is left of the united States which the Capitol rules. This is toward the edge of the twelve districts and engulfed by an electric perimeter fence that operates irregularly. Katniss the narrator describes that such games serve as punishment following the going against of the Capitol. Again, a thirteen district was absolutely destroyed although this seems to be contrary to her learning encounter at school.The game is done by the children as their parent watch to emphasize the helplessness of parents, leaving parents disgraced, deflated, complicit like in the case of what dictators would seek to find (Stein).

The story is set at Panem which is part of the twelve districts which make up the United State. This region contains a high number of poor people. The lottery started at exactly ten o’clock on the morning of twenty seven and in the month of June.  The game did not consume long time as there were only approximately three hundred people and thus people set for their homes to catch up with the noon dinner. This region is a square that lies between the bank and the post office. Although it also happened in other town there is no details regarding how and where it was done. During this time the kids have closed for summer. This story is set on a social background involving the parents and kids. The lottery is every time performed at the square dances at the teen club by one Mr. Summer who is the Halloween program. The origin of this phenomenon was long time ago (Stein).

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The character in the story are several and different. For example the leader of the cast Jennifer Lawrence is depicted to be both emotion vulnerable and strong altogether as well as physically tough. Despite her being the strongest key person in her family at home she remains a worried girl when she gets into a vat city. Her dresses she wear accords her nickname “the girl who was on fire’ however they also symbolizes her deep spirit. Her initial dress was used to reflect her home district main industry of coal mining. Since, the coal burst into fire thus the phrase the girl on fire. Throughout the entire novel, the team and Katniss deploy her outward appearance plus what she speaks and behave to regulate the manner in which people see her. For example during the reaping ceremony she refuses to be caught by the camera while crying so as not to give the impression of weakness to her audience. She is depicted as a pretty and smart lady. She has survived many menaces and odds in life. She can also be said to be aggressive for example, she volunteers to take Primrose place in the play. She is in love with Peeta though her heart is not bonded to him as his. She hides behind the curtain by trying toconvince the audience and mostly audience from Capitol that she truly loves Peeta. Peeta is a male and a baker by profession and is the other tribute ( Jackson).

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In conclusion, it can be observed that even though the villagers for a long time had not had chance to perform the ritual following their lost unique black box, it is interesting to note that they still recognize the application of stones. This is illustrated when he mention of the pile of stone that the boys had piled up already and the stones which lay on the surface of earth. The movie also has shown Katnissas the highly favorite tribute to be crowned the winner in this game. This perception is shared among the people she had encountered before and the new faces that she had meet in the Capital. This feels as the ordinary conclusion to be deduced given her skills and courage in the book. However in the movie, it stresses that in relation to the characters in the story Katniss is rolled to win due to the fact that she was able to attract the public attention. This is by agreeing to step up for someone else and the stage she takes in the film that makes everyone to wish that the story lapse up satisfyingly (Stein).

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