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The More Successful The More Sexier Body

The More Successful The More Sexier Body


Advertisements are an important component in our lives. They define and influence nearly every aspect of people’s social, political and economic wellbeing. Through ads, the public is exposed to a wide range of new products, ideas, information, challenges, and services among others, which eventually have a significant impact on people’s lives.

From time immemorial, companies would use advertisements to make direct introduction of their products and services to the public for purposes of winning potential customers. The mode of advertisement and the level of expertise were low as compared to the present day. For instance the advertisement of cars was only meant to depict the comfortability and convenience of the vehicle, where focus was just limited to the product, the car, its practical value and ultimate benefit to customers who would use it.

In the present day, however, advertisement has been taken to another sophisticated level where products and services may be advertised to make several insinuations touching various aspects of people’s lives. Sometimes the practical uses of the product are not in any way related to what is being advertised. For instance the advertisement of a BMW today may not necessarily have any connection to the use, comfort and convenience of the car as it used to be in the past. Nowadays, such advertisements are indeed associated with the beauty of a woman. Since the wealthier one is the sexier he becomes, companies probably want to use that fact to entice affluent men around the world into considering purchasing their products to please their love mates.

This paper focuses on the advertisement related to BMW and why women are used in the promotion of these cars. While a first-time viewer might think these BMW ads as a women’s sexuality are being marketed to get men’s attention, these ads are actually showing how women’s bodies are socially priced depending on how nice their bodies are. This is the kind of creativity that has emerged in the advertising industry and which has had a great influence on the society because nearly every aspect of life revolves around love.

Why Women Are Mostly Preffered In The Adverts

It is a fact that when people get wealthier, their bodies also become sexier. Affluent men would therefore never give a second thought when they bump into a nice looking, beautiful and sexy lady. They would try all means possible to win their hearts for love. The BMW Company has therefore taken advantage of this fact to contrive their adverts in a manner that portrays a woman as a highly priced component of life that men would always want to be in their company. These women’s faces are then masked with the picture of a BMW car to denote how precious they are as a car is used symbolically. At the back of the mind men who go out with women will equate them with price of a car, hence, they would not find it hard to be lured into purchasing the product as a gift for their loved ones (Gill 84).

Furthermore, BMW Company finds the use of a beautiful woman to be a strategy for attracting the customers’ attention since people value beautiful things more than anything else. Women are naturally associated with beauty and love, therefore, the use of their pictures speaks a lot about how nice the product being advertised is (Iftikhar & Shahid 47). As the society believed that any man who finds a woman finds a good thing, this translates to the MBW that anyone who buys a BMW car gets a nice thing for value of his/her money. The goodness of the car is likened to the goodness of the woman’s body, which every man will always strive to get. This strategy seems to have worked better for the company as compared to the strategies used in the past, when only cars were portrayed in the ads. People would then associate cars only with how expensive they were and perhaps very few would get interested in getting them. The ads were not as catchy as they are now, when women’s pictures are used, because they make people to go out of their ways to acquire them especially as a way of pleasing their loved ones.

Due to the fact that men often heavily depend on women’s bodies, the use of their pictures in the BMW ads also signifies how reliable the cars are. The BMW cars can be relied on for longevity, convenience with any kind of terrain, reliability on fuel economy, comfort and luxury that comes with it and so forth. The company indirectly demonstrates that any potential customer who buys the BMW car gets instant value for his/her money for it is something that can be relied on. Moreover, women are usually associated with care giving. Anyone who gets a good woman would be assured of having gotten a caregiver in his life. This explains why men can never live alone because there are certain activities which they only expect their women to do for them and it looks nice if that happens (Shimp & Andrews 64). Women are endowed with the responsibility of taking care of men’s physical and emotional needs without which men’s lives would not be complete. The BMW’s use of a woman’s picture in the advert also expresses this feeling that the care would provide utmost care to the user in various aspects. Apart from the basic function of any vehicle, these cars are usually modeled with a number of accessories which would care for the users’ needs such as entertainment, communication systems, cooling and warming appliances, speed aspect, comfort and so on.

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Finally, women are valued as precious things in the society and their bodies are highly priced. Often, women would not be able to get married without wealth being given to the community in form of dowry. The community usually regards that form of exchange as the most highly priced form of customary practices in the community’s life. Therefore, BMW Company preferred using a woman’s picture in their ads to prove to the customer how precious their products are. Due to the goodness and comfort that the cars are associated with, they come at a price. They chose to mask the face of a woman with the picture of a car to denote to the men how pretty their faces are and how priced the body of a woman is, which literally translates to the priced nature of such cars.

Use Of Women As Model In Ads

In another case, women have been exceedingly used as a model in advertising the BMW motorcycles. Because of women’s natural attractiveness they perfectly suit this mode of advertisement where the company brings a new model of the motorcycle. The motorbike is photographed beside the nearly naked woman denoting how good it is just as the naked body of a woman is.

Apart from that, the company opted to use women in this ad to bring out the aspect of fashion that women are usually associated with. This practically demonstrates the latest fashion of motorbikes that the company is dealing with and which are beautiful and reliable as men would often find women to be. It also brings out the aspect of price that is associated with fashionable goods. It means that since this BMW is on fashion its price is also in line with the fashion trend. Relating the motorbike with women and not men is to entice and lure potential customers into buying them as they would equate them with women who by nature are fashionable.

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Lastly, associating the motorcycle with a model woman denotes the quality that is associated with the motorcycle. Usually models are believed to be of great quality and hence they come with competitive prices. Just like the body of a woman is culturally highly priced so the model of the BMW would be priced for its quality.

How Cars Are Associated With Nice Women

In today’s world the attitude towards women has been symbolic in a number of ways. For instance, many men nowadays associate their beautiful cars with nice women and would even call their cars by female names or refer to them using feminine terms such as sexy car, amorous, among others, when referring to a nice and expensive car. This depicts how the society has awoken to the fact that women are typically nice and highly priced.

Similarly, the way people treat their cars is usually likened to the manner in which they also treat their women. Cars are precious and rarely would one be found handling it recklessly. In fact there is a popular belief that if one want to find out how they car owners treat their girlfriends they should simply check inside their cars. The impression gotten when one peeped into someone’s car depicts how that person would treat his woman. Here women have been regarded as people with high value who deserve good treatment and care.

Lastly, the present society regards nice looking women as expensive and whenever they see a man with such a lady, they would make conclusion that obviously he is a wealthy man. This is similar to the way expensive cars are regarded. The owners of such cars are usually perceived to be very affluent in the society. This kind of attitude is what has been compelling most companies to use women as models in their adverts to promote their products (Hackley 31).

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The use of women in adverts has increasingly been adopted by many corporate entities due to the attitude that the contemporary society has towards women. Women have ostensibly been highly regarded and associated with expensive and quality products in the market. This has also brought about misuse of this fact where some commercially adverts have used women to denote the morally decayed but expensive society. For instance, some fashion trends have portrayed women as immoral and sex objects which to some extend compromises the dignity. Care has to be taken to protect customers from the highly commercialized attitude towards women as it is being portrayed in most ads. Most girls may grow up knowing and believing that they are commodities of trade; this attitude may highly affect their moral side of life. This calls for regulation and adequate guidance from parents and all the custodians of moral values in the society. Much as the corporate sector values the women for the aspect of beauty and value, the society’s expectations of a woman are also high and women must strike a credible balance to remain relevant.