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The effects of the violent video games

The effects of the violent video games


Violent video games involve war where there is mass shooting and killing of people and people slaughter. These games involve a tit for tat behavior where a particular group or individual acts with anger towards the other one and the target victims are killed aimlessly. The games are negatively correlated to some instances of pro-social behavior. Most of the violent Video games involve the use of killing tools such as weapons, knives, and blocks of wood. It is clear that many people enjoy the violent video games because they get actively involved whereby they manage to learn faster as they watch (Ferguson, 312).  It is evident that players of violent videos identify with some violent characters whereby, if the game involves shooting, players have visual perspective of being a killer. It is apparent that violent games end up rewarding violent behavior whereby the players get positive comments such as nice shot; they advance to different levels of violence. Some people watch violent video games for fun, whereby because players believe that they are cathartic and players release their anger in a manner that is harmless. Many people watch videos regardless of them being violent or not because their aim is just entertainment after hard work.

Effects of violent video games

Violent video games have more negative effects that the positive effects. The effects of the violent video games, mostly affect the audience, regardless of the age (Anderson, & Brad, 354). Violent games are highly watched by adolescents and even children watch them from the influence of adults who give them a video to watch, or the ones who encourage them to watch together with them. It is apparent that players of violent video games do not target at a specific audience, but they get sold to all potential customers in the market.

Positive effects of violent video games

Some of the positive effects of violent video games include; allowing children to improve their computer literacy and player’s manual dexterity. It is clear that the violent video games may not be seen as violent by children, especially if the aim of watching is entertainment and gaining of computer literacy. A child understands how to use the computer and other gadgets connected for enabling proper watching of the video game (Anderson, Douglas & Katherine, 43). Violent video games also allow teens to be more aggressive if the time to be taken from the video is long enough for the teen to keep watching. They allow the participants to improve on aggressive behavior, as well as aggressive thoughts. Like any other video games, violent video games increase the eye-hand coordination to the player.

Negative effects of violent video games

Violent video games have harmful effects to all people apart from the violent game players. Violent video games increase the angry feelings and physiological arousal such as blood pressure and heart rate. Many people who watch violent video games develop angry feelings and they may cope and practice what they watch on video to their peers. Some people may have more feelings and tend to increase the physiological arousal due to the nature of the game they watch. Some violent video games involve mass killings whereby after watching people being shot to death, the audience may think as if it is real and happening around him (Anderson, & Brad, 356). Consequently, the audience may start developing high rate, heart beats and the problem of blood pressure.

Watching violent video games lead to decrease of the behavior of helping other people, as well as feelings of empathy for other people. Many violent video games seek to show that people should be handled with violence regardless their status (Ferguson, 314). Violent video games, no mercy gets applied or help to the ones suffering, but violent gets applied even to the most suffering people in the game. People stop having humanity as they handle other people because of watching the violent video games whereby they practice the fact of the game in their real life and as they live with other people.

Violent video games are not the same as movies, but the players behave as if they are acting and practicing real violence. It is apparent that many children imitate the violence they see as they play the violent video games. Some children handle problems with violence as a result of being much exposed to violent video games. The more children get exposed to violent video games, the more they get affected by them (Anderson, Douglas & Katherine, 37).  Violent images of video games also affect children with behavior and emotional problems whereby some develop bad dreams as they sleep, just to scare them.

Being overly involved in playing violent video games leads to many problems as they players spend much time on the games. Players develop poor social skills, many students spend much time away from the school work (Anderson, & Brad, 359). Many people spend much time away from family and other hobbies and the students score low grades and read less. There is less exercise for the video game player whereby majority of them become overweight.

Violent video games resolve anxiety inappropriately through its externalization, thus many children having anxiety internalize it instead of sharing with other people, talking about it or expressing it emotionally through crying. Such children can kick even a wall, become mean to whatever they find around such as a dog or a pet or attack anything as a way of releasing the anxiety. It is apparent that most people who watch violent video games may get angry and end up murdering by doing what they learn from the violent video games (Ferguson, 316). Some people who play violent video games engage in drug and alcohol abuse whereby they watch the video game for long hours and end up assaulting other people.


Violent video games have more negative effects compared to positive effects to the player. The large numbers of people who play video games get addicted and spend much of their time on the games. They enable players to gain computer literacy whereby they use computers and for them to play well they need to understand more about computers. Violent video games make many people to develop violence to other people, whereby they lose the feeling of helping others or showing empathy to other people. Violent video games make the players to internalize anxiety whenever they have issues whereby they do not feel comfortable sharing with other people to get help. The majority of children who watch and play video games spend much of their time on the games instead to school work and hobbies thus end up scoring low grades in their studies. It is apparent that people who play violent video games may turn to be murderers as they practice what they learn from the games. Violent video games make the players become aggressive and apply anger to people around them.

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