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Workers’ Stress

Workers’ Stress


Depression is the first cause of absence from work in the world and the second among illnesses that cause disability. One of the most common causes of depression and other negative effects on mental and physical health of citizens is a professional stress.

Since the 90s of 20 century, stress at work has become one of the ongoing emotional problems related to physical and mental health of employees and their professional well-being. This includes finding ways to reduce the negative effects of occupational stress, the determinant the knowledge of which would anticipate, predict and control the probability of occurrence of negative occupational stress and its manifestations.

The tech industry is affected by the intense working pressure more than others. The tech companies are striving for rapid development of work spaces, which creates professional stress. The Samsung Company is in the list of the most stressful tech companies. There is also a case of suicide caused by the professional stress.

Therefore, it is significant to find ways of preventing stress in the workplace and motivate workers to have a good performance appraisal.

Workers’ Stress

In the recent years, the interest of many scientists and experts in issues related to occupational stress, especially the mechanisms of formation of human resilience to stress in different occupations significantly increased. Professional stress is often the reason why a large number of highly educated workers are leaving their jobs, fundamentally changing the scope of activities seeking the help of counselors, psychologists, doctors.

Professional stress is a multidimensional phenomenon, which is reflected in the physiological and psychological reactions to the difficult work situation. Stress is the result of increased requirements for operation and low influence on the profession. According to this model, an employee is expected to show high performance without the opportunity to decide what to do. Stress is the result of too much effort and too low a reward for a well done job. On the one hand, it means too much work, and, on the other hand, it includes low earnings, valuation and status at work. Execution of jobs in poor conditions, poor system of promotion and low wages could threaten the health and well-being of workers.

Professional stress is compared to the rise of professional crisis, occupational strain, and burnout. Such states can be considered as a result of the stress on the person. The burnout is the common name of effects of long working stress and certain types of occupational stress. Burnout as the process begins with a strong and long-term stress at work, which is difficult to be managed.

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The result of occupational stress may be damage to family relationships, individual isolation, depression and other negative mental states. Therefore, overcoming professional stress, determining its factors and their removal are not only essential for improving the economic benefit of the company, but also for ensuring the harmonious life of its employees.

The first place on the list of occupations that are most often cause stress is occupied by such professions as school teachers and police, as well as secretaries, unskilled workers, and office managers. The latest professional group work is not as dangerous as policemen, but they are deprived of freedom in decision-making, receiving a small salary and have rather low professional status.

According to Simoes (2013):

PayScale asked employees at notable tech companies to rate how stressful their work environments are, and they found that is the most stressful tech company, with 82 percent of their employees reporting high stress levels. Samsung (74%) came in as the second-most stressful tech company, and (73%) came in third.

In Samsung Company, people are faced with highly demanding work and stressful conditions.

In Samsung Company, the main factors of causing stress are organization and content of professional activities. These include the organization of the workplace, work overload, physical factors (noise), the complexity of the activities, dissatisfaction with communication, concern about the possible consequences of errors, increased responsibility.

Samsung has advance systems for providing subcontractor management. It collects information about employees’ work from various channels. The company receives customers’ dissatisfactions and builds rates for making a standard for subcontractor penalties and incentives. Such control causes a high level of stress among the workers. A manager is often a source of stress for subordinates, which may have psychological stress from a variety of reasons (due to excessive control by the leader, because of extreme demands, underestimating of the work, absence of clear guidelines and instructions, rough or neglect attitude, etc.).

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The emergence and experience of stress depend not only on objective, but on the psychological and subjective factors, the characteristics of a person, the comparison of the forces and capabilities. Any accident that breaks the usual course of life can cause stress. Thus, Samsung Company becomes responsible for the death caused by professional stress. “A four-year employee at a service center working for Samsung Electronics Service committed suicide on Oct. 31, leaving a note saying he found it “too difficult” (In-tack & Hyung-seob, 2013). Choi Jong-beom was subjected to insulting quarrel with his boss because of a customer’s complaint. Moreover, the man suffered from psychological burden and pressure. The communication at work is one of the most frequent factors of stress. It includes problems with management, conflicts with colleagues, unfavorable climate in the team. Communicative stress is associated with the challenges of business communication, manifested in increased irritability, ignorance of methods of protection against manipulation.

In order to motivate workers to show high performance, it is significant to find ways of managing stress. The best way of getting rid of long-term stress is motivation and stimulation of labor activity. Motivation of work cannot be effective without the use of modern forms and methods of financial incentives for staff. Motivation of labor is the desire of the employees to meet their needs through employment.

Any activity is associated with certain costs and price. Thus, work is defined by costs of physical and spiritual strength. High intensity work could scare employees, if there are no conditions for reproduction of efficiency. Poor organization of work, poor sanitary conditions in manufacturing create a strategy of behavior, when workers prefer to work less and earn less, because they are not satisfied with the price of intensive labor.

Stimulation of labor involves creating an environment, in which active employment gives some previously recorded results, becomes necessary and sufficient condition to satisfy large and socially constructed needs of the worker, the formation of his motivation to work.

For the development of work activity, it is required to maintain legal basis of relations between managers and executives, in which the employee is entitled to choose a line of work behavior.

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System of stimulation of work activity involves the optimal ratio of working and leisure time. Activation of economic motivation leads to an increase in labor intensity and working time, which results in the fact that many employees work with a feeling of chronic fatigue, constant nervousness and emotional stress.

Certainly, everyone needs a comprehensive, useful, interesting work, and decent conditions, but people also want to have a perspective of professional growth. Consequently, labor motivation is related to the usefulness of the work, self-expression, and self-realization. A status motivation plays an important role in the practice of human resource management. It is the driving force of behavior that is associated with the desire of man to take a high position, perform more complex, more responsible job.

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A reward occupies a significant place in the work motivation. Rewards are not a concept that applies to all forms of payment. Rewards encourage team interests in achieving the outcomes of production. Awarding bonuses are complementary forms of remuneration of staff. Shapes and sizes of it depend on the category of staff.


The issue of stress in the working place has a great significance in the modern world. There are a number of negative consequences of working stress. In today’s manufacturing, there are often situations, when an employee is confronted with difficulties and cannot fully realize the accumulated psychological energy that is caused by the adaptation process, the physiological mechanisms of stress. Then, this energy can destroy man himself in terms of career competition, communication with management and other colleagues, and labor relations. Working in terms of occupational stress is a serious ordeal of physical and mental health of the specialist, test of measures of his professional credibility. Thus, Samsung Company also deals with this problem. Stress influences workers’ lives, causing problems in the family, psychological difficulties. Therefore, it is very important to prevent stress and motivate workers to show the highest productivity. Effectiveness of employee productivity largely depends on the psychological climate in the workplace and management style.