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9 Ways to Make Friends in College

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When you make new friends, you also start a new period of your life, when you have some common trips, spend cozy evenings together talking, eating numerous cupcakes, drinking coffee, etc. College friendship may become long-lasting. You will probably not like a person from the first sight, but will become the best friends in the future. Starting from college, you will find out that making new friends will become a kind of a routine as people come and go. If you are not sure, however, how you can be better at making new friends in college, check out the following pieces of advice:

1.  Introduce yourself to new people.

If you are too shy, it’s a perfect opportunity to overcome this weakness. Whenever you meet a new person, try to be friendly and nice, and introduce yourself. Such a small talk can surely turn into a long-lasting friendship.

2.  Start a conversation at least with one stranger each day.

If you want to make new friends, you should be open to communication and socializing. Whenever you meet a new person in the gym, in the class, in the library or canteen, always try to start a conversation.

3.  Join a cultural club.

You can join a cultural club for two main reasons: either you want to be closer to people from your own cultural background or you want to learn something new about the cultural background of your friends or group mates. Actually, both reasons are good enough on the way to establishing college friendship.

4.  Start a cultural club.

If there is no cultural club, where people of your cultural or ethnic background can meet and socialize, why not starting it yourself? Such leadership skills will definitely help you get acquainted with new people.

5.  Join a sports team or club.

If you are good at sports, you can join a sports team. In such a way, you will meet new people and will learn how to work in a team.

6.  Try participating in sports competition.

If you have been involved in a particular sports activity for almost your whole life, it may be rather boring just to play the game with your friends. So, it would be much more interesting to participate in some competitions between college teams.

7.  Find an on-campus job.

Apart from getting an excellent chance to earn extra money, an on-campus job will bring you new friends and acquaintances.

8.  Find an off-campus job.

If you are sick and tired of seeing the same faces every day and the on-campus job is becoming really boring, you may try to find a part-time job off-campus. In such a way, you will broaden your outlook and leave your comfort zone.

9. A dorm room is not the only place to do your homework.

Going to the library or studying rooms to do your homework is another great opportunity to meet new people. Besides, it will be a great chance for you to get some extra help with the home task, or, on the contrary, help someone else.

These easy tips will help you become a people person and make many friends in college. Always keep in touch with them, and in the future, you may find some of the contacts very helpful.