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Al Mafraq Hospital

Al Mafraq Hospital


Al Mafraq Hospital is a treatment hospital located in the UAE. It was founded in 1983. It means that it has a wide experience in the given industry. At first, it was a medical centre that catered for the needs of 457 patients. However, it has already expanded and at present, Al Mafraq Hospital includes 36 departments and units. The key departments are the following: oncology, pediatric surgery, dermatology, neurosurgery, urology, plastic surgery, gynecology, endocrinology, and rheumatology. The strength of Al Mafraq Hospital is that it treats patients without radiology risk and surgical intervention. Moreover, all hospital departments are equipped with innovative technologies and modern equipment. Consequently, current paper intends to study the peculiarities of corporate culture and responsibility of Al Mafraq Hospital.

Corporate Structure

Corporate structure includes all departments of the organization. Consequently, Al Mafraq consists of 36 departments that are united by a common mission and goals (Introducing Mafraq Hospital, n.d.). It has a standard corporate structure that presupposes the existence of the following departments: oncology, laparoscopic surgery, lithotripsy in the urinary system, vascular surgery, renal & organs transplantation, medical research center, open heart surgery, urology, cardiac cath, pediatric surgery, thoracic surgery, ENT, cochlea implant surgery, plastic surgery, neurology, acupuncture therapy, neurosurgery, endocrinology, dermatology, ophthalmology, gynecology, nephrology, physiotherapy, neonatology, emergency rooms, rheumatology, and obstetrics (Introducing Mafraq Hospital, n.d.). As a result, corporate structure of Al Mafraq Hospital consists in the division of the organization according to its functions and healthcare services. Moreover, one should mention that every department is supervised by the top managers that bear responsibility for the proper functioning of all departments in Al Mafraq Hospital.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the company’s initiatives that provide its social and environmental well-being. Corporate social responsibility is based on the organization’s actions for creating a positive image and gaining a reputation that would benefit the community (Bhattacharya & Sen, 2004). One should mention that CSR takes into consideration customer perspective. For this reason, CSR has become a mainstream in terms of creating shared values not only for business but also the society. It means that the company should not take care of its competitive advantage but rather its moral and ethical reputation within the market. Corporate social responsibility is based on the following categories: environment, philanthropy, and ethical labor practices (Crowther & Aras, 2008). Corporate social responsibility is conditional and ambivalent as the company implements this policy out of the necessity for being socially responsible and having economic perspectives in terms of the organization. The principles of CSR are transparency, accountability, and sustainability (Aras & Crowther, 2008).

Industry Description

Al Mafraq Hospital is a healthcare unit that employs around 2,000 professional medical workers. It means that it is provided with the human resources that are ready to any innovations and changes. The organization supports trauma program and operates as the largest burn unit in the UAE. The mission of Al Mafraq Hospital is to improve healthcare industry making it more innovative and progressive. The organization has all perspectives for the future growth as it has the investments equaling to $750 million, which allows it to build a new campus by 2017 (Introducing Mafraq Hospital, n.d.). Moreover, Al Mafraq Hospital undergoes emiratization that presupposes the employment of the UAE physicians. The strengths of Al Mafraq Hospital are evident due to its awards such as Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Awards and the 2011 International Business Award. The hospital is accredited to provide services. Moreover it was re-accredited in 2014.

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Al Mafraq Hospital’s CSR Policy and Its Implementation

Al Mafraq Hospital applies a basic approach to CSR policy. Consequently, its corporate philosophy relies on the following concepts: accountability, transparency, integrity, and trust (Crowther & Ortiz Martinez, 2004). However, this basic approach enables ethical decision making and commitment to the noble mission and vision of the organization. Al Mafraq’s aspirations are related to meeting needs of their customers and becoming the most qualitative healthcare centre. Their commitment refers to business services and customer care services. Al Mafraq Hospital’s stakeholders are clients, partners, employees, and society. They are united by a common objective of providing healthcare services. Al Mafraq Hospital seeks to contribute to the sustainable development of the society by creating new values, being ethical and moral while working with clients, and providing qualitative healthcare services. Its major policy is based on the social responsibility.

The implementation of CSR policy at Al Mafraq Hospital has been carried out since the foundation of the organization. By founding Al Mafraq Hospital, its executive staff managed to develop its vision and mission immediately to realize their objectives with the help of managers and employees. At present, Al Mafraq Hospital is also striving to increase CSR awareness. Moreover, this organization supports the laws and regulations regarding anti-corruption, environment, labor, and human rights. First, Al Mafraq Hospital has sound corporate activities adapted to the domestic and international laws. Moreover, the organization maintains constructive relationships with the government and other organizations. One should say that Al Mafraq Hospital provides valuable services to the society. This contributes to its healthy development.

Al Mafraq Hospital has respect for human rights. Consequently, the organization respects individual human rights and diversity providing safe services of superior quality to society. Al Mafraq Hospital also provides healthy and safe environment for employees. As a result, all employees are treated equally and without discrimination. This organization has transparent operating activities that presuppose communication with all stakeholders, conducting reliable financial reporting, and implementation of new healthcare services. Ethics is another part of corporate social responsibility of the organization. Ethics of Al Mafraq Hospital demonstrates that the company operates properly in all of its functions. Business ethics of the organization is based on fair behavior, respect, confidence, and honesty in all circumstances. One should say that business ethics determines the organizational culture of Al Mafraq Hospital. “Organizational culture includes attitudes, values, and beliefs concerning practices and goals of an organization. Employee’s motivation, job satisfaction, adopting new methods and technologies, creativity in products and strategies, and a good company image can generate innovations” (Beardwell & Holden, 2001).

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Values, beliefs and attitudes related to the company’s goals and practices refer to the organizational culture. Consequently, they should be constantly improved and adapted to the current state of affairs in the market and innovation processes.

One of the most important measures of improving corporate governance is establishing and promoting the Code of Ethics. Code of Ethics ensures ethical behavior in Al Mafraq Hospital. Even though it does not directly enhance productivity, Code of Ethics can benefit the company in a variety of ways. It guides the entire workforce in operations where ethical concern is not immediately clear. Code of Ethics enables the company to reinforce its employees with organizational culture, values and norms. It facilitates sharing of the company’s expectations with its stakeholders. A well-administered Code of Ethics helps the company to solicit feedback. As such, it can be used to encourage open communication among various stakeholders (Crowther & Aras 2008).

Al Mafraq Hospital has its corporate identity that reflects the things that the organization can offer to its customers. Al Mafraq Hospital has established its corporate identity not with the help of branding but by providing the high quality services, using innovations, and employing valuable human resources. Consequently, such image of corporate identity creates only positive associations with this organization. The key features of CSR policy of Al Mafraq Hospital are the following: ongoing commitment to stakeholders, ethics and corporate identity, accountability, partnering with stakeholders, competencies and leadership capabilities. Moreover, it is obligatory for Al Mafraq Hospital to provide corporate governance, health and safety procedures, sustainable development and equal treatment of human rights, safe working conditions, and industrial relations.

Summary of Findings and Reflection

Having analyzed social corporate responsibility of Al Mafraq Hospital, it becomes evident that this organization implements its CSR policy in a proper way. The corporate structure of Al Mafraq Hospital benefits the fulfillment of its functions and operations. For a healthcare company, corporate social responsibility is more than a must due to its aim, mission, and values. The outcomes of Al Mafraq Hospital’s work prove that it is a highly reputable and profitable business. It is evident that CSR policy does not stand still. It undergoes changes and innovations as the attitudes of employees and clients are also changeable. The state of affairs at Al Mafraq Hospital demonstrates that its success is preconditioned by a positive company’s image, innovations, and creativity in strategies, adopting new technologies and methods, and employees’ motivation. A basic approach to CSR policy proves that the company uses traditional ways of customer attraction, but these ways are checked and reliable (Crowther & Ortiz Martinez, 2004).

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I think that such approach to CSR is beneficial for Al Mafraq Hospital. First, it influences positively shared values, knowledge, thoughts and beliefs that are applied in the organization. Second, it has a positive impact on the decision making process, management, freedom of staff, openness of communication, leadership styles, educational involvement, attitudes to training, learning and changes, and the commitment to providing quality services.

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Personal Opinion

To my mind, Al Mafraq Hospital has chosen the proper CSR policy that only increases and reinforces its image and reputation in the UAE. Moreover, CSR attracts more customers and proves that Al Mafraq Hospital has an individual approach to every client. I believe that the company should improve the following spheres: (1) successful and productive work; (2) peaceful and positive atmosphere among employees and patients; (3) working on a good reputation of a health care organization. It is advisable for the organization’s managers to understand important components of the larger program before embarking on development of the code of ethics. Al Mafraq Hospital is committed to promoting tolerable working conditions. It is also committed to ensuring that existing supply chain is safe, while workers’ rights and interests are respected and protected at all times and its operations do not harm natural environment.

To my mind, Al Mafraq Hospital should pay more attention to its CSR as it is a prominent feature of any business that refers to ethics, stakeholder management, corporate citizenship, and corporate social performance. Analyzing the industry of Al Mafraq Hospital, one should say that CSR policy is a driver of ongoing commitment of the organization to providing services to its clients. The implementation of new services and opening new departments prove that they study carefully the needs and demands of their customers. However, it does not mean that CSR of Al Mafraq Hospital has achieved perfection. First, it is obligatory to create a favorable and positive environment that will make the organization more innovative and progressive so as to motivate its staff for greater achievements. Moreover, Al Mafraq Hospital should be ready to possible challenges that can be related to the business image, job-market situation, legal background, socialist associations, and corruption of the economic stagnation. Al Mafraq Hospital should reinforce its CSR with the help of proper governance, business tools, leadership, consistency, ethics, finance, communication, globalization, and sustainable development.