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Informational Interview And Next Steps

Informational Interview And Next Steps

A) What path/series of decisions led you to this career?

My story of becoming a computer engineer is quite ordinary. When I was a child, there was a computer in my family house. Since this personal computer was old, I could use it only to play some console games, which did not demand much creativity. However, I was curious to find out what details inside the computer look like and how the programs operate. Thus, such interest can be considered my first step. Of course, I would not say I decided to dedicate myself to computer science and engineering back then, but I found something that significantly attracted my attention. At first, I was interested in software engineering, which is building and maintaining software systems, but then I switched to computer science and engineering, dealing with understanding, designing and developing computers and programs.

B) What are some of the day-to-day responsibilities?

My duties as a computer engineer are researching information regarding computer systems, making plans and changes, and sometimes being responsible for program development. Moreover, my daily work requires constant communication since I have to consult with my team, supervisor and customers. These are my usual responsibilities.

C) What do you most enjoy about this career?

What I enjoy the most is solving puzzles. It requires knowledge in many fields, as well as many efforts. However, after all, I gain more than I give. When you have finished a certain task, you will attain the next level. Apparently, it can be compared to a computer game.

D) What are the challenges about this career?

Your daily work requires fundamental knowledge of mathematics, computer science, and engineering. Besides that, you also need to apply strong problem-solving skills, analytical skills and creativity as well. Nevertheless, challenges are not obstacles, and if you like what you do, challenges will help you to succeed.

E) What are some unexpected benefits of this career?

The most unexpected benefit for me is that I can work almost wherever and whenever I want. The only requirement is Internet connection. I had such a stereotype that to have a job means waking up early in the morning, eating your breakfast, grabbing your briefcase, working all day in the office, and then coming back late in the evening. In this career, you can regulate your schedule the way you like, and I consider it a huge benefit. Another benefit is learning new things. When entering the university, I thought I would gain most of the required skills for my work there. However, when I started working, I realized that you learn much more during the process of your work than from the books.

F) How challenging is it to find a job with this career field?

I cannot give you an exact answer, as everything depends on what you know and what you want to do, as well as on some luck, for sure. To begin with, the requirements for the applicants are very high. To obtain a well-paid position in a good company, you must have a strong basic knowledge related to a profession you have chosen. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the labor market is not active. On the contrary, it is dynamic, and everyone has many opportunities, but, as I have mentioned before, your education level must be high. Good news is that if you are a specialist in such fields as physics, chemistry or biology, your profit can be high even when you lack some knowledge of computer science and engineering. After all, it is important to remember that your knowledge and skills increase your value as an employee.

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G) What was your motivation for choosing this career?

I would not say I had a peculiar motivation. This career attracted me best of all. After I graduated from school, my parents wanted me to study law, because my father is a lawyer and things always seem to be easier when you have someone who helps you and leads you. I was frank with my parents, telling them that I do not have any knowledge related to law and I am not sure if it can evoke my interest. My parents are very understanding and they did not object me much, but it seemed to me they were a bit skeptical about my choice related to work with computers. They used computers mostly for sending e-mails and they were puzzled because of my choice. Therefore, my best motivation was to show that I can find my own way, become successful in this field, and, after all, make some money. Furthermore, since I did not find anything that interested me as much as computers did, I had no way back, only ahead.

It is always interesting to speak with someone who knows much more than you do, especially in such an important field. This interview was a helpful tool to learn about a career in computer science and engineering. I was slightly afraid of choosing this career, as it requires versatile skills and much knowledge. However, after this interview, I hold to an opinion that if you are confident in your choice and you are really interested in what you do, this career is worthwhile to try. I understood that if I want to pursue this career, I must study hard. However, apart from the study, it is also necessary to make use of my knowledge, applying it in some real work.

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This assignment has deepened my desire to pursue this career. I received a chance to find out more not only about my possible duties, but also about benefits of this career. Now I know that working with computers also includes communication with many people, as such work requires strong coordination and cooperation in order to create a product that would perfectly fulfill everyone’s wishes and ideas. Furthermore, I started to clearly realize what skills I must obtain in order to find a good job in the field of computer science and engineering. This interview is a good experience for me and for anyone who would like to know more about his or her future career, as well as the ways of its successful attainment.

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Certainly, to continue achieving academic success, I should focus on my study. Besides that, it would be great to find some part-time job in order to develop my practical skills. In any case, I must work diligently and hard.