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Individual and Family Life Development

Communications/Interviews In a bid to fully understand the concept of individual and family life development, I personally intervi[...]

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Interview Analysis: Spiritual Needs Assessment

Part I: Interview Spiritual assessment is crucial in healthcare settings. For the purpose of this assessment, a tool with an acron[...]

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Informational Interview And Next Steps

A) What path/series of decisions led you to this career? My story of becoming a computer engineer is quite ordinary. When I was a [...]

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Interview with a Police Officer

Interview Questions Please tell me, what made you end up in this profession of being a policewoman? Well, it was a passion that I [...]

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The Irish People in Dubai

Dubai has experienced a high rate of Irish emigrants. According to the Irish Embassy, the number of Irish citizens migrating to Du[...]

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Black Women Writers

Interview questions How old are you and when did you come to the United States? Do all your relatives live in the United States? A[...]

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