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Halloween Celebration

Ancient philosophers perceived life as a play and every moment as its particular scene. According to Schechner’s perception, a �[...]

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First Experience with Death

I experienced death in Iraqi Kurdistan and Richmond, Indiana. There are differences and similarities between the ways of treatment[...]

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Buddhism “Nichiren Shoshu”

The place, where I observe the ritual, is called Nichiren Shoshu Myosenji Temple. It is located in Washington. The religion that i[...]

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Sexual Story

My sexual development began very early in life, even before starting my education. The journey to sexual awareness took place at m[...]

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Japanese Food in Japan

28 of June on Sunday at five p.m., I had a magnificent opportunity to enjoy Japanese food in Japanese restaurant Ishikawa. I have [...]

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Diary of a Russian

Nowadays many people say that they are the “citizens of the world,” and they feel at home in any country on earth. I do not th[...]

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A Letter to My Adoptive Family

My name is Robert. My adoptive family ought to know my poor family background. I could not easily access basic needs like good foo[...]

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Opinion on Three Strikes Law

The Three Strikes Law was a selfish idea provided that most of the time a victim may have committed a minor offense. According to [...]

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The City of Tomorrow

Thomas Henderson had always been obsessed with technology. Recently he surprised everyone through his claims of being in the futur[...]

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Parisian Expectations

I truly believe that behind each challenge in life there is an opportunity for each person to step up, develop your character, and[...]

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Even the Strongest Friendships Come to End

Breaking ties with your best friend is never a pleasant experience. It devastates and corrodes you inside leaving a gaping wound t[...]

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Love or Revenge?

Once upon a time there was a King. He wanted to have a war with his neighbors in order to extend his kingdom. The King was mature,[...]

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The Path in the Darkness

Each snowflake is different. That’s what they teach everyone at school – you can never find two snowflakes that would be ident[...]

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My Turning Point

Not everyone is born wise. Instead, life experiences teach us how to be wise. At the same time, a person has to keep re-evaluating[...]

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