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Love or revenge essay sample

Love or Revenge?

Once upon a time there was a King. He wanted to have a war with his neighbors in order to extend his kingdom. The King was mature, wise and intelligent. He was excellent in military strategies and kingdom’s governing, so the enemies were afraid of him. He decided to gather an army of the strongest warriors and fight for the kingdom. When the main battle’s day came, the King promised himself to build a school and library for village kids. Few minutes before the struggle, the King saw a white dove, the symbol of victory and peace, which commemorated success in military actions. The battle was very bloody and long; nevertheless, the King won and conquered new territories.

Every member of the kingdom celebrated the victory, praising the King and his army. The King kept his promise, and big schools and libraries were erected in every village. The King’s wife died during the childbirth, so the only relatives he had were his younger brother Christopher and a two-year-old Princess Elizabeth. When the King and his daughter were giving candies to local children, the defeated army headed by the king Snake attacked the crowd and killed the King. The King’s brother, Christopher, was a betrayal who told the enemies everything about the King’s plans in order to replace his post. The Princess managed to escape and find shelter in the Smith’s family.

Christopher and Snake were friends who wanted to reign the kingdom; therefore, they decided to divide the kingdom into two categories. Christopher possessed a Castle, four cities and five villages, while Snake took seven villages and two cities. As soon as Christopher became the king, he started to make new laws, ignoring the opinion of advice-givers. First of all, he spoilt the former King’s friends who helped him to reign. Christopher hired new servants who cheated, lied and stole without a sense of guilt. Another innovation was increasing of taxes for population. Not everybody was able to pay such high taxes, so people were annoyed and indignant concerning the new policy. People tried to resist the innovations, though it did not make any sense. The corruption and inflation were flourishing, but these facts did not bother Christopher. Those times could hardly be called joyful and happy, until the Princess grew up.

Elizabeth was brought up in the Smith’s family by moral and brave people. She was a young and cheerful child and did not know about her noble lineage. Elizabeth was not a usual girl who loved dolls and romantic stories. When she was five, she tried to hold a sword forged by her father and fight with boys. She loved arms and heroic deeds, while her sisters were excited about cooking and gathering flowers. Elizabeth was intelligent because she spent hours in reading books and thinking about the kingdom’s situation. The Princess had a sense of devotion, bravery and fairness. She had all positive attributes of a knight; moreover, she was as skilled and strong as the most experienced knights. When Elizabeth was twenty, her parents told her the truth about her great father.

Then Elizabeth decided to revenge the betrayal of Christopher and start governing the kingdom. The glory of a brave and intelligent lady was rather widespread. That is why people supported her candidacy. Elizabeth did not want to kill her uncle; she just banished him from the kingdom. When she became a Queen, she returned the laws of her father and asked her brothers, honest and brave men, to help her to fight against Snake. The whole population celebrated Elizabeth’s return and wanted to fight for the whole kingdom’s restoration.

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Elizabeth gathered a great army and wanted to have a fight with Snake; however, she found out that Snake was dead. His son Richard was governing his father’s part of the kingdom that surprised Elizabeth. Before the struggle, she had a conversation with Richard, an intelligent, kind and peaceful governor. The young man had no similarities with his mean father who attacked the enemy in unexpected moments. Richard was also impressed by a young, beautiful and brave lady who did not want to split the rivers of blood and create happiness on the bones of other people. Richard and Elizabeth did not want to fight with each other as the flame of love blazed up between them. Elizabeth wanted to find justice but managed to find love instead of it. Richard judged the deeds of his father and felt guilty towards Elizabeth and the whole kingdom. However, love helped him to correct the previous mistakes and lead a peaceful policy without wars and revolutions.

When the news about the union of two warring descendants was spread, some people did not approve their decision. Fortunately, the biggest part of the population realized that marriage between Elizabeth and Richard was a sign of cessation of hostilities between two different people. Their wedding was celebrated for three days by millions of people. They became the King and Queen of the rich, strong and flourishing kingdom. They shared their efforts and thoughts in order to make people’s life happy and peaceful. The story that was told by parents to their children demonstrates wisdom and spiritual power of Richard and Elizabeth. She was strong enough to forgive her enemies and forget about the revenge. Everybody understood that love is much stronger than the desire to hurt people and gain justice. The couple of Richard and Elizabeth was described in legends as a symbol of devotion, bravery and wisdom.

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