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Microbiology Laboratory Report Sample

Microbiology Laboratory Report

Ascaris Lumbricoides – Male and Female Ascaris Lumbricoides commonly known as the giant roundworm is a human parasite and is a causative agent of ascariasis. It belongs to the phylum Nematoda. An estimated 25% of people have ascariasis, which is prevalent in sub-tropic and tropical countries (Guy 1). The disease is quite common in regions […]

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Effect of Temperature and pH on Enzyme Action Lab report sample

Effect of Temperature and pH on Enzyme Action

Abstract The bodies of living things are composed of cells. The cells do undergo the body metabolic activities which are very fundamental fro the maintenance of the life of the living thing. The metabolic reactions in the body need to be sped up by the actions of the enzymes present in the body cells. However, […]

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Water Pollution Lab Report Sample

Water Pollution Lab Report

Abstract Although the earth’s surface comprises of 70% water coverage, only 1% of the water is fresh. Nonetheless, contaminants and pollutants contribute to the pollution of the 1% available water. Lab 2 experiments are sought to establish whether people can depend on soil in the treatment and purification of water to make it suitable for […]

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