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Gemini Dubois Mall, LLC

Gemini Dubois Mall, LLC

Introduction Gemini Dubois Mall, LLC is a private limited liability company, which was incorporated in March, 2006 and numbered 585847. It is located in Wilmington City, DE 19808 within the jurisdiction of Pennsylvania (LeHew & Fairhurst, 2000). The company is a subsidiary of Delaware Company. The mall has been gradually growing due the strategic location; […]

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Hospital-acquired Infections Capstone Project

Hospital-Acquired Infections

Abstract Based on documented studies, the incidence of hospital-acquired infections is closely interconnected with the effectiveness of disinfection and pre-procedural preparations. Hospital-acquired infections occur due to infection transmission to the patient’s body during preparation for a certain procedure, using some invasive treatment (central venous catheters), doing preoperative bathing, disinfection, and skin cleansing. It should be […]

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Microsoft Corporation Capstone Project

Microsoft Corporation

Introduction A 19-year-old, who is a Harvard dropout, had a vision that each desktop should have a personal computer and founded the Microsoft Corporation Company in 1975. This company has been listed in the Fortune 100 and thus, Microsoft currently is dominating in multiple industries. Microsoft Corporation has combined a striking portfolio of alliances, customers, […]

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Electronic Record System at ABC Hospital Capstone Project

Electronic Record System at ABC Hospital

Abstract The use of electronic record systems has become popular among health care providers. However, it is a new system, which departs from the older paper based systems traditionally dominating record keeping in health care. The ABC Hospital is in a process of transforming its medical records from a paper to electronic based system in […]

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Nokia Corporation Capstone Project

Nokia Corporation

Introduction Nokia Corporation (NOK) is a global company that engages in the manufacture of mobile devices. The company also deals in the business of converging internet and communications. Nokia Corporation was founded in 1865 with its main occupation being trading in rubber, pulp and manufacture of cables. Today, the company has its headquarters in Keilalahdentie, […]

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General Electric Company Capstone Project

General Electric Company

Introduction In modern times, publicly traded corporations are very widespread all around the world. A publicly traded corporation means that a company can be owned by a large group of people. Each shareholder can influence the decision making of the company and get its dividends from the profit. Being a publicly traded corporation means disclosure […]

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