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Religious Studies and Theology Questions Answers

Religious Studies and Theology Short Answers

Is historical literature free to use hyperbole if it could be recognized as such by the original audience? How does that affect the authority and reliability of the text? Historical text is not free to use hyperbole or intentional exaggeration in recording historical acts. Modern leaders are critical and skeptical about accuracy and truth of […]

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Biology Questions and Answers

Biology Short Answers on Exam Questions Sample

Question 1. If you are a fish living in the deep sea, why would you want to have a BIG mouth? And photophores ? In the deep sea, food is scarce, which implies that opportunities to feed are often infrequent. Therefore, any animal surviving in such an environment needs to have a big mouth. A […]

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Science Question and Answers

Science Short Answers on Exam Questions Sample

Part 1 Question 1: What is the evidence that fluctuations in green house gasses (CO2) are related to global temperature change? The greenhouse effect makes the earth warmer than it ought to. The temperatures of the earth come to their highest when the concentration of the carbon dioxide is at its highest. The warmth of […]

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