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James Baldwin Interview Review

James Baldwin Interview Review

What does James Baldwin say about freedoms, racial problems, and conflicts in the US?

Baldwin states that the black community has been fighting to obtain freedom for 100years which has been ignored. The systems (made of white supremacy) have always been modifying ways to contain and manage the situation. Therefore, blacks have resulted in violence and this is that same violence they have been subjected to as prisoners of white supremacy.
What does he say about “the experience of a Black writer in America”?

Baldwin states that as a black writer there is a need to realize that there is the assumption of language that they have been born into that works against them. The English language has been fashioned in a way that works against the black community. Therefore, it is an enemy that should be dealt with.

What does he say about education in the US?

Educational systems have been influenced by white supremacy and in the attempt to fight for an equal clause in education, the government has ensured that there is more disparity. Example building schools for blacks that do not provide the same standards as the whites. More so, whatever is taught to the black is a curriculum that taints their race, teaches them to despise their color and physic.
Why did he deliver that speech?

I think James Baldwin did the speech to bring to attention the kind of fight and struggle the black people have dealt with and have to deal with to tackle racial segregation. It is an awareness that awakens people to the hidden injustice in the systems that are crucial in combating racial segregation.
How was the audience responding to this speech at the assembly?

The audience responded with laughter, clapping, and chanting. There were moments of silence also that the audience exhibited that would show that the audience were keen to get the details of his speech.

What was the tone of the speech?

James Baldwin uses a persuasive tone, which is calm and slow which allows one to understand and relate to the situation he is trying to express. He also uses a taunting tone to bring out some injustices.
Compare and Contrast:

In the interview, he is more logical and explanatory as he tries to bring clarity to some of the issues that are coming out. Interviewers seem to be uncomfortable with the answers he is giving. On the other hand, Baldwin uses some dangerous phrases that could be used against him as he tries to implicate the whites for segregation. He uses humor and paradox to bring out the unfair treatment and also uplift his race in a position that he thinks should be.
List similarities between the articles and presentations

In both the speech and interview, Baldwin is keen and chooses the right words to use to pass the information he has. There is a use of terms that the people can relate with.